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You’re not entering the Ocean Club - 24Horas

Resort where Maddie disappeared from prevents filming in its interior

The production house that is filming the adaptation of Gonçalo Amaral’s book had to record the scenes on the outside

No, no and no. The Ocean Club, the tourist resort where Maddie disappeared from, did not allow for the producers that are making a film about the disappearance of the English girl to record inside the resort.

Production house Valentim de Carvalho, which belongs to Manuel da Fonseca, wanted to film inside the apartment where the McCanns were staying, in the Tapas Bar, where the couple dined with their friends on the evening of the disappearance, and on the tennis court where Gerry says he played while Kate cared for the children. But the Ocean Club management refused the collection of any type of images in locations that are considered to be more private, thus impeding the producer’s work, which is adapting Gonçalo Amaral’s book “The Truth of the Lie”.

“We’ve had enough. There is no doubt that the media exposure of this case has done nothing but harm to us”, a member of staff at the Ocean Club told 24Horas, referring that “at this time of the year, when there are school holidays in England, we used to have more reservations” at the resort. The same source says that this is not happening with other apartments. This means that the downturn is happening exclusively to that tourist resort.

Filming at the resort’s door

Nevertheless, most of yesterday’s recording was done around the apartment where the little girl disappeared from, where a sign has been affixed reading “For sale”. Gonçalo Amaral, the documentary’s narrator, was filmed by two cameras from the balcony that is located near the back window until the main entrance. A route that was captured in several takes, always with narrative clarifications about a set of facts that were given as proved by the Polícia Judiciária’s investigation.

“Nobody went through this window”, were some of the words proffered by the former inspector who, apparently, improvised his speech, despite being conducted by the questions of a journalist that accompanied him, but who was never filmed.

At the producer’s request, two members of GNR were present on location, in order to assure public order. Nevertheless, the road that connects Robert Murat’s house to the Ocean Club, then descending towards the Baptista supermarket, had less movement than it used to.

This time around, there were no more than 15 persons behind the cameras, including Gonçalo Amaral, who appeared serene and convinced of the role that he was given. The former inspector, who is presently retired, kept the trousers of the suit that he was wearing upon arrival, but switched his shirt for a brown t-shirt. And as the day was hot, there was often a member of the production team by his side, wiping off the sweat and correcting the anti-shine powder. Between the 23rd and the 27th, some of the village’s streets are to be cut off, namely in the area of the Junta de Freguesia [village management].

Murat was invited

Robert Murat was invited by the production team to be part of the movie’s cast, but the request still has to be formalized to the former Maddie case arguido’s lawyer. According to a source that is close to Robert Murat, who is not in Portugal at the moment, the answer is most likely to be negative, because “Robert is not interested in reviving moments that were so hard for him”.

source: 24Horas, 22.10.2008


  1. If no filming inside the Ocean Club is possible, that should not be a major problem. A studio reconstruction of the bedroom and the sitting room can be as good as filming inside the apartment.

  2. truthseeker,

    A studio reconstruction was used and bearing PJ's stamp a while ago. 5 A's windows are white - fake photos showed brown stained.
    Ditto the lounge - fake photos showed different furnishings to that in police files !!

    I'm surprised the BBC didn't air police videos released showing Eddie & Keela at work, their findings and overwhelming results of (police conclusions of death and disposal. BBC's been heavily critized for wasting licence payers money on the McCanns.

    The Home Office wasted taxpayers' money on a 3 part documentary designed to cast doubt on Eddie & Keela's 100% success in Madeleine's case, along with 200 others involving homicides.

    Seems Mr Amaral has again been 'photographed' off guard as he was
    whilst enjoying his lunch - used to misreport and misconstrue via the British media - usual vile Mitchell style.

    I was privileged to meet him with colleagues recently ... an absolutely charming gentleman. He could certainly teach Mitchell some manners and morals !!

    US publishers are, I am told, ready to release second book the day after Obama's predicted landslide victory. That which Mitchell doesn't know about he cannot meddle it. Suffice to say Mr Amaral's delighted with the results of the first edition.

    His wife is gorgeous and confirmed she didn't write to Kate ... the letter was a total fake, unsurprisingly !!!

  3. Anonymous 15:15

    The letter is not a fake, confirmed by Sofia Leal, Gonçalo Amaral's wife. I'm a woman that likes and is interested in true statements so try to keep with that when posting here at this blog. Thank you.

  4. To Anonymous who says a studio reconstruction of the apartment was used and had fake photos,

    Your comment has nothing to do with the film under discussion. Furthermore, now that the police files have been released and everyone has seen the apartment, a more realistic studio reconstruction will be easier to achieve. That a previous reconstruction may have been attributed to the PJ is not surprising. The McCann case is full of false attributions!

  5. A visual reconstruction is interesting but what I would really like to see are computerized constructions based on what the McCanns and their friends told the police on Day 1, what they told them on Day 2, etc...

    It would feel like a game of electronic chess but with suspects controlling the moves instead of a computer program.

    Web sleuths are starting to put timelines together and when combined with technology they could lead to incredible advances in forensics.

    All of these reconstructions are fascinating, who needs the actual people when you have their first hand reports? Can you imagine the impact that multiple constructions would have on a jury? Well, this is what they said on Day 1, then this is what they said on Day 2, then this is what was said on Day xx.....

    I think it will be very enlightening.

  6. I understand film funded by British taxpayers is due to appear on ITV, same channel used to undermine police findings and Eddie & Keela's
    100% accuracy.

    Last in the series of Real Crimes, but PM's evidenced based conclusions of "abandonment, endangerment, homicide and cadaver disposal" are excluded and all other relevant police facts, i.e. Kate's were the only prints found on the window.


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