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Maddie Case: Amaral will be giving a conference in Granada this Friday

"Maddie Case"

Next Friday, the 14th, in the great assembly room of the 'Aula de Cultura' de Ideal and the CGE, headed by  Melchor Sáiz-Pardo, hosted by CajaGranada, a new conference will be held, this time on a painful theme of the current relevance : the disappearances of children. 'The truth of the lie of the Maddie case', title of the new dissertation, takes on the not yet officially clarified disappearance of the English girl, Madeleine McCann. 'Maddie' was on holiday with her parents in a tourist location in Portugal last May [sic - it was in May 2007]. One night she disappeared from her parents’ apartment. It was never known what happened to her. The inspector of the Portuguese Judiciary Police, Gonçalo Amaral was in charge of the investigation. The conclusions to which he arrived had the unforeseeable consequence of him being removed from the leading this criminal case and assigned to other duties.

Gonçalo Amaral preferred to leave the judicial police and dedicate himself to write a book-denunciation about 'Maddie'. It has sold more than 200,000 copies in Portugal.

Source: Ideal.es

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  1. Pleasing to hear that Amaral continues to spread the TRUTH, which is greatly needed to counteract the LIE continuously spread by the British tabloids.

    When are we going to be able to read an English translation of Amaral's book here in the UK? A reliable translation, I mean. Or will the publisher be sued by the McCann Gang?

  2. Hola Joana
    We are attending the "conference" in Granada on Friday and will post our impressions of it, "here"
    At last the truth emerges
    R & J

  3. Hola R & J

    Muchísimas Gracias, se quieras se haz un post aquí escrito por vosotras, que vos parece? un beso

    ps. tiren unas fotos, vale?

  4. Joana, we have contacted the-
    La Oficina de Atención al Ciudadano se encuentra en el mismo Ayuntamiento de Granada,
    en su planta baja, en la Plaza del Carmen
    They have no information concerning the conference on friday
    do you have any information on the
    addrees that it will be held
    and yes we will take some photos.
    R & J

  5. Gonçalo Amaral's Conference at
    Caja Granada at 20pm, the 14th November

    Caja Granada
    Avda. Fernando de los Ríos, 6, Granada), en el teléfono 958 244404 o en el e-mail: obrasocial@caja-granada.es


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