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Cipriano Case: Leonor's Lawyer is going to request an isolated indictment against Gonçalo Amaral

The defense of Leonor Cipriano in the judgement of the inspectors of the Judicial Police (PJ), that starts again today in the Court of Faro, is going to request that the Public Ministry (MP) deduces an accusation against Gonçalo Amaral, in a separated trial, for alleged torture.

The lawyer Aragão Correia said yesterday to the Portuguese News Agency LUSA that "there are enough elements to accuse of torture autonomously" the former inspector Gonçalo Amaral, to be judged in the Court of Faro by false testimony and oversight of the duty of denunciation, in the same trial that another arguido is accused of falsifying a document and three others for allegedly torturing the mother of Joana.

"The several crimes of Gonçalo Amaral are more than established, namely the torture to Leonor Cipriano. It is an injustice there are four other arguidos taking responsibility for the crime of torture and the one that probably authorized and ordered that torture is answering for others crimes", highlighted Aragão Correia.

In today's court hearing, the defense of Leonor Cipriano, that accuses the five elements of the PJ of the crimes of torture so that she confessed the involvement in the disappearance of her daughter[remember she confessed the crime of murder previously to the alleged aggressions had taken place], will as well present three more applications to the collective of judges.

In the first application, the defense intends to enclose to the current trial the medical report carried out after Leandro, companion of Leonor Cipriano, received medical aid in the Hospital of Portimão.

Aragão Correia emphasized that Leandro "was allegedly attacked in the same day " that Joana's mother was, and that the defense intends to confirm that fact and which were the "wounds that he presented".

Hearing of judges

The defense of Joana's mother, the eight year old girl, missing from the Village of Figueira, Portimão, Algarve, on the 12 of September of 2004, intends as well that the court hears the counsellors judges Santos Carvalho e Costa Mortágua, who voted against the condemnation of Leonor Cipriano in the court trial of first instance[the defense appeal went to the Supreme Court and the decision of the first instance court was maintained].

"The two judges considered that the decision was illegal and unconstitutional, because violated the beginning of presumption of the innocence. There were no evidences against Leonor Cipriano and they understood that they could be before a grave and irreparable judicial error. We want to know if could have had tortures regarding the confession of her and if the condemnation would have been possible", emphasized Aragão Correia.

Finally , the third application has to do with the pictures of  Leonor Cipriano, which exhibit haematomas in her body and is going to demand to the court the use of an expert laboratory to analyse if there was manipulation of the images, as advocates one of the lawyers from four of the arguidos, Pragal Colaço.

Images analysed in British laboratory

Aragão Correia is going to ask that the images [the problem is there are no original photographs anymore] are evaluated in a laboratory of Birmingham, England, the same one which analysed the DNA vestiges of Madeleine McCann, the English girl that disappeared in the Algarve in May of 2007.

This torture allegation trial done to Leonor Cipriano by the inspectors of the PJ is related with the "case Joana", having the mother and the uncle of the girl, João Cipriano, being condemned by the Supreme Court of Justice to 16 years each of prison by the crimes of homicide and concealment of the corpse of the infant.

The accusations of the MP against the current and ex-inspecting of the PJ arose in the sequence of the questionings to Leonor Cipriano, in the installations of the Police department in Faro.

Source: Lusa

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  1. Marinho Pinto the actual bar wrote an article in Expresso in 2005 using fake photographs of Cipriano as evidence of Cipriano's alleged torture. Not to be called as a witness for the defense of the 5 PJ inspectors, regarding the article that he wrote in Expresso when he was just a proto-journalist and a mere lawyer trying to win votes, now as head of the Bar association he requested that the Lawyers Order (OA - Bar Association) was constituted as an assistant to the Cipriano versus PJ trial. Basically to escape the odd situation of having to explain himself, first time the OA - bar association does this. By the way Marinho Pinto daughter works in the Office of Rogério Alves, the former head bar and current McCanns head of the PT team of lawyers. Portugal is a small country.

    The PJ trial was requested by the Public Ministry who is trying at all cost fu.ck the image of the PJ and get more power on the institution. It's an old fight between magistrates and the Police, the recent figure of a super-cop who will oversee all the criminal police forces and answer only to the internal affairs ministry who answers by it's turn to the PM only and the new organics of the PJ is another explicit attempt to control the PJ. Why? Because there are many collar crimes under the PJ's scrutiny and they want to gag the PJ's work. Why? Because there's corruption.

    Marcos Aragão, the lawyer who has tips from the underworld, no pardon, who was in contact with metodo3, ups..who has psychic visions of Maddie drowned in a dam, and who is a founder member of PND Madeira, that is National Democratic Party whose Party colleague just last week showed a Nazi Flag on the Madeira autonomous assembly, and is a member of an association against the criminal excluded from society (ACED) is a pawn, an empty vessel at the orders of those who by protecting their interests are at the same time protecting the McCanns Crimes.

    Quite easy to understand.


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