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McCann Case: Anomalies in the Case File

Since a small part of the case file - the DVD version was made accessible to the public, a great deal of ink has flowed. We note that it is necessary to be cautious as to its contents. In fact, it is only 17% of the complete case file and certain details are only of interest in relation to the complete file and not taken out of their context.

You probably know that our team, at the association, is comprised mainly of professionals from the field of police work. As such, we have analysed the case file and from the first pages, we have identified a few anomalies. Thus, the registers from the Kids Club appeared to be incomplete. Certain gaps have not been explained.

Thus we note that on May 1st 2007, Madeleine McCann's name is on the Kids Club regsiter. She arrived at 9.30am, dropped off by Gerry. According to the register, Gerry spent the morning playing tennis. He went back to fetch Madeleine at 12.20pm. Where things seem stranger to us is in the entries for the afternoon. Gerry drops Madeleine off at the Kids Club at 2.30pm and he spends his afternoon, again according to the register, playing tennis and at the swimming pool. Oddly, no one went back to fetch Madeleine in the evening! No signature for the evening of May 1st 2007. Why? Why did no one sign the register that evening?

Various explanations are possible.

It could be imagined that the parents arrived late to pick up Madeleine and that they didn't take the time to sign the register. In that case, why isn't that made clear in the case file? Why is there no mention of this possible lateness? And above all, why were they late? Right in the middle of an investigation into the mysterious disappearance of a little four year-old girl, these details are important. But the anomalies continue the following day.

According to the register for May 2nd 2007, the day before Madeleine's disappearance, Kate dropped Maddie off at the Kids Club at 9.20am. Madeleine was picked up at 12.30pm but it's not Kate or Gerry's signature on the register. Someone else has signed the register in the space for parents. The signature of Cat nanny, in other words, CATRIONA BAKER is found there.

Here too, you could imagine various explanations. The parents arrived late (once again?) and in a hurry (why?), they didn't sign the register. You could think that they forgot, for the second time, to sign the register. You could imagine that Catriona had finished her shift and as the parents had not yet come to fetch Maddie, Catriona signed the register then took Madeleine to her parents. You could imagine lots of things. But no explanation is provided in the case file. Catriona didn't mention it in her interview, the parents neither. But this kind of detail raises questions that need to be resolved. Too many unanswered questions, too many whys, too many gaps, not enough explanation.

These explanations could go in two directions. Thus, the investigators must wonder if Maddie didn't disappear sooner than May 3rd? If she was indeed present present at the Kids Club on the afternoon of May 1st? Why didn't anyone sign the register? Was she actually present at the Kids Club on the morning of May 2nd? Why did Catriona sign in the space for parents? Why does Kate's signature on the register for May 2nd seem different from Kate's other signatures? Where were the parents if someone else signed for them?

Certainly, these anomalies may only be trivial details, but these details could equally be significant, even fundamental to the investigation. Don't forget we are talking about the disappearance of a little four year-old girl. We cannot allow ourselves to leave these questions unanswered.

These anomalies, which are the first of a long series, were communicate to whom they may concern. And it is in referring to the article on SOS Madeleine of November 19th, we discover that a hand-writing report would be necessary. This confirms our suspicions and implicitly confirms certain rumours mentioning forged pieces of writing, forged signatures....manipulated documents...signatures added several days after the date indicated...etc.

If this report, that SOS Madeleine speaks of, confirms our our suspicions (and the rumours) these details which we have officially revealed, are then clearly less "trivial" !!!!

Source: Enfants Kidanppés Translation Courtesy of AnnaEsse at News From My Big Desk


  1. In his book, Amaral says Maddie died on the evening of May the 3rd.Possibly he could be hiding what the PJ know or suspect.A witness saw a man carrying Maddie towards the beach and he describes her position as natural, a sleeping child. In this case no heavy rigor mortis, I think.But the cadaver scent intriges me because she was dead for at least for one and a half or two hours before she vanished.What intriges me as well is the lack of sheets on the twins cots: were they used to clean up something?A red shirt belonging to her had the scent of cadaver as well.She probably was wearing it when she died and she wore it for a long time after death, enough to get a cadaver scent.And it was not a pyjama shirt.
    That could mean she died much before bed time.She must have been dressed up in her pink pyjama short before she was carried to the beach.If the cots had sheets, who hid them in such a short time?They must be somewhere.

  2. was it not on the night of the 1st that mrs fenn heard maddie crying?

  3. Those can be trivial details, but they show how unreliable and not stricktly followed the security rules at the Ocean Club are. Is it safe to leave the children at such daycare places? I would say no, because it seems anyone can pick them up at any time with little or no control.

  4. Passar a "pente fino" o "DVD".Muitissimo bom.Detectar as inconsistências;as incongruências;as compras,SIM COMPRAS.Há muitos que se vendem.
    Sempre se falou muito da noite em que a Pequenina chorou desalmadamente;sempre se falou que tudo lhe teria acontecido antes do "dia oficial".


    Então "presenças e assinaturas convenientes".....



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