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Sky News apologises to Robert Murat over Madeleine McCann story

The video in question now deleted from SkyNews website

Sky News Ian Woods speaks to a British journalist(Lori Campbell) in the Algarve who contacted police with suspicions about Robert Murat. Lori Campbell of the Sunday Mirror describes Murat as a 'vague character', claiming he lied to her about his role in the inquiry

Guardian Article

Sky News has apologised in the high court today and agreed to pay "substantial damages" to Robert Murat over a libellous web story and video about the Madeleine McCann disappearance that likened him to an infamous child murderer.

In a hearing in the high court in London Victoria Shore, counsel for Sky News, said the broadcaster unreservedly apologised for publishing "false allegations" about Murat, a British expatriate property consultant based in Praia da Luz, Portugal.

"My client very much regrets the distress these publications caused and in acknowledgement of that I confirm that the defendant has agreed to pay substantial damages to Mr Murat and also to pay his legal costs," Shore added.

Sky News, which is owned by BSkyB, is to also carry an apology on its website for 12 months. The story, headlined "Journalist reported man to the police", and accompanying video , titled "It reminded me of Soham", went up on the Sky News website within days of McCann's abduction in May 2007.

The video featured an interview with Lori Campbell, the Sunday Mirror journalist who reported Murat to the police, and remained on the site until September this year. The story was removed in April 2008.

Murat did not attend the high court today but his solicitor, Louis Charalambous from Simons Muirhead and Burton, said: "The article and video alleged that there were strong grounds for believing that Mr Murat was guilty of abducting Madeleine McCann. They claimed that, in these early days after the child's disappearance, Mr Murat's behaviour was reminiscent of notorious child murderer Ian Huntley. They also suggested that Mr Murat had deliberately tried to mislead journalists by pretending to be acting in an official capacity for the police."

Charalambous said Murat still lives in Praia da Luz. At the time of Madeleine McCann's disappearance, he had been living with his mother in a villa near the apartment complex where the McCanns were staying on holiday.

Charalambous said his client was, "like many other concerned local residents", involved in the initial search for the missing girl and had also agreed to assist the police as an interpreter.

Murat was given "aguido" or suspect status by the Portuguese police in the early days of the investigation into the McCann disappearance. However, this was formally lifted in July this year.

In July Murat accepted more than £600,000 in damages from 11 UK national newspapers for libelling him in more than 100 articles.

The media organisations included the Daily Express, Sunday Express and Daily Star, owned by Express Newspapers; Associated Newspapers' Daily Mail, London Evening Standard, and Metro; the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror and Scottish Daily Record, published by Mirror Group Newspapers; and News Group's Sun and News of the World.

In a high court hearing in July, the news organisations acknowledged that the stories they had run about Murat over nine months were entirely untrue, should never have been published and were unreservedly withdrawn.

In a statement read outside court, Charalambous said the settlement was the final piece of Murat's legal action against the UK media over coverage of McCann's disappearance.

"This settlement represents the final stage of Mr Murat's claims against those sections of the British media which defamed him so terribly," he added.

"He has been entirely successful and vindicated. It was particularly important to him to nail this particular lie – that he acted in some way reminiscent to the Soham murderer Ian Huntley when, in fact, he was working flat out to help try to find Madeleine."

Source: Guardian

Robert Murat was accused by 2 British "journalists"
Sky's Ian Woods speaks to a British journalist in the Algarve who contacted police with suspicions about Robert Murat. Lori Campbell of the Sunday Mirror describes Murat as a 'vague character', claiming he lied to her about his role in ...

Rupert Murdoch's Edutainement News: The McCanns Media Machine
"Rupert Murdoch owns some of the most influential newspapers in the UK as well as the Sky and Fox TV 'news' channels and has backed the biggest and dirtiest propaganda campaign in support of two persons suspected by the police of involvement in the disappearance of their child in Portugal."

Rachel Charles, Madeleine McCann and British Xenophobia
"The McCanns Propaganda: Clarence Mitchell talks almost every day in a TV channel or newspaper about what happened infringing the Secrecy Laws, the McCann's on the polemical BBC Panorama documentary talked and violated the secrecy Laws under their arguido status, Jane Tanner talked and she also broke the secrecy laws."


  1. Finalmente vou dizer o que esta "gaja" me faz sentir: grande vaca ( a palavra p*** ainda me causa engulhos).

    Shame on them! The lack of a vertebrae column to take it to Court screams out – cowards.


  2. To the less experienced eye, it would seem that the deck of cards is starting to fall. Connections revealed.

    The deletion of the video tells me that Murat has acted within the boundaries agreed to before. A glitch in the smallprint on the contract. It's corrected.

    Good thing is that whenever a small breeze flows, the whole building shakes.

    We'll wait and see. Patience is abundant. Almost as much as the lack of shame on the other side.


  3. What about Lori Campbell, the silly bitch started the whole thing up, destroyed Mr. Murat's life, caused enormous distress to his elderly mother and she get's out of it unpunished? Remember that she, instead of approaching the portuguese police on site,and tell them her suspicions, she decides to call her bosses in England, for them to speak to the british police! I wonder what her real motivations were, and/or if she was not acting on someones request.

  4. Mr. Murat's tragedy seems to be his weir personnality, he seems to be what we call in portuguese a "coscuvilheiro", busybody, in english, is it?. He seems to be that kind of guy, who's always eager to please, to fit in, goes out of his way to be helpful, and many times in a over the top way, and that makes people uneasy and suspicious that he's not all together there.

  5. Maybe Robert Murat looked at Lori Campbell, an attractive , blond, young lady, and decided to impress her, he started playing a game of seduction by looking like he was someone of importance to the inquiry, with good connections to the police. He played the mysterious guy, revealed little and hinted a lot, and that was his disgrace.

  6. why are you all so nice to Robert now? I do remember he´s a child predator,had child pornography at home,had abduct Maddie together with Michaela,her x hubby and the russian guy...and now..he´s the poor innocent guy....please folk..do not be fake!


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