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PJ Inspectors enticed to betray Gonçalo Amaral - 24Horas

Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer wanted to close a secret deal with PJ inspectors

If you betray Gonçalo you can get away with it!

by Miguel Ferreira

Aragão Correia wanted the PJ inspectors to say that they only tortured Leonor under orders from Gonçalo Amaral. But he wasn’t lucky

Last week, Joana’s mother’s lawyer suggested a secret deal to the lawyer of the PJ inspectors that stand accused of torturing Leonor Cipriano, in order to frame Gonçalo Amaral and to get the policemen off the hook. Marcos Aragão Correia was ready to request a reduction of the penalty for four of the arguidos if they would assume in court that they tortured Joana’s mother under the orders of Gonçalo Amaral. This idea was brought to the president of the Association of Criminal Investigation Employees (ASFIC), who immediately rejected it. “The proposal was clearly directed towards solving the problem of the four arguidos by accusing Gonçalo Amaral”, confirmed Carlos Anjos, who represents the criminal investigators. The response was immediate: “I refused straight away because I don’t cut deals”, he said to 24Horas. Carlos Anjos further explained that “despite the fact that Gonçalo Amaral is no longer an associate, he was a member of the police; he represented the institution within the criminal investigation”. On the other hand, Anjos says that he “continues to believe in the arguidos’ innocence”.

The inspectors’ lawyer, Pragal Colaço, didn’t deny the conversation with Aragão Correia. Leonor’s lawyer on the other hand had no problems whatsoever in confirming the attempt at a deal and said that he’d done it because he found out that “one of the arguidos, Paulo Pereira Cristóvão, confessed inside the PJ that he received orders from Amaral to torture Leonor”, as he explained to 24Horas. Paulo Pereira Cristóvão preferred “not to make any comment” on this situation.

Leonor to be heard

The third session of the trial of the PJ inspectors that stand accused of torturing Leonor Cipriano takes place today. Gonçalo Amaral’s lawyer, António Cabrita, is going to request for Joana’s mother to be heard again. The lawyer wants to clarify a “lie” from Leonor or from her lawyer. Cabrita refers to an article that was published in a national newspaper where Aragão Correia admits to having visited Leonor in prison, on the night of the 30th of October, which was after she was heard during the first session of the trial. The lawyer refers that it was necessary to calm down the assistant who was “very nervous” following the questions that were asked from her by the PJ inspectors’ lawyers. But during the second session, one day later, when António Cabrita asked Leonor Cipriano if she had received any visits at the prison, she replied that she had not. “Someone is lying”, the lawyer says.

source: 24Horas, 04.11.2008, paper edition


  1. 24Horas is as unreliable and misinformative as several British tabloids ......

  2. 2345, that may be an accurate evaluation, but the fact is that 24Horas exists and we have always tried to bring you all the relevant articles from the Portuguese press.

    The fact that we translate and publish the articles does not necessarily mean that we endorse them - but we don't practise censorship either.

    We have translated and published articles from the entire spectrum of Portuguese media, from 24Horas to Expresso.

    Our task is to bring you the information; it is up to you to distinguish between fact and fiction.

    And if you allow me a personal comment, throughout the last one-and-a-half year I must confess that what used to be a clear cut division between the 'serious' press and the tabloid-ish press in Portugal, for me, has been seriously blurred.

  3. Mr. Aragão Correia has an incredible hability to keep shooting himself on the foot!
    First the admission of contacts with the Mccanns and Metodo3, and now this!

  4. Dear 2345, read the previous article in this site, from C. da Manhã, where Carlos Anjos also reders to the enticement. I know, I know, you're going to argue that C. da M. is also a trash tabloid...

  5. They fear Gonzalo Amaral so much. I wonder what they know that he knows. The text messages and mobile calls were not alowed as evidence but they are real. The world needs many Gonzalos. i admire you a lot Joana.

  6. Don't forget the PERSON who made contact to Metodo3 in the first place. The Metodo3 that then made contact to this delirious new lawyer of Leonor Cipriano with the order of damaging Amaral. The Metodo3 that admitted to paying witnesses, for sightings that never took place. The Metodo3 that connected the Mari Luz case with the Madeleine case. Those that assaulted an ex-prisoner who tried to extort money from them for false information on Joana. I call them crooks and why would a third party hire crooks to search for Madeleine???

  7. pppppppppssssssssstttttt

    Dr.Marinho e Pinto, já leu as notícias de hoje ?
    Que vai fazer a Ordem dos Advogados e o seu Dignissimo Representante máximo,( por acaso V.Exa.) para investigar o presumível ( !!!! ) facto de um dos seus membros propor "coisas" como as descritas hoje na mprensa ?
    Afinal em que ficamos ????
    Não me diga que as minhas suspeitas de que os Senhores se estão a borrifar na "injustiça" das agressões à mãe (???) da JOANA se vão confirmar..
    Que verdade procuram ?
    Saber se houve agressões ílegitimas, DESACREDITAR a PJ ou ainda pior....
    DESACREDITAR ALGUÉM que já representou a PJ ????

    Maria C.Lopes

  8. The constant attempt to shame and to put down the portuguese police from is a disgrace. In fact, it seems that it is the british police that are becoming more and more thirdworldly, i've just heard on Sic that rom now on the U.K. police must answer to robbery complaints in up to 60 minutes, IF, the victim is very angry or distressed, otherwise they can take their time, and have 48 hours to take notice of the occurrence!
    Whow, british citizens, don't keep your cool if you get robbed, raise hell,make a fuss, have a fit, or else you won't get any help in due course and the criminal will have plenty of time to get away!
    First class, civilized police force indeed!

  9. Birgitta Hyltén-Cavallius, Stockholm, SwedenTuesday, November 04, 2008 3:20:00 pm

    I could not survive for one more second in a world, inhabited by the McCanns, their 'laywers' and, not forget, their spokesman - if it were not for you, Joana, and for knowing that there are many people like you. Not only in Portugal. Many thanks for letting me keep my belief in Mankind!

  10. So the McCanns continue to show their true colours - a filthy game in which they are prepared to sacrifice anyone in their way, including their own daughter, provided they save their own skin.

  11. A Correia, shame on you. We have had enough lies from the McCann outfit, we want the TRUTH.


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