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Examples of British ‘justice’ (II)

by Gonçalo Amaral

There is indeed a huge difference between the various crimes. The British Justice arrested a Portuguese truck driver that in a brutal accident, decimated a family of six persons.

But from the United Kingdom come other unfavourable examples to justice. Let us pay attention to the Portuguese lawyer [Vale e Azevedo who fled to England] sentenced in Portugal to imprisonment and the difficulties that the Portuguese justice has met there to carry out an International Arrest Warrant. The difference between the two cases is the type of crime or the type of person, a lawyer versus a truck driver? Is that what allows the lawyer to show himself unconfined at court and the truck driver to be dragged by the handcuffs in an humiliating way? There is indeed a big difference between several white-collar crimes and the death of a family in a tragic car accident.

Another example of British justice is the strong likelihood that agents of the U.S. secret services will be judged by the torture of a British subject at Guantanamo. Here it will be applied the British law since it is a crime against a British subject.

And I ask: that little girl missing in the Algarve last year wasn't she also a British subject?

Let us see the good examples and apply the British law to all things British.

Source: Correio da Manhã, 22.11.2008


Examples of British ‘justice’ (I)
(...)But other examples have been arriving from England, which are not quite as favourable for British Justice. Let’s look at the case of the Portuguese lawyer who was condemned to a prison sentence in Portugal, and the difficulties that Portuguese Justice has been facing in carrying out an International Arrest Warrant in England. Is the different treatment of these two cases due to the type of crime, or the type of person: a lawyer versus a truck driver?


  1. These British double standards in justice need to be checked by the EU.

  2. Appalling the UK Third World approach to the lorry driver case - unnecessarily punitive and humiliating. What about human rights! Is it all a matter of social class differences on Her Majesty's soil?

  3. Coitado do condutor de camião português, tão mal tratado pelos ingleses. Os portugueses não puseram algemas nos McCanns!

  4. White collar and blue collar differences are not acceptable in justice, Dr Amaral is right in pointing this out. Social class should not enable people evade the law. Unfortunately, this does not appear to be the rule in the UK, the McCann couple are a very bad example.

  5. It brings us back to Orwell's work, " The triumph of the pigs", all animals are equall, but some are more equall than others...
    This plain truth is evident on a daily base in the judicial system.

  6. "Justice is whore who sells her wares to the highest bidder." (unknown)

    I am offering two links, neither related to Portugal, but it might give an insight to what is now the mindset of the British establishment.

    Bottom line: We (the establishment) will give it all up for the Americans, the rest of you can take a hike.

    And that, judging by recent events, unfortunately includes Portugal.

    Got boots?

    Fast tracked laws

    Hacker looses extradition fight

  7. I wonder whether by now Azevedo has been approached by the McCanns. They may think he is easy to bribe and may come in handy.

  8. The McCanns always promised to sue Amaral and they still did'nt.

    Why not?

    Better not. True?

  9. Is there nobody in the UK who would fight for justice for Madeleine?
    No lawyer who would officially bring a complain about her disappearence?
    No milkman, mailman?

    Poor child! Not even her family is fighting for her.Aunts, uncles, cousins.
    Did they ever love her?


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