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Inside the Portuguese Lawyers' Order: The President, the Budget and the Daggers

Luís Filipe Carvalho considers running for President of the Order

Laywers: Budget opens crisis in the Order

The recent confrontation of the President of the Lawyers’ Order with some of the regional counsels and the Budget that was proposed by the President – which foresees some cuts – are prompting contestation within the class. Some lawyers even want to discuss Marinho Pinto’s leadership during the upcoming assembly on Wednesday, which had been scheduled to discuss the budget. And the possibility of anticipated elections is even being discussed behind the scenes, with some names already taking up position. Luís Filipe Carvalho, for example, speaks about the need for “unity” around the president, but as soon as he is confronted with the possibility of moving forward with a candidacy, he admits: “I can’t push that possibility aside”. The lawyer, who was at the directory of the Lawyers’ Order with Rogério Alves, stresses that “anticipated elections would be very negative for the Order”. But he warns that if the President doesn’t want to “direct the order into its great performances, the issue of anticipated elections will be on the table”. Luís Filipe Carvalho criticizes Marinho’s performance and refers that “any other president will have to recover the president’s dignity as a public voice”, adding that the president is “starting to be isolated, which is very negative for the Order and for the class”.

Carlos Pinto de Abreu is another name that is being pointed out as a possible candidate. But the president of the Order’s District Council didn’t want to comment to DN on that scenario and the possibility of advanced elections being called. Nevertheless, he recognizes that Marinho e Pinto’s leadership may be questioned. “All leaderships are questioned, but that’s not what is on the table. What is being discussed is the budget, everything else is speculation”, he stresses. Yet, there are already lawyers foreseeing that Marinho will be left in a “very fragile” position if the Budget is voted down. The changes in the Lawyers’ Order are also defended by João Correia. “The former presidents, with an exception for Rogério Alves, should appeal for the class to expurgate this president”, the former candidate for president of the Order appeals.

Contacted by DN, former president of the Order Rogério Alves reserves his position for after the general assembly. “I intend to take a public position concerning everything that is happening”. The lawyer guarantees that “if the civil war is maintained, I ponder taking a position to expose the dangers that threaten the Order”.

José Miguel Júdice, another former president of the Order, says that he has distanced himself from the Lawyers’ Order, but recalls what he said one year ago in order to show his opinion: “If he [Marinho e Pinto] is given time, he’ll ruin the Order. If he’s given more time, he’ll ruin Justice”.

source: Diário de Notícias, 24.11.2008


  1. A good criterion for choice is to select someone who has stood up to diplomatic pressure in the McCann case.

  2. Mr Amaral is a lawyer, isn't he? How about electing him for president of the order? Oops, I forgot: he's considered to be incorruptible. Sorry, Dr Amaral. You don't fit the profile...

  3. For president of the Lawyers' Order you need someone who will demand from lawyers that they work towards the TRUTH not against it.

  4. Gonçalo Amaral seria uma excelente escolha.


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