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Portugal cooperates with 587 European processes - Diário de Notícias

European Judicial Network. In 2007, there were 188 requests for cooperation

by Filipa Ambrósio de Sousa

Portugal has seven ‘contact points’ within international cooperation

In 2005, a Portuguese court detained a man of German nationality due to alleged drug trafficking. The suspect produced cannabis in his home and exported it into Germany. At the same time, a court in Berlin arrested a German citizen who was suspected of illegally selling cannabis, as well.

Through a contact that was established between a German and a Portuguese magistrate, the connection between these two men was swiftly made and the trafficking network that both belonged to was dismantled. Both individuals were tried, condemned and imprisoned in Germany.

This is one of the cases that make up statistics: Portugal has already assisted in 587 requests for international cooperation in crime processes over the last three years, through the European Judicial Network and its seven contact points.

In other words, a network that allows for direct contact between magistrates who reply immediately to requests like rogatory letters – the most common ones -, European arrest warrants or the checking of suspects’ criminal records.

“The presence of the Judicial Network’s contact points is not one of recipients or authors of requests, but rather a role of intervention, in order for a request to be carried out in a fluid and swift manner”, according to Joana Ferreira, from the Attorney General Office’s contact point.

In 2005, Portugal replied to 214 requests for assistance, in 2006 it replied to 185 requests and in 2007 there were 188 cases; it ranks as the third country within the European Union which has replied to more requests for assistance, just behind Germany and Austria.

The United Kingdom, France and Spain were the countries with which Portugal has exchanged the greatest number of information requests: 58, 54 and 38, respectively.

source: Diário de Notícias, 03.11.2008


  1. Hopefully Portugal's contact points in the European Judicial Network will help achieve a fair conclusion to the Madeleine McCann case. When are Gerry and Kate McCann going to be charged?

  2. The British authorities intervention/influence in Madeleine's tragedy is not only well documented, it confirms blatant contempt for Portuguese Law as well as British judicial processes.

    Political self interest and gain is the only rational explanation for 'shelving' the horrendous evidence based PM's findings - "abandonment, endangerment, homicide and cadaver disposal".

    Those protecting the McCanns show contempt for life itself .....

  3. anonymous,

    The European Judicial Network ignored the British government's unrelenting intervention in a Portuguese investigation and PM's evidenced based findings of -
    "abandonment, endangerment, homicide and cadaver disposal" of an innocent 4 year old child - herself a part of the European Union with due right to live to 'old age'.

  4. Sempre muito obrigada pelas informções altamente pertinentes e,essencialmente in/formativas.É um bem que nos faz.

    do DN(em pt....claro):

    "Em 2005, Portugal respondeu a 214 pedidos de auxílio, em 2006 a 185

    e em 2007 a 188, tendo sido o terceiro país da União Europeia que respondeu a mais pedidos de ajuda a seguir à Alemanha e à Áustria."

    Portugal cívico responde.
    Portugal cívico pede,mas uk escolhe o que prefere dar....



    Por palavras muito simples,os conceitos bem elaborados colocados aqui por Outros.

  5. "In 2005, a Portuguese court detained a man of German nationality due to alleged drug trafficking. The suspect produced cannabis in his home and exported it into Germany. At the same time, a court in Berlin arrested a German citizen who was suspected of illegally selling cannabis, as well."

    Great. Well done.

    Why do you think it took them so long to arrest Oliver Shanti the well known German paedophile who roamed about Portugal for years. And why was there little or no news of his arrest when he attempted to jump ship to Brazil. As a matter of fact he was known to be around the area were Rui Pedro went missing and also The Canary Islands where Yeremi Vargas went missing. Any answer on this one?

  6. Anonymous, you obviously know a lot about the movements of Mr Shanti, don't you? How convenient. How incredibly convenient. Do you believe in coincidences? I don't. Mr Shanti was arrested. That is what matters. You are either inventing the details that you talk about, or you are playing a very dangerous game. Let's hope that the information that you hold is only what it seems to be: a load of bullshit.

  7. In this both tragic and disgusting Madeleine McCann case, the more high-up people who succumb to bribery the more difficult it becomes to secure justice through the official channels. There are other routes, though. The released PJ files and some published books, in particular Amaral's, have been doing a very good job. It is interesting to note that the McCann Team flex their muscles at everyone who doesn't play to their tune but they haven't sued Amaral yet, have they? Are they too frightened?

  8. All information readily available on the web should you be sufficiently interested.

    Criminal proceedings

    Schulz disappeared in August 2002, most likely due to the allegation of sexual abuse of children in more than 100 individual cases. Prior to that he lived on his hacienda in Portugal.

    In March 2003 district attorney's office in Munich issued a warrant for his arrest.

    The manhunt ended with Schulz' arrest in late June 2008, when he was in the German embassy in Lisbon wanted to renew his passport.

    German paedophile suspect arrested in Portugal
    Published: 29 Jun 08 16:08 CET
    Online: http://www.thelocal.de/12779/

    Lisbon police said on Sunday they have arrested a German man, wanted in Germany on suspicion of paedophilia.
    Acting on a European arrest warrant from German police, their Portuguese counterparts "detained a German citizen suspected of paedophile practices abroad," according to a police statement.

    Police did not identify the suspect, but Portuguese newspapers named the man on Sunday as Ulrich Schulz, a 59-year-old New Age musician known by his stage name, Oliver Shanti, whose music has been included in two of the popular Buddha Bar compilations.

    Police said the man had been a regular visitor to Portugal for more than five years and would be taken before a court in Lisbon, before his likely handover to German authorities.

    The Portuguese news agency Lusa said the man is suspected of more than 100 pedophile crimes committed on young members of a sect he formed in Bavaria in the 1980s.

    He later set up home in the village of Vila Nova de Cerveira in northern Portugal which in 1994 honored him with a medal in recognition of his contribution to the local community.

    "At the time, we could not imagine that this man could be suspected of paedophile acts," said the Vila Nova mayor, Jose Manuel Carpinteira, pointing out that the musician had donated several vehicles to local emergency services.
    AFP (news@thelocal.de)


    other locations owned by Schulz/Shanti!

    “Oliver Shanti has a spectacular heritage in Vila Nova. The light does not reach the limits of San Jose Casal, a farm insistently decorated with lions and Indian symbols of the rising sun, which houses several buildings, greenhouses, stables with horses, a handful of campers and caravan sites, cenadores cages and populated by exotic birds . On the high stone wall, boxwood and wisteria, stands a fronda fruit blossoms, magnolias, camellias, palms and cedars.

    But this is not the only property of Schulz: the corpulent of German white beard also owns the mansion front-built, like the other, on a large ground-Portuguese Baroque more farms and in using Loivos adherents to park their vehicles on foreigners who spend long periods in San Jose Casal.

    Nobody in the village has been raised from where he left this legacy, nor the substantial donations, but assured all that money, Shanti, it came from the music.”

    There are 2 areas called Loivos


    Loivos, Montalegre
    Loivos, Montalegre, Vila Real, Portugal

    But there is one area called Loivo

    Vila Nova de Cerveira

    German sect leader thought to be in Galicia

    Tyically Spanish, Spain/April 15, 2007

    Oliver Shanti is wanted for the suspected abuse of as many as 1,000 children

    Police in Galicia are looking for a German man, the leader of sect, in connection with the suspected abuse of as many as 1,000 children.

    The musician, Oliver Shanti, is wanted on 116 counts of sexual crimes based in Munich. He also goes under the name of Ulrich Schulz, and is thought to have then gone to the northern Portuguese town of Vila Nova de Cerveira, and then onto Galicia. The 58 year old has recorded more than a dozen chill-out albums, one with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London.

    The German police is offering a reward of 3,000 € for information which leads to his arrest.


    Is New Age paedo lying low in Gran Canaria?

    While there seems to be no let up in the frenzy of publicity surrounding the abduction of one little British girl in the Algarve, two families in Gran Canaria continue to wait and hope out of the media spotlight.

    Yéremi Vargas, 7, went missing in the south of that island in March; Sara Morales Hernández, 14, vanished in Las Palmas in July last year. The police are continuing their search of wells, reservoirs, caves and ravines, but so far without a hint of a result.

    And while their families grieve and parents all over the island worry about their children’s safety, a troubling story has appeared in the local press in recent days to rekindle public concern: a well known child sex offender, wanted by the German police, is reported to have been spotted in Gran Canaria.

    Ulrich Schulz, a corpulent, bearded, long-haired individual in possession of a seeming fortune and wanted for questioning in connection with almost a thousand allegations of child abuse, is on the run from his luxurious Portuguese mansion and has been for the past five years.

    The 58-year-old goes by his artistic names of Oliver Shanti and Oliver Serano and has recorded over a dozen New Age albums with typically esoteric titles like Seven Times Seven, Circles of Life and Man, Earth, Heaven, some of them with no lesser ensemble than the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

    Schulz is the leader of what is described as a religious sect founded by him in Bavaria in 1980. Within a few years, however, he and his numerous followers had moved south to Portugal where they settled near Vila Nova de Cerveira, in the north of the country. Schulz purchased a large estate, Casal San José, with mansion and several houses, even a stableful of horses. His followers, who include whole families of various nationalities, dedicate their time to praying, meditation and growing vegetables and medicinal plants. Schulz is said to have made free with their children.

    The sect is still at Casal San José and holding the fort, though claiming Schulz sold them the property before he left five years ago.

    Up until his flight he had cultivated not only his extensive grounds but also his persona as regards the local townsfolk. Far from believing him to be a rampant paedophile, the local authorities honoured him as a generous philanthropist.

    He financed the town’s fiestas; he paid for food and medical care, even operations and wheelchairs, for the poor; he purchased five ambulances for the volunteer fire forces in the area and he even donated a statue for the town square.

    For all this and more he was awarded a medal by the town hall and given the official honorary title of “Favoured Son” of Vila Nova de Cerveira.

    But in August 2002 a German couple alerted the police to his activities when they reported him for the sexual abuse of their son. After that the flood gates opened and the gravity of the case became apparent.


    After leaving Vila Nova de Cerveira he is known to have crossed into Spain, to Tuy and Pontevedra. Public response to Crimewatch-type television programmes would appear to indicate that he has also been in Galicia and Murcia.

    More recently, after a showing of Los Más Buscados a caller reported having seen Schulz in the Mesa y Lopez area of Las Palmas and other reports have pinpointed him to Maspalomas in the south and Escaleritas, also in Las Palmas, this last area is where the family of Sara Morales Hernandez lives.

    I'll let you find the rest.

  9. anonymous 03/11/08 19:58, next time just put the links, not the full articles. thank you.


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