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Former PJ Inspector will publish "The Truth of the Lie" in England


Gonçalo Amaral prepares to publish his book in the UK. But he is considering altering the contents.

By Miguel Ferreira

The ex-coordinator of the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann is going to publish his famous book, "Maddie: The truth of the Lie" in the UK next year.

This information was confirmed to 24Horas by Gonçalo Amaral himself. "The publication of the book next year in England is a done deal, we are just waiting to know which editor is going to do it," affirmed the ex-chief inspector for PJ who coordinated the Criminal Investigation Department in Portimão when the British girl disappeared from Praia da Luz.

But the English are not going to read the exact same version as published in Portugal. Under consideration are "possible alterations to the book," admits Mário Cena Lopes of the Guerra & Paz publishing house, who is negotiating with several British publishing companies.

Gonçalo Amaral and his Portuguese editor are worried about the possibility of Maddie's parents taking them to court because of the book. "Clarence Mitchell [McCann spokesman] has been trying to intimidate British publishers with court proceedings," guarantees Mário Cena Lopes.

Guerra & Paz also wants the British editors to "guarantee that the presentation of the book will be done with the same dignity as in Portugal."

200,000 sold

Gonçalo Amaral believes that the publication of the book in the UK will be an opportunity for the English to understand his version of the facts surrounding the disappearance of Maddie on 3 May 2007. In an interview with "The Independent on Sunday", the ex-inspector said that "the British community can't form an idea after hearing just one side of the story."

Since its publication on 24 July 2008, the book has already sold about 180,000 copies in Portugal and 20,000 in Spain – where, next week, a second edition will go on sale.

Cena Lopes further adds that, by December, editions will be available in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany. In the plans for 2009, beyond England, are other countries such as the USA, Japan and Australia.

He has a lot of supporters out there

Gonçalo Amaral confirms that he is ready to take on the McCanns in England so that he can tell his version of the girl's disappearance to all the British, but especially to those who have demonstrated their solidarity with him.

"I have received innumerable messages of support and solidarity since I was removed from the case, including from the UK – messages that also motivated me to reveal what I knew about Maddie's death," the ex-inspector told 24Horas.

"I am certain that there is a large section of the public interested in discovering the material truth of the facts and in seeing justice served," said the ex-coordinator of the investigation.

Defence wants Gonçalo Amaral accused of torture; he wants to know who gave them information

Trial returns with a war of legal procedures

Miguel Ferreira with Lusa 

Leonor Cipriano's defence in the trial of the PJ inspectors accused of torture, which restarts today in the Faro courthouse, is going to ask the Public Ministry to accept an accusation against Gonçalo Amaral, in an independent process, for alleged torture.

The attorney Aragão Correia told Lusa that "enough elements have already been brought together to independently accuse" Gonçalo Amaral of "torture", while he is being tried in this process for false witness and not denouncing inappropriate acts.

But Gonçalo Amaral has his own response. From what 24Horas can ascertain, the ex-inspector for PJ is going to request that the Public Ministry investigate the circumstances that allowed António Leandro, Leonor's ex-partner, to have been informed about his imminent removal from the Maddie case one week before it occurred.

Leandro revealed, at the door of the Faro courthouse, that "English investigators" had given him this information.

The ex-inspector's attorney, António Cabrita, requested a certificate of these declarations for the Public Ministry, which should be ready today in Faro.

António Cabrita now has six months to present a criminal complaint which will require the Public Ministry to investigate the case.

Today the employee of the Odemira Prison, Adélia Palma, will continue to respond to questions from the attorneys at the Faro courthouse, in another court session of the inspectors suspected of having tortured Leonor Cipriano.

Source: 24 Horas page 9
Translation Courtesy of Debk


  1. Boas!

    Quanto à publicação do livro compreendo o alto bom senso! Porque dra mais dinheirinho aos pink comilões,nem pensar!Doidas.

    MAC/Leandro/Cipriana/restantes: vão apanhar ar,nem que seja apenas na barragem ou no páteo.

  2. Good news, Amaral, that "The Truth of the Lie" is coming to the UK, but beware of editorial changes in the English edition. We may end up with a distorted version, like what we are getting on the British media.

  3. With the publication of Amaral's book in the UK, the McCann Team will intensify their threats and will try to pull more dirty strings in a desperate attempt to silence Amaral. Why would they do that if Gerry and Kate were innocent?

  4. What is the point of publishing his book over here if it's going to be slightly different?

    Will he rename it "Slight Truth of the Lie"?

    I'm rapidly losing interest in this farce now.

  5. What's the point? If the book is going to be published in english, then it shoul be a accurate version of the original, WHY THE ALTERATIONS? Is there open and lawful sensorship in England?!!!
    Are the british so childish that they can't cope with some raw un-embelished facts? Have the radical muslims finnaly got the power in Britain? It sure looks like it, when literature and the press in general are being distorted and adapted to the convenient versions.


    Rather than having a 'Half-Truth of the Lie' English translation published in the UK, it may be better to wait for a proper English translation published in the US. The American establishment should not come up with obstacles like you will get in the UK.

  7. I, too, wonder why the contents of the book would be altered. Mr. Amaral seemed confident in his presentation that the book as it now stands represents the truth and is based on facts that can be verified in the documentation of the investigation files of the PJ. Why would he and his potential publishers be worried about a lawsuit then?

    Why are is Mr. Amaral and his representative(s) choosing a UK publisher first, if they are worried about difficulties and pressures being put on the publisher when they could have an English language version published through an American or Canadian publishing house without the same worries?

    I am not happy with this news of plans to alter the original book, unless it were to add additional, updated information, not to remove information present in the original version.

  8. Why change the content of the book to enable publication in english.
    The truth is the truth, publish it in english and expose the Mccann lies.


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