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Dr Gerald McCann's latest blog entry

Day 556: 09/11/2008

A difficult week for Kate and me ended on a positive note last night. Monday was the 3rd of November- 18 months since Madeleine was so cruelly taken from us. We do not usually put a lot of store in specific milestones - these being just another day without Madeleine. This week was unusual in that both Kate and I were feeling low at the same time, which is an uncommon occurrence, and we can usually rely on one of us lifting the other.

We continue to work very hard behind the scenes. Our support team has been expanded as we try to identify what has been done, what has not been done and what can still be done to help find Madeleine. We are not yet halfway through the Portuguese files but there is less information within the files than we were expecting. As I have stated many times, someone has a key bit of information that can unlock this frustratingly difficult and painful situation.

Yesterday we went through to Liverpool for a Race Night organised by the Greenhills Taverners Society- a group who organise fundraising events for local good causes- along with family and friends. On this occasion all proceeds were going towards Madeleines Fund. Around 200 people turned up and everyone enjoyed a good night. Liverpool and Everton donated signed shirts which were auctioned and with tickets and a raffle around £2000 has been raised. A taxi driver, taking home some of our friends, even got in to the spirit of things by donating his fare to the fund. Well done everyone and thanks for all the messages of support prayers- we left Liverpool in much better spirits than when we arrived!

Day 557: 10/11/2008

Correction to my entry last night. After adding all the money up the total raised at the race night was actually £5000! Well done everyone in Liverpool.

source: Find Madeleine website, 09.11.2008



  2. Un fucking beleivable is about right...The last bit where he says their spirits were lifted as they raised £2000 galls the shite out of me, its like as if it We might not have found our daughter but hey we made a couple of grand!!

  3. We know what a low $ dispeakable person you are Gerry but what amazes me is that you can still find gullible idiots.
    The £2000 conned out of these people should go to towards the heating bills of some local elderly people and not towards keeping you in booze.

  4. Parallels between the McCann and the Cipriano cases showing through Gerry's blog

    Both the Cipriano mother and the McCann mother and father come from a working class background, where life may be tough. The McCanns made it to professional status as doctors and have influential contacts. They may have retained a working class approach to some aspects of life but enhanced with the benefits of an improved socio-economic position. Cipriano is now sharing some of the McCann benefits, for the McCanns have taken an interest in the Cipriano case the reason looking very much like being to try to disgrace Amaral as a route to disqualifying the truth he has found out.

  5. Liverpool and Everton donated signed shirts!!! Amazing.

    After the sadness the City showed after the Bolger incident it seems very poor taste for these two teams to be seen supporting serial child neglectors, maybe even killers?

    What would their loyal working class fans say to that? It's a disgrace.

  6. it is all about monney and celebrity. Only 200 people turn up and, wonder, most of them their own friends looking for one day of glory in Mccann circus stage.Every day less and less people believe on the abduction theory. Where is the statment to refuse Mr, Aragao accusation of been payed by Mccanns to investigate Mr. Amaral private life and get involved with Leonor Cipriano? No any!!!This is a strong guilty signal.

  7. Do the McCanns expect us to believe this story?

    I don't believe it.Are people that stupid in the UK?

    Are the media in the UK that irresponsible, by at least not insinuating the strong opinion of the Portuguese police?

  8. AMAZING!!!!!!!

    He write first about their "feelings"!!!

    But,immediately they went to a car race and they receive more money.

    So much time to read the PJ files(it is no need and they know very well).....

    Illiteracy or guilty because they know very well all the things.So many people? working to them and....never nothing.........


    Beijinhos e um abraço quentinho.

  9. Today, Correio da Manha (newspaper) came out on his on-line edition with a connection betweeen Rogerio Alves ( Mccann's lawyer in Portugal) Marinho Pinto( President of "Ordem dos Advogados"), his daughter( working as a lawyer in Rogerio Alves office)and the new case of somebody ( 7 years after the case) accusing another PJ inspector involved in Maddie investigation, Tavares de Almeida. It emmerges that Marinho Pinto daughter is the lawyer incharged of the accusation and again "O.A." became assistent against the PJ. Urge to ask: what is going on behind all this accusation's? Are we in front of one of the biggest cases of corruption in justice in Portugal? Why are the politics so quite on this story? This will be "Mccanngate", the most monstruous case of a crime commited by parents against a child with support of powerfull people which works against justice. Have Portugal signed and agreed with "ONU Internationnal letter of Children rights"? YES!!! But where is the etic for all this lawyers which look only for monney and publicity? They forgot that there was two childs serious neglected by their parents and that behavior was the point where everything starts and ends. I'm portuguese and I feel very sorry for Madeleine been, after all, neglected by justice in Portugal. I think people needs to come out in the streets, near this courts, near the parliament and shout louder against this corruption. We need another revolution to re-set the valour of justice and human rights. In fact, human rights are also and most the rights of the victims which deserve justice. Anyone of us can be the next.

  10. Gerry has added to this blog entry.
    Apparently the total raised was £5,000.
    Shows where his priorities lie.

  11. Let's hope the twins weren't left home alone...we all know they are somewhat tight-fisted when it comes to pay for baby-sitting...


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