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Lawyer holds email in his hat - Observatório do Algarve

Aragão Correia, Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer, says he possesses an email that incriminates Gonçalo Amaral, accusing him of standing behind the assault on Leonor Cipriano.

by Mário Lino

“I hold information that Mr Paulo Cristóvão sent an email to a friend of mine at the Judiciária, in which he confessed that there was torture, not from him but from Mr Gonçalo Amaral. We may get to the point where we have to present this email in court”, the lawyer states.

The lawyer refers that the alleged email was sent approximately 3 years ago by one of the inspectors (now a former inspector), Paulo Pereira Cristóvão, to a common friend who works at the Judiciária.

In said document, which Aragão said he is not ready to reveal yet, Pereira Cristóvão allegedly confirmed that four days before Leonor’s confession there were aggressions but that it was the Portimão team, led by Gonçalo Amaral, who was responsible for the assault. The latter would not only have known about the facts but was also responsible for emitting orders “for every possible method to be used in order to force a confession from Leonor”, Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer states.

Following the supposed “trump”, Aragão Correia even proposed a deal (something that is not permitted by penal law process) to the inspectors’ defense: if they confessed, stating that Gonçalo Amaral gave the order to assault Leonor Cipriano and that he eventually had participated in said aggressions, the assistant, Leonor Cipriano, would request a suspended sentence for the arguidos (despite the fact that the accusation is brought by the Public Ministry and the penalty is decided by the Court that is constituted by three judges and four jurors).

When questioned about the deal, Pragal Colaço, the inspectors’ lawyer, preferred not to comment, invoking alleged reprisals from the Laywers’ Order: “I don’t want any more disciplinary processes. I was notified by the Lawyers’ Order about an issue where I made a statement four years ago and now it appears. I don’t want any problems because I know that the Lawyers’ Order keeps persecuting me and I don’t want any further trouble”, he said.

Gonçalo Amaral’s lawyer spared no criticism on the attitude of Aragão Correia: “The defense denies its belief in a deal for the processual assassination of Amaral at the expense of the absolution of other arguidos, and repudiates any parallel trials and private investigations”, he stated in a communiqué.

“Any layperson is able to understand that a proposal to cut a deal that is made in order to condemn Dr Gonçalo Amaral means that this process is being used for purposes that are not part of the process”, he added upon exiting the trial.

source: Observatório do Algarve, 04.11.2008


  1. yes,come on aragao,show them who really is amaral and his lies

  2. Do I recognise a well known "tune" here?
    Anomymous,lying is a short term disease....

  3. "We may get to the point where we have to present this email in court."

    Isn't that rather the point? To present evidence in court?

    Why is Dr Marcos Aragão afraid to present this email from his "friend"?

    It sounds a bit too much like Aragão's emphatic statements that he had "credible proof" that Madeleine's body was in the waters of the Arade dam...


  4. What about the lawyers order imposing a disciplinary process on Mr.A.Correia? If anyone is in good need of such measure it is this gentleman. Why only target Pragal Colaço?

  5. If he and his sponsors are so desperate for the conviction and descriditing of Mr. G.Amaral why doesn't he produce such a document in court? It would be a damning , strong piece of evidence! Why blabber about it to the media? He also had "evidence" that Madeleine's corpse was in the Arade dam...

  6. Aragão Correio offers deals, says the most outraging things, admits to be on the payroll of M3 and the McScams and that the reason for all this is to get G.Amaral at all costs, and the Order( of lawyers) does absolutely nothing! Unbelievable!
    Mr. Correia doesn't give a dime for whatever happened to "poor" Leonor, to hell with it, who cares if she was beatten by the inspectors, that can all be swept under the rug, as along as Amaral "fryes".

  7. If only sodium penthatol could be used in some people...

  8. Shame on you Mr.Aragao. Wonder to see how much you pay to get that e-mail and from where came it. from a friend in the PJ or from M3? Since you leak to the press that you have that e-mail why you don't publish it in the press with name of the recipient? not Paulo Cristovao, we want to know who is that guy which works to PJ and do so big damage to the institution. Maybe he is the same guy who leaks some undersecrecy parts of Maddie investigation to the british Media. You really dont have anything to show in court and this is your desesperation - the sky is falling on top of your head and you insist on your demagogy and your visions. The"Ordem dos advogados"will drop yow down when all your surrealistic storys reach the court and Mr. Marinho Pinto will come to the press saying that they never meet you.

  9. MAC recebe informações:
    de presidiários,
    de 1 "amigo" PJ,
    dos M3,
    de alguns pinks,
    de alguma teia, enorme, de aranha,
    de polvos....
    (nascer só rodeado de mar dá cá umas ânsias....e,por vezes cria defeitos horríveis;dá a volta às cabeças).Por isso adorou,sob indicações de presidiário?????nas águas do Arade....Para retirarem de outro lado os restos mortais de alguém para que finalmente lhe fossem concedidas as homenagens devidas?

    Muito previdente, um e-mail "guardado" ciosamente desde há 3 anos.....

    Pasmo como 1 ex-PJ,tão dentro dos malefícios e perigos da net e das redes das instituições......
    Portanto,impossível acreditar.

    O homemac deve ser um "lindo menino".

    Quando era mais pequenino gostava de coelhinhos,de ilusionismo e de circo.

    Anda é a tentar tirar "coelhos" da cartola.

    Pobres dos outros que têm de assistir aos seus espectáculos.


  10. Defendo que uma Mãe está preparada para aceitar e apoiar um Filho.

    Mas ainda bem que aquele não é meu.Puxa!

  11. This is not good....It would seem there are people mad to set Amaral up, lets hope the conspiracy does not extend to being able to produce such documents!

  12. Speak your Mind.

    OH Yes, they certainly will produce the document. Should take a few weeks, just like the last picture of Madeleine did.

    Lets hope some good comes out of this, such as that demented idiot lawyer and M3 being charged and then spilling all the beans in a bid to get free. Dirty rotten low life ********.

  13. Sharon Thats exactly what I thought..Its amazing what you can produce with a scanner and a p.c.


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