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Case Cipriano/McCann Versus PJ - Opinion Article By Moita Flores


The Case Joana

The trial of the possible torture on the mother of Joana is revealing episodes of a perversion that do not cease to amaze us. Each statement drops like a bomb. Then, the boot doesn't match with the splutter [sic -Portuguese Proverb].

I know that the police are not angels, nor were they sent by Christ to Earth. The profession hardens them, makes them stubborn, suspicious, determined and in the world, spreaded, are examples of huge atrocities committed by those who have the duty to comply with, and enforce compliance with the law and protecting the rights of citizenship. That said, I admit that when I read the first news about the beatings, in a glance, and when I saw the pictures appear, it was not so hard for me to believe that that was how it was denounced. A crime so heinous as the one who was committed can lead a man to lose his head and to commit an unforgivable foolishness.

But now that the trial has arrived and the evidence is unfolding, the issue is changing its aspect. The lady has confessed that she helped to kill her daughter on a given day and that the beating was in the following day. It is an absurdity. I heard the confession of many homicides and other violent crimes. I know too well how the environment of tension surrounding the interrogations could come to almost unbearable limits. And it is then, that for various reasons, an act of brutality can happen. When it ends, the decompression is fast. Whether for the criminal or for the investigators. Everything goes back to normal. It makes no sense, after all is finished, on the next day to retrieve the prisoner and give him a thrashing. For more macabre that it has been that testimony. For the Police that does not have an interest anymore. It's Finished.

But the astonishment increases when we know that the report on the abuse of that lady was amended by an higher order in order to incriminate the police, and that the woman can not recognize among those policeman those who have attacked her. I had to admit to it. Even if I did not know the names, an investigation brings together investigators, arguidos, witnesses and it is not difficult to recognize [to make a recognition ]. There are even moments that persist for many years because of the strong emotional investment that emerges in such situations. And more perverse it becomes when it is known that one of the lawyers was put on the case in order to pursue one of the defendants. Gonçalo Amaral was persecuted, not because of this case, but by the agents of the detective agency hired by Maddie's parents. Confirming all this, we are not before a case of justice. It is a heinous farce that abuses the court. For the ugliest reasons that are also part of our human condition.

by Dr. Francisco Moita Flores, University Professor

Source: Correio da Manhã


  1. If this were a plot for a TV detective series it would never see the light of day.

    It would be deemed so unbelievable any prospective audience would need to be complete imbeciles to sit and watch it.

    And yet it's being played out in an actual court of law?

    The lawyer the McCanns called a'fantasist and publicity seeker' for instigating the search in the dam - a search we now know was funded by metado 3,ie the McCanns -is now being paid 'expenses'by this pair of scheming liars (from public donations?) to blacken the character of Amaral???

    Have I got that right?

    I'm speechless. Unless.

    Unless there's some kind of ulterior motive at play here, you know, some kind of entrapment. This is so absurd anything seems possible.

    Or has the world just gone completely bonkers?

  2. Bom dia,todos os dias.

    Belo artigo,cheio de bom senso de Francisco Moita Flores.


  3. E agora que vai o Ministerio Publico e a justica portugesa fazer perante este escandalo que ja atravessou fronteiras e colocou Portugal no patamar dos paises do terceiro mundo, onde a justica se aplica a "la carte" e nao para fazer justica? Vai reabrir o caso Maddie ou vai fingir que nada se passa e esperar que a poeira passe? Espero que vozes com autoridade em Portugal nao se calem e deixem passar aquilo que parece ser um dos mais hediondos crimes cometidos em Portugal nos ultimos tempos, so comparavel ao cabo Costa ou ao bancario da Marinha Grande. Nao sao estas algumas das evidencias de que os Mccann cometeram um crime e a PJ estava na trilha certa? Os meandros que circundam este julgamento nao sao em parte a tal melhor prova que o MP aguarda para reabrir o caso Maddie? E o silencio dos Mccann e de C. Mitchel? Ja perceberam que algo esta a fugir do controle e que os constantes avistamentos nao sao uma boa solucao. Urge uma investigacao ao Fundo Madeleine, a Metodo3 e a outras agencias contactadas pelos Mccann. A sede de dinheiro e fama criada pelos Mccann e por C. Mitchel ja gerou inimigos dentro do seu proprio circulo e a Met3 se quer salvar a pele e bom que preste um servico a Maddie e a justica e conte o que realmente fez para prejudicar a investigacao, a mando de quem lhes pagou. Um escandalo Mr. Socrates e Mr. Brown. Por muito menos ha gente presa, privada dos seus empregos, da familia, etc, nos dois paises. Espero que os blogs e os bloguistas nao parem de denunciar esta situacao ate ela bater na cara destes dois dirigentes porque os Media ingleses estao calados, provavelmente pressionados pelo poder politico que so quer passar a imagem de uns Mccann intocaveis e sem manchas. Noutro pais Gerry nao estava a trabalhar num hospital publico como um respeitavel cirurgiao. Primeiro devia responder em tribunal as perguntas que nao respondeu a policia e se nada se provasse entao retomaria o seu cargo. Mas tudo e perverso no mundo dos Mccann e de Socrates e Brown. E esta liberdade e democracia que eles advogam, uma liberdade sem igualdade de direitos: AS VITIMAS SAO ESQUECIDAS! SO FALTA DIZEREM QUE MADDIE NUNCA EXISTIU E QUE O SEU DESAPARECIMENTO FOI UM DELIRIO COLECTIVO!!!

  4. Professor Moita Flores, thank you for a succinct and clear analysis of the Cipriano/McCann case versus the PJ. Evil has spiralled to (extra) global dimensions and people in high positions have been corrupted whose concern should have been seeing that justice is done. This has to be stopped. Things have to be put right. SUPPORT to the PJ, JUSTICE for Madeleine and Joana!

  5. Mega bonkers but I still beleive that judtice will be made to both little girls
    I am stubborn and I will persist to believe that justice will be made to both the little girls,Joana & Madeleine....after all,our world is totally surrealistic

    Thanks Joana for your work

  6. Anonymous

    The whole M3/mccanns/Cipriano stuff was NOT very well stage by that team of criminals-because this is what they are: criminals in the broad term- and now it is the scum is coming up....dangerous quick sand for the mccScam...

  7. It is high time that the portuguese police forces adopt modern procedures while interrogations of suspects, such as the filming and audio recording of questionings, as well as cctv inside the police stations, interrogation rooms,cells, etc., preciselly to avoid such posterior claims of abuse of power and of torture by the suspects.

  8. If the Mccanns are in any way involved with their daughter's disapearance,and have pulled the wool over the world's eyes, and created the fund from public donations, then they would have become fraudsters, they are profiting from the fund's money on false pretenses.This would be a crime, but a crime with which the british police and justice would have to deal with, unlike the one of Madeline. This prospect does not appeal to the british, does it?

  9. Is it me, or I'm missing this trial being mentioned in the news in the UK?

    I say this based solely on The Sun, which is the only tabloid that I follow . Patience for crap, among other things, is limited.

    Do I hear another McCann backfire?

    Just another log for the McCann Barbeque Day. Don't forget to bring your children, asit will be a fun day with a lot of things to do!

    By the way, give me time, and I will tell you why I think this whole thing has reached this pinnacle of absurdity it has. Just another theory of mine.


  10. anonymous,

    How right you are regarding the ludicrous 'plot' - it flies in the face of the Judge's findings and rulings contained in the Court Report of Joana's trial.

    PJ's work was found to be as exemplary in Joana's case as is their work Madeleine's tragedy.

    The 'criminal mentality' of government linked McCann protectors does them no favours.

  11. Textusa,

    I'm surprised you're a 'Sun' worshipper. Journalists confirm 'no news' of any such trial in Portugal.

    Odd that not one 'site owner' has responded to my offer to publish the Court Report, findings and rulings in Joana's trial.

  12. 2345, send me an email with the doc or pdf, or your court translation, thank you.

    Joana M.

  13. 2345

    We have disagreed om many a issue, nut calling me a "Sun worshipper" that's downright blasphemy in every possible sense of the word!!!


    I see my "The Sun" daily input as any other substance that is bad for your health. Only the required. No need to consume other papers. The system gets clogged just with this one, now imagine if I passed my eyes on the others.

    This is just one of the many capacities that Joana & Astro have that I admire.



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