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Cipriano case: Forensics launch doubt on photographs - RTP1

Transcript and translation:

The photographs that show bruises on Leonor Cipriano may not be reliable. RTP had access to the report of the digital forensics analysis which was requested by the defense lawyer of the PJ inspectors who stand accused of torture.

The tests reveal that it is not possible to evaluate whether or not changes were made to the photographs’ original features. The report further adds that the photographs were harmed in their authenticity by the absence of some data like the date and time, and also because they are low resolution images.

The trial continues on the 18th of November.

source: RTP1, 07.11.2008


  1. Messing with photographs! really! I don't know what the world is coming to.

  2. It's becoming a recurrent "theme", inconclusive testing...
    If they were taken by a digital camera, (or even not, I have a film camera which does it) surelly it must have the date printed on the photos. Due to the seriousness of this kind of cases, alledged torture of prisioners while in custody, would they use disposable, rubbish kind of cameras, not very professional, is it?
    And also, this kind of evidence recording isn't usually done by a doctor, in hospital, and not by some low in rank prision staff? And accompanied by a written report?
    Is this yet another sad example of the portuguese "deixa andar, dar un jeitinho", a "make-shift" way of doing things?

  3. Not surprised - the worst faked bruises man's ever seen !!!

  4. anonymous - 12.45

    It's all a wind up ... only the gullible swallow the bait.

    PJ's work in Joana's case was found to be exemplary - as in Madeleine's tragedy.

  5. Hi Himself..... so you don't know what the world is coming to.....

    look around you !
    this is what we made of it... what we deserve..... and thank the generation before us (the current what we call golden-generation) for helping us creating this mess

  6. KC, I believe Himself was being sarcastic...
    I'll give it a try too :
    -What? Tampering with evidence? Altering photos? NEVER! They would't dare, would they?

  7. Manipulated photos... could be.
    I did a small joke on this with an Obama photo in 'Muito Suave'.

    Honestly, I think most probably she got beaten up by other inmates.

    It's actually very common on child related crimes that the offenders get beaten up inside the jail.

    And if that was the case, it would be no wonder that the prison Director wanted to make some changes on the report...


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