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Examples of British ‘justice’ (I)

by Gonçalo Amaral

The detention of a Portuguese truck driver in the United Kingdom, following a brutal accident that cruelly decimated a family, makes us think. We have serious doubts that such a detention could take place in Portugal.

Let’s think about the case of the taxi driver in Oporto who, a few months ago, mortally ran over two young girls and fled the location, presenting himself at a police station later in the day. As far as we know, he is free and practicing his profession.

The cases of reckless driving, so often under the effect of alcohol, are normally treated as mere accidents in our country and rarely produce preventive custody. Maybe if we would follow the example that comes from the United Kingdom, it would be possible to reduce the numbers of road deaths.

But other examples have been arriving from England, which are not quite as favorable for British Justice. Let’s look at the case of the Portuguese lawyer who was condemned to a prison sentence in Portugal, and the difficulties that Portuguese Justice has been facing in carrying out an International Arrest Warrant in England. Is the different treatment of these two cases due to the type of crime, or the type of person: a lawyer versus a truck driver?

source: Correio da Manhã, 15.11.2008


  1. Portuguese people must be heartily sick of the UK.

    I believe many UK citizens are also heartily sick of the UK, especially those who are following this appalling travesty of justice - and that of Baby P, and now the Jersey Care Home.

    Please keep fighting - and those of us who seek justice will fight with you.

  2. Jill I imagine there are many people heartily sick of what is going on here in the UK. To "gag" someone who has information that may help with the baby P investigation is unbelievable. Every time I think things can't get any worse ........ they do. All this does is make you wonder what else is being kept from the general public.

    I just heard on News 24 that George Osbourne is being slated for saying G Brown is doing the wrong thing for the British economy - apparently he shouldn't be saying anything against the Government, it's not the thing to do apparently. What's the point of an opposition party in that case?

    Sorry for the rant Joanna.

    Let's hope we get some justice for Madeleine Beth McCann.

  3. I'm afraid that this truck-driver is being punished to the full extent of the british law to be made an example of, just because he is portuguese. It came in very handy indeed...
    I agree with Jill Havern, those who can afford to are living Britain and not looking back.

  4. In the UK, a country that is supposed to be classless, class is a dominant factor. You mention the lawyer versus truck driver cases. Another comparison is the Madeleine McCann versus the Shannon girl case, a working class family. In the latter the mother and other members of the family are in prison, but the McCanns are untouchable!


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