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Freeport Case with Polemical Wiretaps

English inform PJ and Public Ministry

by Eduardo Dâmaso/Tânia Laranjo

Some of the relevant information in the Freeport investigation was obtained in England through administrative wiretaps, that is, allegedly made without the authorizations of a judge or of the British Secret Service.

This will be one of the issues addressed in tomorrow's meeting in Haia, the headquarters for Eurojust (EU Judiciary Cooperation), between the British and Portuguese police delegations and between British and Portuguese magistrates.

In Portugal, administrative wiretaps are not authorized. From Portugal, the attendees will be Cândida Almeida, from the Public Ministry, and Pedro Carmo and Moreira da Silva, both from PJ. The meeting was promoted by Eurojust after the English found money from the business in offshore companies based in that country.

The objective now is to formally exchange the available information, in order to understand if there was, or not, a payoff - estimated at €4 million - for the construction license for Freeport, in Alcochete, approved by the prior Council of Ministers for António Guterres when José Sócrates (current PM) was the secretary of state of the Environment.

Source: Correio da Manhã


Paulo Rebelo & the Freeport Connection
He was also in charge of a recent investigation about a leak of information from the “Freeport case”, when documents from a corruption investigation were sent to the Press and published the day before the last Parliament elections in Portugal. Those documents allegedly showed a connection between the case and the leader of Socialist Party, José Sócrates, now Prime-Minister. A PJ inspector was accused and later sentenced to eight months in prison (suspended sentence) for making copies of confidential documents and giving it to journalists.

Duarte Levy & Paulo Sargento on the Cipriano /McCann Cases
Excerpt from the interview

DL: Not just the Madeleine Case but also other cases which do not have a direct connection, but which have served to, um, protect certain interests… I’m referring specifically to the Freeport Case…

J: What does the Freeport Case have to do with this? You blindsided me with this one!

DL: One of the things we published a short while ago, is that there was a meeting between those responsible for the British and Portuguese authorities involved in the Freeport Case. For now, we haven’t gotten very far in this – but for now, we will talk about – excuse the expression – a circumstance in which two individuals go to a brothel and unexpectedly meet. One says to the other, “You don’t say anything to my wife, and I won’t say anything to yours.”

The same thing is happening in the Freeport Case. The British authorities wanted to come to Portugal; they wanted to work with the Portuguese authorities, in order to investigate money transfers …

J: So the Freeport Case is also connected to England…

DL: Right. And the British authorities asked for authorization from the Attorney General to come to Portugal, to create a joint team and investigate money transfers from the UK to some “personalities” in Portugal. Which was refused…

J: [Transfers] to whom?

DL: This… um… [more about this] later… later. (...)


  1. Just consider the words of Gerry McCann and his wife, how careful they are to avoid admitting any negligence - they 'regret' not being with their daughter when she was 'taken' ... not that they regret leaving her...such careis revealing...are we to beleive that nobody in the UK has the skill and expertise to recognise their cautious words - used from day one? Why is it that nobody in the UK media or establishment questions the McCanns? Is the life of a child so cheap in the UK? I fear that money speaks louder than justice - who would have beleived it of a 'civilised society'? Well, I would.

  2. So is Paulo Rebelo the man to obscure important cases?

    Wasn't he also involved in the Casa Pia inquiry?

    And the freeport thingy as well?

    A very obedient lapdog cleaning up the mess for his masters.

  3. I hope, very clever, inteligent and independent journalists will investigate this two cases (freeport and Maddie ), the connections between them and bring to day light all the storys and people involved on this cover-up. We should not forget that in Maddie case, to support the abduction theory, Mccann's, C. Mitchel and Jane Tanner feed the Media with idea that the abductor was a Portuguese, spannish or moroccan man, phaedophile, ugly and without moral. With this attitude they passe a message all over the world that Portugal, Spain and Moroccos are paradises for phaedophiles. This was a serious descrimination, a insult to all Portuguese, spannish and moroccan cityzens which we cannot accept in Europe. Up to know they have acting like if they are above the law insulting very honest people with support of british media. One day they should explain in court, based on what they insult innoccent people and should apologyse for this. The truth is slowly coming out from the darkness world where corruption, monney and political power seems more important then the life of a child seriously neglected. That kind of politics dont deserve to be prime minnisters or rule any job in europe.

  4. Hi all
    Hi "Ian once of anorak"
    I am "Jo once from anorak".....
    Ian,children"s life is very cheap...look at whats happening in the world.It is not only a british problem but a global problem (I come to really dislike the word,global).
    I agree with what you are saying over the mccanns very careful wording of their "emotions"...no,noone is going to investigate anything I am afraid.Only one person is:Amaral.He will not give up.
    As you say,money has taken the place of justice but the case is not finished.In fact,more things are coming up.The truth is slowly treackling,involving a bigger agenda than we thought but still,it is very much controlled.The sadness is a child is gone and will never be found,a pawn in an other sad "adults game"and 2 countries are equally responsible for her disappearance and unwillingness to make the truth.

  5. http://www.kidnapping.be/maddie/maddie.html

  6. The biggest mistake made by the P.J. in Madeleine's case was their honesty and integrity that made them do things "by the book", under the law, if they stepped out of the box and had done some taping and surveillance of the Tapas 9, one can only guess what they could have found out.
    While reading the example given by D. Levy, the two men in a brothel, I was just visualizing them as Gordon B. and J. Sócrates, in the Lisbon Summit, in a corner, discussing the Freeport and the Maddie cases, all in a very hush-hush manner, and the wives in this case being the media and public opinion.

  7. "...a P.J. inspector was acused and...sentenced to 8 months in prison..."
    Why isn't the same done to the "mole" in the P.J. in Algarve that "fed" classified information to Team Mccann?
    Will we be seeing any such action in the near future? I won't wait holding my breath, I suspect I'll sufucate in the meanwhile...


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