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Gonçalo Amaral criticises parents: McCanns use video of Maddie - Correio da Manhã

Case: Parents divulge video to find their daughter

Maddie’s voice in a new video

Kate and Gerry McCann, the parents of the British child that disappeared on the 3rd of May 2007 in the Algarve, launched a video yesterday where Madeleine can be seen playing with her younger siblings. The film was recorded in December 2006, in the McCann family home in Rothley, in central England.

This is another request for help, made by the couple, to find their daughter Maddie. Nevertheless, this appeal from the McCann couple is different from the previous, as this is the first time that Madeleine McCann’s voice can be heard.

In this video, the couple opted not to appear in the film. According to the McCanns’ spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, Kate and Gerry didn’t want to appear in order not to influence the viewing of the video and because it “speaks for itself”.

Still, a message from Maddie’s parents accompanies the image of the little girl playing with her siblings. “Christmas is a time for children. Please help bring our daughter back”, the McCann couple appeals, adding: “This is our second Christmas without Madeleine. Please help us make sure we don’t have a third.”

Madeleine McCann disappeared from the apartment at the Ocean Club, in Praia da Luz, Lagos, when she was sleeping in the company of her two brothers. She was three years old when she disappeared.

“This resembles a toy campaign”

Gonçalo Amaral, a former PJ inspector and coordinator in the Maddie case, when questioned by CM about the divulging of this new video from the McCann couple to find their daughter, stated that there is clearly “a need to feed the idea that the child is still alive”. “They need to admit, once and for all, that the little girl is dead”, he said. The author of the book ‘The Truth of the Lie’, a work inspired in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, also compared this new film with Christmas toy campaigns. “This resembles more a Christmas toy campaign than the search for a child”, he said. The PJ inspector also lamented that “the videos of the child’s disappearance and about the motive for said disappearance were never divulged, because that would help the investigation, and it would help very much”.

source: Correio da Manhã, 22.12.2008


  1. The Mccanns need to feed the miss-information machine to ensure that their pot of gold stays full.
    To admit that their daughter is dead would mean that they have to take responsibilty for her death and of course most importantly for them their substantial income supliment would stop.

  2. Being an admirer of Christ and his true teachings rather than a Christian has prompted me to appeal to his wisdom and love regarding Madeleine.
    Christ take over this facade, let Madeleine rest in peace.
    Over to you, us humans can't get it right.

  3. The McCanns video of December 2006 showing Madeleine apparently having a happy time with her family has little to do with the alleged intention to get their daughter back, but serves three other purposes, (1) keep the illusion she may be alive, (2) keep the illusion she may have been abducted, (3) stimulate public sympathy and the image of a happy family with caring parents (the parents who systematically left their children unattended night after night to go dining with their friends).

    Maddie's voice for the first time - If Kate and Gerry really thought their daughter was alive and being held somewhere, then why not let us listen to her voice closer to the time she disappeared. Together with the publicised mark in her eye, her voice might have helped find her.

    'This is our second Christmas without Madeleine. Please help us make sure we don't have a third' - this plea sound rather odd. Knowing Madeleine is dead as her parents certainly do, this sounds more like a plea for their own death. The only way they can avoid a third Christmas without Madeleine is if they themselves pass away. Very strange.

    All in all, this has nothing to do with the alleged intention to recover their daughter. It looks rather like a seasonal 'ploy' (to use one of Gerry's expressions) to keep the make belief going and diverting from the truth. As an experienced policeman and a lawyer, Amaral can see through all this.

  4. They appeal to the public to help them "find" their daughter?!

    How about cooperating with the police to help find their daughter?

    How about answering the 40+ questions to help find their daughter?

    How about participating in a reconstitution to help find their daughter?

    How about filing a missing person complaint with the UK police to prompt an investigation to help find their daughter?

    How about telling the truth about that night to help find their daughter?

    Just look at the photos of the couple on the 12th of May 2007. That was the day when Madeleine would have been 4 years old. It was only 9 days after she disappeared. Look at the photos. 9 days. 9 supposedly harrowing, tortured, agonizing days.


  5. Now they are selling Madeleine"s voice.......not having the courage to show their dreadful dirty faces
    The famous sport star the sprinter has gone on a run...or so it looks like....

  6. Souldnt have this video been released when Madeleine was more likely to actuually look like this?

    Clearly an attempt to pull the heartstrings and get that revenue stream reactivated!

    How soon before the Maddie doll arrives? Was Amarals comment more astute than it at first appeared!

  7. Essa de que os pais não aparecem neste vídeo, não é verdadeira.
    De acordo que são imagens rápidas, quase subliminares, mas ELES estão lá...
    Gerry de gatas a brincar ao cavalinho com Madeleine.
    Kate com um bébé ao colo, ou é Madeleine (bem antes do Natal 2006) ou é Amélie.

    De qualquer modo, não vejo em que é que vídeos e fotos com AGORA 2 anos podem ajudar a encontrar Madeleine.
    Sinceramente, isto parece-me ter um outro objectivo que não o de divulgar a IMAGEM de Madeleine.

  8. In bad, bad taste - as usual from the McCanns.

  9. What a stunning child and how sad that she wont see this christmas nor indeed any. We have seen what was probably her last christmas ever ....so sad, 5 months later dead and dumped, the3n shit upon by all concerned.

  10. Parents believe that their daughter was kidnapped by pedophiles... and then they exhibit the twins on tv.


  11. Ermm...excuse me, where is the celebrity, the sports star that was announced to voice the appeal? There was no one available? Not a single little celebrity, not even one from BigBrother or other reality tv, readymade overnight celebrity? No one willing to be connected to this saga anymore? Oh dear, things are not looking good, are they?

  12. Sorry, it has nothing to do with this report, but earlier today I posted a comment and for the first time ever in this blog, there came a request to copy some letters to validate my comment. I did so, but it failled to get through, it lead me to a error message page. Now I see that the request is not there anymore, what is this all about? Was it genuine or are the "trolls" at work on Joana's blog?

  13. Muito Obrigado, Astro & Joana.

    Feliz Natal

  14. This is video is nothing to do with finding Maddie - Gerry and Kate may have hidden the body in what they think to be a secure place - but to carry on with the abduction charade, pretend they are good parents and get as much sympathy as possible. It makes you wonder whether this means they know they are about to get caught, so they are trying to get as much sympathy as possible in the hope they will be forgiven... and everything swept under the carpet.

  15. Mais sobre a fantochada do sequestro... Quando é que os McCann & Cia vão ser julgados? Já não será sem demora que se ponha ponto final nesta fantochada.

  16. Are the McCanns trying to fool themselves they can fool the world? If there is anyone out there who still believes their abduction story, then read Tony Bennett's WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO MADELEINE MCCANN?

  17. Estimada Joana

    Vengo a despedirme de tu blog y tambien de españa....de momento during a while.
    Even though I do not celebrate xmas I still wanted to wish you all a very festive season and a prosperous new year.
    Please,Joana,carry on with your excellent work.Like a great majority of us,posters,you are looking for the truth and the justice,not only in regard of Madeleine but many other issues.
    Thank you
    I will be back
    Un gran abrazo to all

  18. Astro and Joana...

    Not a comment on the above story but just wanted to say thank you and Merry Christmas. Hope all is well and beautiful in your part of the world.


  19. Um Feliz Natal para Joana, Astro e todos os que tornam possível este blog.
    Qhe 2009 seja o ano da verdade e justiça para Maddie

  20. If Brian Kennedy guarantees all financial support that the McCanns want, why ask more people to give more?Is Brian Kennedy still supporting the fund and by the way, who is that man?

  21. after watching the new christmas appeal video footage of madeleine on the news, i have one thing to say to gerry and kate A CHILD IS FOR LIFE NOT JUST FOR CHRISTMAS


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