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Cipriano Case: Process Against Leonor's Prison Director

Directorship of Prisonal Services acts after the denouncement made by the Chief guard over the pressures done to change the Report

After the chief guard of Odemira Penitentiary, António Maia, told in court that the director of the penitentiary suggested to him to change the report about Leonor Cipriano bruises, from a likely fall off the stairs to aggressions, the General Directorship of the Prisonal Services acted.

Ana Calado is already facing a disciplinary process, after the prisonal services requested the Court in Faro for a copy of the statements done by António Maia in the Court session of 28 of October, during the trial of the five Judiciary Inspectors who answer for [allegedly] torture to Joana's mother [and convicted killer].

The Chief of the guards said he suffered pressures from the director to frame the policemen, and the Defense of the same, has already announced the intention to litigate Ana Calado.

 The Police Defense also wants to prove that the pictures were manipulated.

Source: Correio da Manhã

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  1. Joana,

    I was wondering about the tardiness of this specific news. Kept waiting, kept waiting, and finally its here.

    Thinking of writing an article about this. What it implies. What "guns" we've been provided with.

    Although it doesn't appear to be so, this is a very relevant news for the coming times.




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