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Child drug overdoses: Shock figures

SCUNTHORPE General Hospital is treating more than 100 children for drug overdoses every year and the problem is getting worse.

Figures released by the hospital show that 125 children have been admitted after taking an overdose since January – and only 126 were seen in the whole of 2007.

Two years ago, just 104 children were admitted with an overdose.

Children have been treated after taking overdoses of everything from Calpol to hard drugs.

Scunthorpe Accident and Emergency consultant Ajay Chawla said: "We do see a number of young people come through Accident and Emergency who we treat for drug overdoses.

"The best case scenario is when a child comes in having accidentally drunk some Calpol.

"We assess them and send them home with advice and guidance.

"The worst case scenario is where a child is ill and requires admission to intensive care, or even worse dies."

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Calpol Night & Diphenhydramine: Doubts & Information
Also for the record, according the data sheet in the electronic Medicines Compendium (eMC) - Date of Authorisation/Renewal of Authorisation for Calpol Night was 12th January 2007. (Download PDF here)

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