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President of the Order ‘supports’ his daughter - Correio da Manhã

Torture: Lawyers’ Order enters process that includes Barbara Marinho Pinto as a lawyer

by Ana Luísa Nascimento/Henrique Machado

The Lawyers’ Order (LO) decided to become an assistant in a process of alleged torture by PJ inspectors, who begin to be tried at Boa-Hora, in Lisbon, tomorrow, and where the victim is defended by Marinho Pinto’s vice president and by the daughter of the President himself, Barbara Pinto.

Artur Marques, Fatima Felgueiras’ well-known lawyer, was the mandatary chosen by Marinho Pinto to represent the Order in this process, where he will stand beside the victim’s lawyers, in this case Barbara Marinho Pinto – the daughter of the present President of the Order who works in the law office of Rogério Alves – and Jerónimo Martins, the vice president of the LO’s General Council.

For former President of the Order António Pires, this situation is “regrettable under the ethical point of view”. “There may not be a legal incompatibility, but there is a moral incompatibility”, Pires de Lima told CM, considering that the case is susceptible of raising suspicion. Artur Marques, the lawyer who will represent the LO at the trial of three PJ inspectors who stand accused of torture over an employee of CP, who is a suspect of theft, in Sintra, considers that there is no incompatibility.

CM tried to contact Marinho Pinto, who is out of the country, and Jerónimo Martins, but it wasn’t possible until this edition’s closing time. Alves da Cunha, Diamantino dos Santos and Tavares de Almeida – who was part of the Maddie case investigation – are the three inspectors who stand accused of torture over a railway worker from Sintra, in 2000, and start being tried tomorrow, in Lisbon.


Order against PJ – This is the second torture case where the Order constitutes itself as an assistant. Rodrigo Santiago was chosen for the trial where Leonor Cipriano accuses the PJ of torture.

Punches and kicks – Virgolino Borges, a railway company worker, accused five PJ inspectors (despite the fact that he only recognizes three) of assaulting him during an interrogation as an arguido in March of 2000. He alleges that he was handcuffed, punched and kicked several times and that since then he suffers from depression.

Strong indicia – The Public Ministry concluded that there was strong indicia that Virgolino Borges was assaulted by Tavares de Almeida and Alves da Cunha, a situation that was not prevented by Diamantino Santos.

source: Correio da Manhã, 11.11.2008


  1. Marinho Pinto's daughter works for the McCann's chief Portuguese lawyer?

    Why does this not surprise me?


  2. These people have no notion of "imoral incompatibility", they ahve lost any sense of shame or professional and ethical pride.
    It's the old portuguese traditon of "compadrio", that can be roughly translated as nepotism.


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