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Aids : Protect Yourself!

Far from the triviality of condoms adverts that carefully avoid the cock-blocking nature of the disease - and, in fine, their very raison d’être as a product; HIV-related PSA (Public Service Advertising) usually don’t shy away from embracing the topic in all its gravita.

Some even go explicit over the harsh reality that, if you get/give Aids, you will die/kill. And depict ellipses of lives where sex is deprived of sensuality and crammed with - sometimes intended - manslaughters.

Contrasting with this grim (accusing?) portrait of an irresistibly irresponsible world, but still as affecting as the more dramatic ones; some ads tried to bring some ethereal positivity to the table by focusing on a more noble statement: protect yourself, not out of fear of what can be lost (life), but out of joy for what should be cherished (love).

Out there, there are plenty of better ways to die.

Source:AD Pawn

New advertising for Aides, France

Explore, just protect yourself (Boy version)

Explore, just protect yourself (Girl version)

Production: La Pac
Direction, animation and visual effects: Minivegas
Creative Agency: TBWA/Paris.
Creative directors: Erik Vervroegen, Michel De Lauw
Copywriter: Xander Smith
Art Director: Jonathan Santana
Music: Future Perfect
The poster image below is the work of James Jean


  1. Hi....yes,an other Great Plague

    "El último informe de ONUSIDA (2008), recoge que 33 millones de personas en todo el mundo viven con VIH. En nuestro país el número de personas afectadas se sitúa entre 130.000 y 150.000. Cruz Roja Española lleva a cabo una intensa labor a favor de las personas afectadas por el VIH y Sida, en virtud de su compromiso con las personas más vulnerables. De este modo, desde el Departamento de Intervención Social se llevan a cabo proyectos de atención psicosocial y sanitaria con personas afectadas por VIH y Sida, dirigidos especialmente a los colectivos más vulnerables de la sociedad: personas en situación de dependencia, internadas en prisión, menores, consumidores/as de drogas, nuevos afectados/as , etc....."

    Keep in mind that AIDS ALSO afects a high volume of children who are employed in armed conflicts.These children go through a life ordeal from being totally deprived of their human rights and being violated by infected people.

  2. Foul manipulation of public opinion as in the McCann case may be seen as the AIDS of British Press. Many can see through the smokescreen of a pretend abduction that serves to cover what really happened to the McCanns' daughter. Some will find the whole thing disgusting. Others will try to copy, speading the moral AIDS of crime and cover up from those who should be defending moral values and justice.


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