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Maddie Case: McCanns had Access to PJ's Secret Investigation

PJ Inspector told Everything to the McCanns

Former Detective hired by Maddie parents knew all the steps being taken in the Investigation

Soon it can be revealed the name of the Inspector who belonged to Gonçalo Amaral's team and who was a 'snitcher' for the McCanns

A former detective from the Spanish Agency Método 3 guarantees to have had "access to confidential informations" during the investigation done regarding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. According to the detective, at the origin of this alleged leak is an element of the Judiciary Police who "is protected" by the Directorship of Faro [the Director is Guilhermino Encarnação].

The statements given by the Método 3 man - the detective agency hired by Kate and Gerry to search Maddie whereabouts - where recorded in video by the journalist Duarte Levy and will become part of a TV documentary on the subject.

"In the interview, the Spanish detective clearly identifies the PJ inspector", guarantees the journalist, adding that this statements "confirm suspicions risen" by other elements of the Judiciary. "This informations allowed us to know previously what the inspector Gonçalo Amaral and his colleagues where going to do", summarizes the detective, who believes that without this elements the investigation "could have had a different ending".

Failed Initiatives

Quoted by Duarte Levy, the man from Método 3 says that the informations resultant from an alleged "leak" in the PJ had repercussions on the process: "Several initiatives from Amaral's men failed (...) but there were also informations coming from informants who where connected to the British Embassy". The former detective highlights that the investigation "was doomed [condemned]" since there was a previous knowledge of all the steps to be taken by the Police.

That until Gonçalo Amaral started having suspicions. Then, and still according to the detective, he started giving information only to his "men of trust".

The 24 Horas contacted the National Directorship of the PJ, however it did not receive an answer in time [for the publication]. Gonçalo Amaral was out of reach up to the end of the closing of this edition [maybe he is in Granada, Spain?].



In the interview, the detective reveals that he tried, without successes, to contact the coordinator of the investigation to the Maddie Case, Gonçalo Amaral. "He was considered among us as tough, specially in the fight against drug trafficking.. he is Incorruptible", states the detective.


Guaranteeing that he was "never" asked to search for Maddie - he was only asked to collect information about alleged sightings - the Método 3 man says that his objective was to "spread broadly" the Moroccan lead to "confirm that it was an abduction."

Source: 24 Horas, page 8
Images Courtesy of my dear friend Himself who is here, here and here


  1. Why did the PJ inspector betray his own colleagues?

    Goncalo must feel as though he's being attacked by all sides when all he was trying to do was find a child.

    Gotta say I'm losing interest in this case now because the corruption is everywhere and a child lays dead somewhere amidst it all and it looks like she means nothing to anyone.

    And then of course we have the Jersey Care Home police who very conveniently now joins the corruption which will help discredit Eddie and Keela.

    All this just for the McCanns? At this rate they'll be the next King and Queen of England and we'll all have to bow and curtsey to them.

    The world's gone effing mad.

  2. Birgitta Hyltén-Cavallius, Stockholm, SwedenThursday, November 13, 2008 7:32:00 am

    So many gangsters in one single case - and everyone is walking free around. One is even PM! It is incredible, to say the least.

  3. Há sempre um Judas que pode trair....

  4. Espero que jornalistas com moral e incorruptiveis levem esta investigacao ate ao fim e desmascarem os Mccann e todos aqueles que participaram deliberadamente ou nao, nesta injustica contra uma crianca indefesa, e ainda ao que tudo indica, depois de morta por negligencia. Porque sera que jornais como o Expresso e o Publico estao tao calados com o rebentar deste escandalo depois de terem feito uma cobertura pro-Mccann e do Expresso manter no seu dossier sobre Maddie a ultima manchete" Goncalo Amaral, uma vergonha" que foi a entrevista mais pobre e mais fabricada que ja li. Quem pagou a deslocacao deste jornalista a Inglaterra? O Expresso ou o fundo Madeleine numa tentativa de limparem a imagem dos Mccann em Portugal? Ate onde vao os tentaculos deste crime? E bom que jornalistas serios, profissionais, amantes da verdade comecem a denunciar nas primeiras paginas dos jornais mundiais ( esquecam os jornais ingleses que parecem controlados pelo estado)o escandalo que foi o crime supostamente cometido pelos Mccann, a proteccao que tiveram e a forma facil e impune como enriqueceram e continuam a enriquecer a custa da tragedia da sua propria filha. O comportamento deles nao e apenas estranho e bizarro, e criminoso, imoral, um mau exemplo para uma sociedade onde se condena a exploracao do trabalho infantil e se defendem os direitos das criancas consagrados na Carta das Nacoes Unidas. ForSSSa Duarte Levy, ForSSSa Hernany de Carvalho e forSSSa a todos os jornalistas que procuram a verdade e a justica. E urgente denunciar isto internacionalmente antes que os tentaculos dos Mccann e de C. Mitchel corrompam a informacao em outros paises. Ninguem e indeferente a tragedia desta crianca. Bem sei que ha mais criancas desaparecidas que devem ser lembradas, procuradas e defendidas nos seus direitos. So que os pais das outras criancas souberam sofrer, continuar a lutar por elas sem usar de forma abusiva a bondade e a solidariedade das pessoas para montar um fundo de objectivos duvidosos e sem usar de forma abusiva a imagem da crianca desaparecida. O que e o site "findmadeleine"? um negocio on-line onde se usa abusivamente a imagem de uma crianca e a sua tragedia para vender pulseiras e T-shirts, pedir dinheiro e ainda perseguir e obstruir a justica. BASTA DESTE ABUSO!!! Nunca tornaram publicas as contas do fundo apesar de resultarem da solidariedade publica. As autoridades inglesas nunca poseram a hipotese de fechar este fundo e Portugal fez orelhas mocas porque nao quis enfrentar o governo ingles. Porque? Nao e este fundo tao criminoso quanto as sordidas artimanhas da D. Branca que a levaram a prisao?

  5. E ESTA;EIN?????????

    ...."DESTAQUE: A polícia de Jersey anunciou ontem que não houve abusos nem homicídios num orfanato da ilha onde foram encontradas ossadas. Estas datam de 1470 ou são de animais. Três pessoas foram acusadas e o chefe da polícia foi suspenso. (Reuters)"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    !!!!!!!C. da M.

  6. I am just so grateful to Mr. Amaral that he is honourable enough to pursue the perpetrators of the crime - at least some people don't have a price

  7. So, the mole is under the wing of G.Encarnação...This gentleman, the director of the Faro P.J., would also be responsible for the alledged torture on Leonor C., because he was the highest in rank, above Mr. Amaral, was in the building at the time of the ocurrence, and if it happened he surely must have know about it, like the say Mr. Amaral did but failed to report it.
    Why is G. Amaral the only coordinator accused, not ob beating Leonor, but of omission of denouce of the acts of the other inspectors?
    Now it starts to come clear why...

  8. How many people have sold their soul to the McCanns?

    All this religiousness of the McCanns - are they on God's side or the Devil's? It looks like the latter, doesn't it?

  9. Can't find mccannfiles.com Do you know if the F'ers were able to get the site taken off the net?

  10. the Mccann Files, mccannfiles.com, is indeed unavailable today here in the U.S. Hopefully it is nothing sinister or untoward causing this. Its absence is very visible and noticeable which would be a safeguard here, but I understand the laws are different in the UK, so anything is becoming disturbingly possible.

  11. Love the pictures and thanks for the story


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