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Cipriano Case: Former PJ Director Exonerates Amaral

Case Joana: Leonor's Lawyer called a 'goat' to Amaral's Lawyer

The former national PJ director, counsellor judge Santos Cabral, removes all responsibilities of Gonçalo Amaral in the conduction of the Joana Case, acquitting him of having omitted the denouncement of the alleged aggressions to Leonor Cipriano.

In a written statement sent to the Court of Faro, to which the CM had access, the director of the PJ in 2004 - at the time of the facts that are imputed on the five PJ inspectors accused of torture, falsification of a document, omission of denouncement and false statements - makes clear that "the operational conduct at the place was the responsibility of the director of Faro," Guilhermino Encarnação.

Following the hierarchical structure, "it was this one [referring to Guilhermino Encarnação] who was accountable for the conduction of each investigation," states in writing the former maximum Judiciary responsible and current counsellor Judge of the Supreme Court of Justice.

António Cabrita, Gonçalo Amaral's Lawyer, considers this statement important because if there are culpabilities for the non existence of denouncement, those "belong also to the director of the PJ in Faro and to the whole hierarchy." Nevertheless Aragão Correia, Leonor's lawyer, continues to point the finger at Amaral. "We just want to get a condemnation," he admitted to CM.

Yesterday, the day was also marked by the witness statements of two employees and by the Odemira prison doctor , which were "under surveillance by a third employee", who was all day in the hearings room. According to Pragal Colaço, lawyer of four [of the five] arguidos , the witnesses were "controlled because they must oblige hierarchically to what they were told to say", throwing suspicions on the prison director.

The doctor Irene Posalaky, who observed Leonor three days later, assured that "the inmate made no complaints regarding her knees," but 11 days later she [the doctor] decided to ask for an X-ray.

On the other side, the employee who took the photographs to the inmate guaranteed that the pictures were taken "during the afternoon and with daylight," contradicting Leonor, who had claimed that this had happened "at night, in a room without light."

The trial continues on the 18th.


Serious Accusations

Antonio Cabrita, Amaral's Lawyer, found that the Leonor's defense Lawyer had a "demented attitude" when he tried to cut a deal to 'frame' his client, like the CM advanced yesterday. Aragão Correia answered by saying that he does not respond to "goats".

A CD or more

In the process there are two groups of photographs, recorded in more than one floppy disk and on CD. Natália Silva, the employee who captured the images, guaranteed that she only took "the photographs once" and recorded them in a "floppy disk" which she then gave to the prison director.

Deleted photos

The prison employee also admitted that she erased the photographs taken to Leonor's knees "because the bruises were not visible".

Jurors raise doubts

Two of the jurors (the trial is done with a jury) had doubts after the statements given by the prison employees and asked questions.

Source: Correio da Manhã


  1. This had alredy been said by the woderful journalist Hernâni Carvalho, and more than once! Of course that G.Encarnação should be made accountable in this case, the problem is, the Mccanns have no problems with him , only with Mr.Amaral, he's the one who fills their nightmares of being exposed to the world as crooks. But as it is usual in Portugal, the guilt always falls upon the subordinates, never on those at the top of the hierarchy. Remember the scandall of the hemophiliacs contaminated with the AIDS virus, and the one of the hemodialisys, and the one of the boy electrocuted in a traffic-light in Lisbon? Who was condemned in those cases? The electrician , the filter technician, etc., et., etc. ...


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