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Joana case: Accusations exchanged - Correio da Manhã

This Tuesday, Gonçalo Amaral’s defence lawyer lamented the position that was assumed by Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer, Marcos Aragão Pinto, to try to reach a deal with the lawyer of the other four Polícia Judiciária inspectors who stand accused of torturing Joana’s mother.

The attempted deal, which resulted from a proposal to let Gonçalo Amaral ‘fall’ in exchange for dropping the accusations of torture against the other four inspectors, and was denounced to ‘Correio da Manhã’ by Carlos Anjos, the president of the PJ workers’ union, was commented by António Cabrita today.

For Gonçalo Amaral’s defence lawyer, this is “a proposal that is not ethically correct”, which results in “an attitude that demonstrates a certain dementia”, by resorting to a deal of this nature.

Marcos Aragão Pinto has refused to comment on the situation for now, merely referring to the journalists that this is a “serious accusation”.

During this morning’s session of the trial that is taking place at the Court of Faro, an accusation witness was heard, the doctor who was giving consults at the Odemira prison and who wrote the report of the supposed assault on Leonor Cipriano.

The medic ended up contradicting herself, as the first report that was written on the 18th of October 2004 mentioned no lesions to the knees of Joana’s mother, who didn’t complain about them either. Nevertheless, on the 29th of October, she requested an x-ray to be performed on said lesions.

This afternoon, the court will hear the first doctor who observed Joana’s mother at the Health Centre of Odemira and a prison guard, in this case via videoconference.

source: Correio da Manhã, 04.11.2008





    Gonçalo Amaral find the crime truth.
    mcs+a lot of people have AFRAID.

    Like in a war they wish to finish GONÇALO AMARAL: the target´s afraid.

    Because he knows(more! Of course the others from his group work know the some).

    And more a infinit group of people.So,probably Portugal some day will receive an exterminator....

    Probably is not necessary:

    the birds flew;the blue lang from the sheeps(not chips......)

  2. O polémico e mais polémica.

    Quem estará presente e terá estaleca?......

    ...."Très contesté pour ses positions à propos de l’affaire Madeleine McCann, Barra da Costa, ancien inspecteur de la Police Judiciaire, est l’auteur d’un livre qui porte le même titre de la conférence."



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