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Cipriano Case: "Director made her change the Version"

Leonor: Former Inmate says that Joana's mother always spoke about a fall

When she arrived to the Odemira Prison (EPO) with bruises on her face, Leonor Cipriano, always "said that those were the consequence of a fall in the stairs". The statement is from Osvalda Concelos [on the image], former prison inmate, which testified at the fifth court session of the trial of the five PJ inspectors accused of torture, in Faro.

"Only after a conversation with the Director of the EPO [Ana Maria Calado] she started talking about aggressions", said Osvalda Concelos, who states that she over heard the conversation and to whom it seemed that "it was the director who talked about the possibility of Leonor receiving a compensation".

"But I felled in the stairs, am I going to say that I was beaten?", asked Joana's mother before she changed her version, according to Osvalda Concelos.

As well, in yesterday's court session, a computer specialist stated that it is impossible to know if the photos where Leonor appears with bruises were doctored.

"The files that I analysed have the date of 9 May of 2005", explained Filipe Custódio, when the photos were taken in October 2004. Thus, and for their lack of quality, the expert affirmed that is not possible to know if they were changed.

The forensic psychologist, Paulo Sargento, based on a Forensic Medicine Institute report, affirmed that Leonor Cipriano has "psychopathic" characteristics.

Source: Correio da Manhã

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  1. Marcos Aragao, your accusation is dead. A new investigation should start now: Who is behind this circus and for what? he Public Ministery is too busy now with BPN case and Casa Pia but annother scandal is ready to blow: Mccann involvemment in Leonor Cipriano Circus. Madeleine case Needs to be reopen and made justice, peraphs with forensic evidences re-analised by a independent lab in europe.


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