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Doctor admits to seeing lesions on Leonor Cipriano - Jornal de Notícias

The doctor of the prison of Odemira admitted to the Court of Faro that on the 18th of October 2004 she saw Leonor Cipriano with several lesions to her face, chest, back, arms and knees and that the injuries were not the result of a fall from the stairs.

Irene Posalaky, a psychiatrist and general physician, was the fifth witness heard within the case of the assault on Leonor Cipriano and, during the third session of the trial, which started this [Tuesday] morning, she stated that she met the assistant in the process on the 18th of October 2004 and that at that point in time she presented several lesions.

“Red swollen eyes”, “left eye shut”, “superficial lesions to the abdomen”, “large hematomas on the back and on the chest”, “edemas on the right arm”, “unable to speak” and “superficial but symmetrical cuts on both knees” are some of the lesions that the medic enumerated in court today.

According to Irene Posalaky, who stated she is not an “expert in forensics medicine”, the major part of the lesions that Leonor presented on her body had been caused by “flat, non-cutting objects”, because they covered large surfaces.

When she was questioned by Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer, the medic added that at least the injuries to the knees – which the expert classed as superficial yet symmetrical – could “never” have been the result of a fall from the stairs.

On the other hand, the defense lawyers asked for the doctor of the prison of Odemira to explain why she only asked for an x-ray of the knees 11 days after the 18th of October 2004, a day on which she “didn’t find it necessary” to request said medical exam.

The doctor simply said that the injuries were superficial and at that point in time she considered there was no need [for the x-ray].

António Cabrita, the lawyer of arguido Gonçalo Amaral, further asked Irene Posalaky “who had ordered the detailed report and the photographic evidence”, to which the doctor replied that it had been of her “own will” that she had written the report months after the alleged assault.

“I realized that the case would have a significant repercussion in the media and decided to organize the whole information”, she explained to the jury tribunal, which is constituted of three Law judges and four jurors from the civil society.

Attempted deal

Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer, Marcos Aragão, admitted to Lusa Agency that he attempted a deal with lawyer Pragal Colaço, who represents four out of the five arguidos in the process, to request a suspended sentence for the four arguidos, “as long as they [the four] confessed that the torture on Leonor Cipriano was ordered by Gonçalo Amaral”.

“I spoke to Dr Pragal Colaço about information that Dr Paulo Critstóvão [one of the arguidos] confessed to a then friend in the Judiciária that there had been torture inflicted on Leonor Cipriano four days before the confession”, he said.

Lusa confronted Pragal Colaço with this attempted deal, but the lawyer was categorical: “I neither confirm nor deny. I don’t want to get into trouble”, he said, adding that if Marcos Aragão gave him permission “in writing” he would speak about the matter.

This process of the alleged assault on Leonor Cipriano by PJ inspectors is related to the so-called “Joana case”, which dates back to the 12th of September 2004, the day when the eight-year-old girl disappeared from the village of Figueira, Portimão, Algarve.

Her mother, Leonor Cipriano, and her uncle, João Cipriano (both siblings), have each been condemned by the Supreme Court of Justice to 16 years in prison, over the crimes of homicide and concealment of the child’s cadaver.

The accusations from the Public Ministry against the Judiciária inspectors appeared after the questioning at the PJ in Faro. Three inspectors stand accused of the crime of torture, one stands accused of failing to assist and omitting a denunciation, and a fifth one stands accused of falsifying a document.

source: Jornal de Notícias, 04.11.2008


  1. shame on you Mr. Aragao. The way that you deal with the justice and the way that you so easily corrupt people and pervert justice is disgusting. You deserve to be kicked out of this judgement and forbidden to work as lawyer. You have many questions to answer in court regarding the way that you behavior, the way that you get involved in two monstruous crimes involving childs: joana and Maddie. Are you a father or just a make monney? I will be not surprised if this all end up with you connected with paedophile rings crossing all europe. You look like a easy mercennary looking for easy monney and popularity, just like your best clients, The Mccann's. I would like to see you and your team from Ördem dos advogados travelling to Uk to offer your free services to a portuguese driver accused to kill a british family in a car crash. Shame on you all!!!

  2. Just a possibility: Leonor arrived at the prison with slight injuries from her fall at the PJ, and was then beaten by fellow inmates who inflicted the more serious injuries on her. She knew better than to denounce the inmates, for obvious reasons, and took advantage of the prison director's offer to accuse the PJ. It would not be in the prison director's interest, nor in the prison personnel's interest, that aggressions that took place inside the prison would be denounced as such.
    The lesions of Leonor seem to 'evolve' over time in a most unnatural manner: on the 18th of October, the doctor describes 'red eyes' - they would be well black by then if the woman had been beaten four days before, as she alleges.
    There is something amiss here. It seems that Mrs Cipriano was indeed assaulted, but not exactly by the persons and in the manner that she describes - whatever she describes, which also seems to change every few days.
    I suspect that various persons have interests that have not been properly clarified: the prison director, the Order, the defense laywer who jumped on the bandwagon, kicking the former defense lawyer off the case.
    We'll see how this case evolves.
    One thing is for certain: it's about many things, but not about Joana or even about her mother. Leonor is just a pawn, something she probably knows full well but she has nothing to lose and everything to gain.
    What a sorry spectacle indeed.

  3. I'm 100% with you Anonymous,11.47!
    Even the most hardened criminals don't take lightly to child murderers and abusers( unless they are that themselves, of course), I can just picture the "warm welcome" the other inmates gave her.

  4. I wish that the use of the " truth serum" would be commomly used as an interrogation technic...It would save the courts and the tax payers lots of time and money.

  5. Se a policia acetasse o passo a esta mulher conceteza fá-lo-ia duma maneira brilhante; ou seja sem deixar marcas. que pena não lhe terem partidos os ossos todos........já que pássam pela fama........pelo menos teriam satisfeito a sua (deles) raiva.
    Força PJ,força Dr GONÇALO AMARAL


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