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Madeleine McCann Haunting Evidence...or no Evidence at all - updated

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Maddie and esotericism: means or ends?
The news, a front-page exclusive, that the ‘Sunday Express’ published on the 19th of October: “FBI mediums present new suspect in Maddie case”. The news is reported, as anyone can verify, over two pages, where a new “photo-fit” of a new suspect appears, as well as the photographs of two supposed FBI medium-detectives and one clairvoyant.

The Latest Psychics To 'Find' Madeleine McCann
Well the latest publicity stunt is by the guys from Haunting Evidence, and specifically Carla Baron and John J Oliver, two of the shows so called psychics.It seems that these disturbed people will sink to any low to further their own careers, even at the expense of a innocent missing child.

External Links on Carla Baron:

A Preview on Carla Baron, Psychic Detective by the IIG West.
The Independent Investigations Group has been examining the public claims of Carla Baron – a self-proclaimed “psychic detective” who has solved fifty cases in the past twenty years, or has solved no cases in the past three years, depending on whether you believe her or us.

Jon Donnis In Bad Psychics - The Fraud Files
Haunting Evidence Producer Gregory Palmer has told Portuguese daily 24 Horas: "The idea is to make a documentary, speak to witnesses and put our investigators in the field." When has Haunting Evidence ever been a documentary? The show is pure fiction. These so called experts have NEVER SOLVED A SINGLE CASE.Hell their record is worse than the UK's own Psychic Private Eyes, which is widely regarding as the worst show of its kind in the country.

Update on: 27 October 2010

Last night we received the following email trough our contact form, allegedly, from the legal representative of Ms. Carla Baron, with the following message, relative to this blog post:

the deleted image as per request

Sender's name : A****** M******
Sender's Email : withhold for privacy reasons
Referrer : http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2006/10/contact-us.html

Hello Joana,

It has recently come to our attention that an image of Ms. Carla Baron is on your website.

The image:

Unfortunately, Carla Baron's photos and written material are for use by permission only and this is non-negotiable. This notification appears in gold print at the bottom of the photos page.

Posted Copyright Notice:

*All documents, webpages, photographs and images are the express property of www.carlabaron.net, except where noted. Permission is required to copy, download or use any text, photographic or image ______________________________

We insist that the image you are now using be taken down immediately. This is a violation of copyright.
I have been retained as Carla Baron's legal representative in this matter.

A******* M******

Our Answer

Dear Ms. M*****, we do not have any problems with your request, we will delete the image in question; and replace it with another illustrative image as well as with your email and ours, explaining the reasons why we had to take the previous image down.

May we ask why now, two years later, in this particular moment, when said illustrative image was re-published in a blog post which merely intended to inform and educate, albeit in a critical manner - as it is our Constitutional Right in Portugal of Freedom of Expression - about a TV show where your client appeared in 2008 regarding a case that has been the main focus of our blog for the past 3 years - the very much media hyped McCann affair.

Besides, did you do know that if you search for "Carla Baron" in google images you get about 3,030 image results? I'm fairly sure that we have used an image via searching in google; an image which was then published under our right of 'fair use'; an image that for all effects was released, as you have now explained in your email, by your client in the internet without a visible copyright symbol or watermark symbol identifying said image as belonging to your client, rendering it therefore searchable in the internet and simultaneously impossible for us to know or ascertain if said image was under any kind of copyright protection.

Actually, just by doing a quick google search I've noticed your client has a public Myspace profile, with several images similar to the one in question - images that are also available via a web search unless they were 'hidden' in private profile - [Proprietary Rights in Content on MySpace & Third Party Linked Services]. Perhaps adding a visible copyright symbol/watermark in those images would ensure that this kind of situation doesn't happen again.

In conclusion,

- the blog authors had no knowledge of said image being copyrighted due to the lack of a visible watermark/copyright symbol indicating the provenance and therefore are not liable;
- said image does not invade your client rights to privacy since it was, as you explained, your client who has published it on the world wide web;
- the image in question was not used in a commercial way, nor envisaging any kind of profit;
- the image as stated previously was used solely in an informative manner as it is our Constitutional right as Portuguese Citizens, stated in articles 37º and article 38º;
- said image is not contemplated in the Berne Convention of 1998 as intellectual property, unless it is considered as an 'artistic work' or artwork - ref. 3.2 Are people protected by intellectual property rights?;
- the blog authors have used said image as per the "fair use" exemption to (U.S.) copyright law which allows such things as commentary, parody, news reporting, research and education about copyrighted works without the permission of the author;
- the blog authors have used said image in accordance and abiding the Portuguese Code of Copyright and Related Rights Copyright (No. 50/2004 Harmonisation in the Information Society), Law, 2004 SECTION VIII, Photographic Works, Conditions for protection, namely as stated in:

Article 164
(1) The choice of a photograph's subject and the conditions of its creation must be deemed to be a personal artistic creation by the author before a photograph may qualify for protection.

Article 167
(1) Copies of a photographic work shall bear the following information:
(a)the name of the photographer;
(b) in the case of photographs of works of plastic art, the name of the author of the work photographed.

(2) Only the unlawful reproduction of photographs bearing the above-mentioned information may be punished. In the absence of such information, the author may not claim the compensation provided for in the present Code, unless the photographer can show evidence of bad faith on the part of the person making the reproduction.

Regardless of the above mentioned laws, now that we know said image to be protected by copyright, in a sign of good will, we shall remove it as we have stated previously.

best regards from Lisbon,

Joana Morais


  1. And Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction.

  2. The most disturbing is the fact that the British press continues to publicize this sort of nonsense. Whom are they trying to fool? and why? We may know the answers....

  3. Hi Joana & Astro thanks for the documentary, isn't it shocking? They show repeated flashbacks of the whole family on the beach playing, when did that happen? They say she went to the creche in the mornings only and spent the rest of the day with her family my goodness perhaps they already had visions of what was in the files so didn't bother to read them? Clearly their visions are very questionable they didn't even manage to get the very basics of her last day correct.
    Shame on them so many frauds in this world.
    Thanks again

  4. This will be a long post, but I just have to pose these questions:
    -How come they show images of Maddie having a good time with her parents?! Didn't they know she was dumped at the kids club every day?!
    -and they state she was at the club mornings only, and with the parents for the rest of the day!!!If it wasn't so tragic for little M.I would laugh!
    - Why not enter the 5A apartment and see what "feelings" they could pick up inside, a death an accident, etc.
    - John says the main entrance to 5A is across the yard from the Tapas bar where Maddie's parents where! WHAT?
    - the "perpretator goes into the room...HOW? The dsoor, the window, down the chimney like Santa? and after he takes Maddie out of her bed, deeply asleep ( sedated?) he(John) amazingly cannot see where the "abductor" went from there...how convenient that his psychic abilities fail him at that particular moment.
    -They "saw" the "perpretator" following the Mccanns, taking pictures of Madeleine with a mobile phone, it is certainly an ordered abduction for a paedophile ring, and yet, the not so professional kidnapper and his bosses are stupid and incompetent enough to "sit" on the child for 2 days, until it's too late to take her out of the country safelly!
    -they saw her death,and her burial place, and despite that in the days before they travelled up and down , NOW, they feel no need to go around the countryside looking for the possible place where she might be buried!!! anyone would think that must be their very next step, but no, now that is a matter for the police.
    - Incredibly there was not any shred of an hint to the fact that the parents to left the children all alone night after night in an holiday apartment while went out for whatever activity and that was poor judgement to say the least!
    And finnaly, what credibility do these investigators have? How many PROPERLY AND DUTIFULLY DOCUMENTED CASES have they solved? Does the police recognize their abilities? Black on white facts and not fictional documentaries?
    Thank you for your patience and time.

  5. absolutely, anon.

    And what about the window? Who opened or 'smashed' it, and for what reason? This guy in the vision exits via the patio doors, I believe. How come Jane Tanner missed him struggling down the steps with Madeleine? Oh dear, this is all too much. I'm off for a mug of Horlicks.

  6. This is disgusting..I wouldn't mind betting the programme has the blessing of the McCanns.
    they are turning the death of their daughter in to a circus abeit a lucrative circus.
    These f psychos....I mean psychics seemed to be saying what was already known I like the bit where the male arsehole says people were passing the abductor and even looked at him, And there in the reconstruction of this is a woman who looks like......Jane Tanner....This is McCann propaganda.

  7. Maddie's hair was very long in that video wasn't it?

    Have we seen any photo's of her having hair that long?

    Or was it Madeline Elizabeth Naylor?

  8. Just writing to say goodbye, ihavesomethingtosay will be closed for the foreseeable future. Sorry for littering your blog with my cussing but thanks for giving me the paltform and not censoring me!

  9. SYM

    My heart goes out to you. A decision not taken lightheartedly.

    You will be missed and always welcome back. Hope this will be a short break. If not, wish you all the best.

    And rest, because the McCanns will face justice.

    On that day, I will think of you.


  10. First of all, thanks to Joana and Astro for posting the video(s).

    I couldn't believe my eyes... What a load of sh*te!

    "The kidnapper as a strong accent (don't worrrrry lol), middle eastern, probably Egyptian..."
    And his name is STEVE?! STEVE?! Well, how hard can it be to find an Egyptian named Steve (or Stav, LOL) in Portugal?
    I know this is in the Algarve, but how is it possible not to find a single Portuguese person among the "locals"? If they did, the "psychics" would have probably been told that "COLEGO" is not a word... (although I have a feeling on why it "appeared"...)
    And what were they doing in that abandoned farm/house anyway?! Looking for a more "haunting" ambience?


  11. Sorry for posting again, but I just found this: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0056204/

    Carla Baron was an actress before turning "psychic"!!!

  12. Ana, muito Obrigada - agora é que me fartei de rir!!

    Genre:B-Movies - Horror films
    Plot Keywords: Independent Film | Female Nudity | Decapitation | Demon

    Worked as an actress before becoming a psychic/tarot reader.

    thanks Ana

  13. SYM I wish you luck with everything, hope you come back and you are always welcome to post here without censure. a big warm hug


  14. What a load of old Mcrubbish. Hope carla was a better actress than she is a psychic. These people are mere entertainers, throwing Mccann propaganda at us.
    Everything here is somewhere in the Mcstatements, apart from the old farmhouse which only appears in the PJ files, Something about a bloody towel with certain fibres and a shallow grave, cant quite remember the details but this lot stinks more tha cuddle cat.

  15. And now we are sure that Elvis is alive .

    thnks Joana for this trash video1

  16. What a load of cobblers by brit media.

  17. Bit late I know but first time I have seen this. What a load of carp!


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