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Missing Madeleine discussion closing

Dear Posters,

Please be aware that users will no longer be able to post to the ‘Missing Madeleine’ discussion thread after 3pm on Friday, 7th November 2008. At this time, the thread will be changed to ’read only’ and removed on Friday, 14th November 2008.

Since her disappearance in May 2007, the MY Sun community have debated and shown support in record numbers. During this time, many of you have developed online relationships and a community in itself. The sheer number of postings has shown how much the story has touched our readers.

Sadly, the investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance is still unsolved.

Though we appreciate that there is still ongoing interest and concern, the debate can at times get very heated and we feel it is time wind down the discussion thread.

We’re sure the MY Sun community will join everyone at The Sun in their continuing hope for Madeleine’s safe return.



  1. Too many members of the general public were challenging the British official version of Madeleine McCann's disappearance, so The Sun closes the discussion facility. If we can't brainwash them that Maddie has been abducted (!!!) then we shut their mouth - this seems to be the logic! Anything but the truth, isn't it, The Sun?

  2. " Sadly the investigation into Madeline's disappearance is still unsolved."
    And may I ask, who's fault is that? Why have her parents, their friends and apparently the political powers in Britain made sure the investigation would come to nothing and turn out in a fiasco?
    Who's made their best effort to hinder the work of the portuguese police?
    Who refused to anwers the questions presented by the P.J.?
    Why haven't any of the personal information, medical records, credit card details,phone records, etc.,been made available to the P.J. when requested?

    Why, to this day, have they not requested for an oficial enquiry from the british police, why leave that "stone unturned"?
    Who's spending a fortune in private detectives with no result whatsoever?
    Who's been involved in devious manouevers such as paying for "sightings", pressure on witnesses, the silencing of the british media with threats of sueing?
    Who's shamelessely and openly ( and desperately) making everything to ensure the discrediting and character assassination of Gonçalo Amaral?

  3. speak your mind,

    As history shows, conspiracy and censorship never wins ....

    Truth and freedom of speech will always prevail; man's basic right is to seek and speak the truth in the midst of evil and corruption.

    Oppression reinforces resolve and strengthens the spirit. Nelson Mandella's message to Obama -

    "Your victory has demonstrated that no person .. should not dare to dream of wanting to change the world for a better place".

    Nulabor Gestapo cannot oppress or control US hard copy publications and distribution of truths behind the 'political' facade.

  4. They know now!Finaly!

    They beleive about what happen to Maddie.

    R.I.P. Maddie.

  5. And the next to go will probably by Sky News "Life of Crime" blog. The article on which Madeleine is discussed has alredy been relegated to the archive, and what's being discussed there has had very little to do with the case, the bloggers are complining to the lack of news in the british media and started to discuss private matters and fuel private petty wars between themselves.
    I, out of the goodness of my heart have suggested they come to Joana's blog if they want to know what's going on.

  6. The Sun had work very hard to wash British public brain trying to pass the abduction theory and supporting the Mccann,s. They loose! Nobody can wash the public brain running away from justice and feeding fair tales like Mccann's an their team have done. There's no speech freedmon in Brown Britain. He can force the Media to close blogs and Foruns, but he is not going to change the public feeling about what this crime looks every day: Uncare parents which let down their own child into serious danger, immoral parents which use the tragedy of their own child to make monney and become rich using the honestity and the emotion of the public. Immoral parents which use the monney in a paralell case to persecut the police. This is a crime cocktail and the foruns and blogs in internet will let the people to still talking about one of the most disgusting storys related with a child. Unless Mccann,s face justice an tell the world the truth about what really happen to Maddie they will never go away from millions of people conversation all over the world. The way that british politic deal wit this case made a big damage in UK and Portugal democracy and justice: You can runaway from justice if you are rich, well related with politic power, media or holding a spin team. Shannon's Family is in jale. Mccann's and Vale Azevedo are walking free behavioring like pop stars, even when everybodys knows they have questions to answer in justice.

  7. Para quem não acredita nas mentiras do SUN, rolha na boca! Típico dos McCann & Cia.

    Quer isto dizer que a verdade está a transbordar, impossível de ser contida?

    Esperemos que sim. Se não rebentar nos comentários aos artigos do SUN, irá rebentar noutro lado.

    Na verdade já rebentou, cada vez mais gente sabe a verdade. Cada vez a podridão dos McCann & Cia se torna mais visível.

  8. The Sun says good-bye to posters preventing them from discussing the TRUTH and does so with one concluding line in favour of the LIE: '... their continuing hope for Madeleine's safe return'. How low can some British tabloids stoop!

  9. ...here's Tom with the weather...
    go back to sleep UK go back to sleep.
    big brother is waching u
    sleep uk till ur brains complitly melt.

  10. It matters not about the sun they never published the truth.

    The truth is published here by Joana, so spread the word and let the world know the truth about what happened to a innocent young girl

  11. "Wear yellow for Maddie"
    The Sun should change it to:
    - We are yellow(cowards),and we'll shut-up about Maddie,for the McCanns will get our arses if we don´t.-

  12. Record numbers have been found to be operating the manipulative media monitoring team.

    So kind of Mr Murdoch to continue his censorship of the evidenced based police findings in Madeleine's case on Brown's behalf.

  13. anonymous - 10.28

    The reason was solved as soon as Eddie got to the apartment door.

    Mr Amaral confirms in Truth of The Lie that evidence of proof - death and disposal was in place in early September. Political intervention stopped PJ executing their legal duty on the victim's behalf.

    PJ confirmed the rest is a 'soap opera'. All funded by hard working, law abiding taxpayers.

    It didn't take long to turn PM's evidenced based findings of abandonment, endangerment, homicide and cadaver disposal into a £1.3 m gain by fraud and deception. This, along with astronomical costs to Portuguese & British taxpayers confirms contempt beyond belief. It more than illustrates the moral and financial destruction Nulabor's 'thinking' has caused. The Portuguese had my utmost sympathy throughout .....

  14. My heart sunk when I began reading this article, thinking it was about this blog! Thank goodness that it wasn't. No suprise that a British tabloid would cave in to the pressures from McCannland.

    It doesn't make any sense otherwise to end discussions on a popular topic that brings people to your site repeatedly, does it?

  15. Em nome da liberdade e da independência.

    "Ar livre, que não respiro!
    Ou são pela asfixia?
    Miséria de cobardia
    Que não arromba a janela
    Da sala onde a fantasia
    Estiola e fica amarela!

    Ar livre, digo-vos eu!
    Ou estamos nalgum museu
    De manequins de cartão?
    Abaixo! E ninguém se importe!
    Antes o caos que a morte...
    De par em par, pois então?!

    Ar livre! Correntes de ar
    Por toda a casa empestada!
    (Vendavais na terra inteira,
    A própria dor arejada,
    - E nós nesta borralheira
    De estufa calafetada!)

    Ar livre! Que ninguém canta
    Com a corda na garganta,
    Tolhido da inspiração!
    Ar livre, como se tem
    Fora do ventre da mãe
    Desligado do cordão!

    Ar livre, sem restrições!
    Ou há pulmões,
    Ou não há!
    Fechem as outras riquezas,
    Mas tenham fartas as mesas
    Do ar que a vida nos dá!"

    Miguel Torga, "Cântico do Homem"


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