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McCanns: Pinky Talk

McCanns search for clues in Portuguese police files.

By Tom Pedgen

Madeleine McCann's parents are scouring Portuguese police files on the case.

Kate and Gerry McCann from Rothley have taken it upon themselves to oversee the job of combing through 17 volumes of official documents, their official spokesman has revealed.

Assisted by expert investigators, they are fitting their work in alongside Mr McCann's job as a consultant cardiologist at Leicester's Glenfield Hospital and Mrs McCann's work as a full time mum.

Family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "Gerry says they are not half way through yet. There are 17 volumes and last time I checked they were on number eight or nine. It is almost like a second career for them".

"It's a very slow, methodical process. They are going through it forensically themselves, assisted by a small team that has been formed".

"You can rest assured that there is former police experience in that team".

"They are looking for any nugget that can lead them forward".

"Anything they find that has not been done, which they feel should have been done, will be pursued".

"We expect this process to go on until Christmas".

"The minute there is something they need public support with, they will go public".

Earlier this week Mr McCann wrote on the Find Madeleine website that work was still going on, "behind the scenes".

He said,"We are not yet half way through the Portuguese but there is less information within the files than we were expecting".

"As I have stated many times someone has a key bit of information that can unlock this frustratingly difficult and painful situation".

Mr Mitchell said the Find Madeleine fighting fund stood at £800,000.

He described the state of the fund - a not for profit company set up to help find Madeleine and bring her abductors to justice- as reasonably healthy.

Mr Mitchell said: "there is more than £800,000 in the fund at the moment".

"Considering we are a year and a half on, and that the figure has been up and down it could be a lot worse".

He said calls from the public with potential leads were still coming in but not in the vast numbers that were received at the beginning of the investigation.

He said any potential lead would still be looked into.

"The phone calls come in phases, and we even get the occasional psychic tip off", Mr Mitchell said.

"Anything with credible information which can be checked - such as an address, car registration or flight number - is checked".

Mr Mitchell Said he was not prepared to talk about any reports of possible sightings at the moment for fear they would provoke copycat reports.

Source: Leicester Mercury paper edition only 17.11.08


  1. So they are working "behind the scene", are they?
    Remember all the criticism about the portuguese secrecy of justice that prevented the Police from making any statments regarding the case? The stupid questioning from the british journalists, asking if the law could'nt be changed? Of course Sirs, the 3rd worldly portuguese State will be only too please to accomodate Her Magesty's subjects members of the press!
    I see absolutely no indignation towards the McCanns for their silence and for the way the fund money is being used. Some secrecies are more acceptable than others...

  2. Another outstanding example of a newspaper article- half a page full of nonsense...

  3. Boas!

    Mais uma vez o pink e o Natal(pelo menos para as leituras).

    É espantoso!

    Não avançam mesmo.

  4. "As I have stated many times someone has a key bit of information that can unlock this frustratingly difficult and painful situation".


  5. What the McCanns are looking for in the Portuguese files is how to dodge the incriminating evidence they reveal. Sorry, Kate and Gerry, your abduction story was not clever enough.

  6. What will "the former police experience in that team" make of the doggie bits, when they come to them?

    Plod: "Excuse me, O most venerated medical perps, but what were those blood traces the doggies found?"

    K & G: "She fell over and hurt herself, didn't she. Now shutup and keep reading, and remember who writes the paychecks."

  7. Birgitta Hyltén-CavalliusTuesday, November 18, 2008 5:33:00 am

    A new day - and I say to myself: forget about the McCanns, concentrate on all beautiful things in life. Well, I try.I really try. Then I see the photo of the two leaving the church on Madeleine's birthday and then I read this Pinky Talk - and I realize, I cannot forget about the McCanns. As long as the truth has not been spoken, justice made.

  8. Dear Birgitta, that is my feeling everyday - I wake up thinking maybe, just maybe today they will allow Madeleine to rest in peace, today either her mum or her dad will forget the entangled web they have created and will allow justice for their sweet daughter to be delivered; today is the day one of the Tapas friend will tell the truth; today is the day that no politician will obstruct justice for a little child who died; - everyday I am forced to see this 'show' of Madeleine's death being played as a 'trump card' between people in high positions, everyday I am forced to see that amoral, unethical, political and financial opportunism is the 'game' being played and that none of the people, who really should act by obligation of their duties and responsibilities do nothing and simply look away - as if it is possible to look away from the cold eyes of a dead child...

  9. yes, they are working behind the scenes, but not on Madeleine files. They are feeding the last circus going on in Portugal courts with Aragao Correia been Clown Nr. one. Emerges today in PUBLICO news paper that, he wants Goncalo Amaral(only) condemned with torture. If Goncalo Amaral was condemned, what about Guilhermino Encarnacao, Alipio Ribeiro, The minister of justice and the prime minister, which are above in the hierarchy and have lots of responsability? And what a joke, suggesting the pictures to be analised by Birmingham Lab ( The same which failed to give any conclusion about Maddie samples )? So suspicious the attitude of Aragao correia that his behavior deserves a deep and serious investigation. Lets to see how the chapitre II, on Mccann's circus end. Over the time the production becames more expensive because everiday, new characteres spot on the stage. And the story is moving from a tragedy into a JOKE!!!!

  10. "Anything with credible information which can be checked - such as an address, car registration or flight number - is checked".'

    Where and how are they checking car registrations?


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