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McCanns Paypal Fund Appeal for Xmas

New poster and appeal video on the McCanns website along with a big paypal button.

This is our (1) second Christmas without Madeleine . Please help us (2) make sure we (3) don't have a third.

Dear Supporter,

First of all we (4) would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our (5) hearts for your support. Your solidarity has helped maintain our (6) strength and our (7) hope - especially at this difficult time of year.

A quick update on what has been happening:

As you may have seen in the media, the Portuguese authorities have lifted our (8) ‘arguido’ status and in July 2008 closed the investigation to find Madeleine . It is therefore even more important now that we (9), Madeleine's  family (10), do everything we (11) possibly can to try and find our (12) little girl .

Reassuringly, we (13) know that there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to suggest that Madeleine has been seriously harmed (and this has been further confirmed after studying the recently released Portuguese police files). In light of this, we (14) passionately believe that there is a very strong likelihood that Madeleine is out there and can be found.

With your support we (15) will NEVER give up looking for Madeleine.

Like any family (16) who suddenly find themselves in such a confusing and terrifying situation, we (17) don't know if any of us (18) could have got through all this without the support of people like you.

So thank you so much for your help. Without your prayers and efforts, the confusion, isolation and heartache our family (19) has faced would have been so much harder.

Yours sincerely

Gerry (20) and Kate McCann (21)*

*Self explanatory: ME, ME, ME...

How else can you help

* 1. If you're going abroad this Christmas, please download a copy of the poster by clicking here and put them up on your travels.

* 2. Tell a friend if they're heading off on holiday and would like to help

* 3. Please, always keep looking, wherever you are in the world. Thank you.

If you would like more information about how you can further support our search for Madeleine, or have any ideas of your own about what else we can do please visit www.findmadeleine.com.

Comment: 'It's time to give Madeleine some dignity in death. It's time to tell the truth.'

Note: Since the on-line Britsh Media does not care to publish your comments and your views, you're free to use the form bellow to leave your opinion about the New 'McCanns Paypal Fund Appeal for Xmas' video release. Uncensored.


  1. Money, money, money, Where is that child. The video is quite odd too. It is about time that the truth was told, and they should do it before Christmas.

  2. where have I seen this little 'PayPal' button before ?

    ... yes.... now I remember...

    (people and money.... they don't go very well together?

  3. the Mccanns: it is allways money and madness!

    Happy Christmas to all the people that want justice for Madeleine.
    Maybe in 2009 we will know the truth about her short unhappy life with such a parents.

    Rest in peace, Madeleine!
    Angels do not leave you alone even in heaven.
    God bless Mrs. Pamela Fenn.

    to all my sisters and brothers in this blog : Happy Holyday!


  4. Make-belief from the McCanns and money, money, money for the McCanns. Poor Madeleine, a good 'marketing ploy', aren't these Gerry's words about her eye.

    When are Kate and Gerry going to be charged. Amaral's Truth of the Lie and Bennett's What really happened to Madeleine McCann show plenty of reasons to do so.

  5. New entry on Mc website:
    "Donations accepted either in dollars or Euros, Sterling is shit at the moment."

  6. Are you feel good, Joana? Do you have to christmas nothing better to do, than with this venom and rancor to discredit people? Poor Jeanne!
    Merry Christmas to you, if you can feel this in your hateful attitudes!

  7. Os deseo a todos una Feliz Navidad y un Prospero Año 2009 !

    Mi comentario a la llamada ? como se dice en español: "se les ve el plumero".

  8. Absolutely incredible!

    The evil of the McCanns seems to know no bounds! Why does everything have to be associated with money!

    Why dont they freely distribute posters - how can they justify charging when the fund should surely be used for such things?

    Heres a thought, these videos newly released - why not release them when Madeleine was recently lost? Why wait until two years (more than two years when you think about it - the video were not made at the time she went misisng) before releasing them? She will not look the same at all, is this blatent heart string pulling? I think so!

  9. Incredible! NO appeal to the "abductor" to release Maddie, and most of all NO personnal message to Madeleine.If they are so adamant she "is out there", have they nothing to say to her? No loving words expressing their sorry and their love and reassurance that they are looking for her, that she is not forgotten?
    Why are they still showing old images of Madeleine, at a much younger age? Shouldn't they have made age-enhanced pictures, she must look a bit different by now!
    NO! They are only keen on once again stressing that their arguido status is lifted, therefore there is no shadow of suspicion on them.
    They are also o.k. with the fact that the investigation was closed by the portuguese police! Any parent in such a situation, with no responsibility in whatever happened to their child would be devastated and outraged with the end of an investigation that was cut short and that left so many avenues to explore.

  10. The new McCanns poster and appeal video is no more than a reinforcement of the abduction myth (with more money coming in as a welcome extra bonus).

    It does really look like the British establishment is flexing its muscles at the world trying to say that a LIE will have to be taken as the TRUTH if it is presented as such by the British powers that be. Fortunately not the whole world is stupid.

  11. DOnt forget, this video will bear no resemblance to Madeleine - if she were alive today. So whats the point of releasing it? Heart string pulling!

    Also, why only just release it, what happened to it last year, were they saving it (the long term plan!).

    Another interesting point, its good quality isnt it!

    How very odd it all is!

  12. To Anonymous 21/12/08, 09:08, who appears to see 'venom and rancor to discredit people' in Joana Morais efforts to keep us informed of facts rather than the abduction story for which there is no evidence,

    It looks like the 'venom and rancor to discredit people' comes from you instead. If the British press could be more objective about the McCann case, instead of one-sided (supporting the side without evidence), then Joana Morais and many other people who believe in truth and justice would not have to invest so much effort in keeping the world informed.

    Thank you, Joana, for devoting some of your Christmas time to keep us informed, while the British media is pumping out more make-belief about the fake abduction.

  13. I am no fan of the McCanns in fact it would be right to say I loathe them, but have to say this on watching the video appeal I noticed that Madeleine was a happy child and the McCanns appear to dote on her, the camera follows her even when she leaves the twins on the stairs. You can also see where Kateis smiling broadly as she holds a younger Madeleine in her arms and how happy Madeleiene
    was hitting her father with the cushion.
    So at some point they did indeed love that child, there is no getting away from it.
    Cut to the laughing and unemotional appeals, the day they left the church on Madeleines birthday and it makes you wonder where the love for this child had gone.
    Either sometime along the way Madeleine became a burden and hence the lack of distress re her death in the apartment or they are so busy covering their worthless arses they have almost sold themselves the abduction theory, but that doesnt expalin lack of concern and distress at her plight with paedophiles....so the only alternative is they know full well she is dead and not suffering, have brain washed themselves that they are not responsible and that explains their calmness.
    God bless Madeleine may 2009 see justice for her and those resoponsible held accountable.

  14. New poster and appeal video on the McCanns website - what purpose does this serve? Surely not finding Madeleine, as it is supposed to be. If that were the purpose, then it should have been made available a long time ago, not now when she would look quite different. Or is this just a device to try to raise public sympathy for the parents, very touching over the Christmas period. This should be a Police investigation, what we need is the TRUTH, not emotional manipulation.

  15. Well, I am sure the Mccans are just thinking about the "new video" for Christmas 2009 if they get lots of money now.

    Keep the money safe, Gerry maybe you'll need for a very good lawyer in the future an Kate for a psychiatrist.

    The feeling of guilt will never leave you.

    God bless and protect Sean and Amelie special in hotels abroad.

    bye for now


  16. If people are stupid enough to still believe in these two then I think they deserve to be fooled. Go ahead, give your money.But you won't be helping her.This is the crime of the century.Do you really want to be a part of it?I don't think so. One thing I'm sure of: Madeleine won't be found.She died almost two years ago.
    Que 2009 fique na história como o ano em que se descobriu o que aconteceu a esta pobre criança.Que os autores deste(s)crime(s) horrendo(s), assim como todos os que com eles colaboraram e conspiraram sejam desmascarados e devidamente punidos.E não tenham dúvidas, todos colhemos o que semeámos um dia.

  17. This is another McCann media splash to promote the 'abduction' story. Unfortunately, Kate and Gerry, fewer and fewer people believe your story.

    Who still accepts your 'abduction' story?

    - those who would get hurt by the truth, because they are implicated and would have to pay for it (behind bars?);

    - those who have to do so under hierarchical orders;

    - those who mistakenly think that helping to cover up the truth saves face, the British face;

    - those who have not come across any other source of information than the misinformation provided by the British media and are naive victims of the 'abduction' brainwashing, but these are fewer and fewer.

  18. Ei,KC:"... yes.... now I remember...

    (people and money.... they don't go very well together?

    KC: PR is a FREE LANCER AND PROFESSIONAL JOUNALIST.Go to see his curriculum vitae.

    KC if you have an employment,please say to your´s boss that you work for free.

    Maddie: my poor girl! They do not deserve YOU,MY DARLING.With God You are better.xxxxxs to You,Maddie*****************Angel!

  19. Please My God,help us ,all who suffered by Maddie, not a 3 third child to them and protect the twins.
    Thank You God!Give a lot of kisses to Maddie and all the Children WHO are with YOU.

  20. Please help us make sure that we don´t have a third child.kg.

  21. we,k and g,we help AMI!


    and we read :
    he is a beautiful person;he is a doctor in medecine;
    and because :


  22. Joana aprovecho para saludarte.

    Que paseis buenas fiestas.

    Un saludo también para Astro.

    La verdad se sabrá.

    A los padres ya solo les puedo pedir RESPETO para Maddie y para sus otros dos hijos.

  23. The McCanns want more money at their little girl's expense. Poor Maddie, no one deserves parents like this.

    It's time the charade ends and the McCanns are charged and judged in a court of law.

  24. They are now selling Madeleine"s voice. The highly distinctive mark in her eye is boring now.....

    Thanks Joana for your work.
    Best festive wishes

  25. Penso que será imensamente importante alertar e divulgar os perigos do HI5;do msn ou similares.E a nossa PJ já falou na TV sobre esses casos.


  26. Thank you, Joana, for giving us the opportunity of expressing our views. The UK Press doesn't, only pro-McCann views get published. You are not allowed to say you don't believe Madeleine was abducted.

  27. How dare they! This is not a Christmas message but a crying for money message.They are running out of it, aren't they?
    While the whole world got in a financial crisis, the Mccanns remain rich and want more money!
    Who, in God's name, has the courage to officilly complain about their "neglect",at least that, to authorities in the UK?
    Mafia people are better. At least they protect their own children.

  28. Si los McCann hacen todo esto sabiendo que su hija ha muerto, serían verdaderos monstruos, auténticos psicópatas. Creo que realmente desconocen qué ha pasado con

  29. Wait a minute! Is this the appeal that was supposed to be voiced by a celebrity, a sports-star of some kind? What happened, were is the famous one? OH, don't tell me they couldn't find one available to support them! No, really,surelly not...not even a tiny little celebrity, someone from BigBrother or such?hey did all smell a rat and don't want to be connected to the McCanns in any way or form?Things don't look good, do they?...

  30. Pourquoi
    "ne nous laissez pas passer un 3me Noël sans notre fille"
    et non
    "ne laissez pas notre fille passer un 3éme Noël sans nous"
    Soit ils font passer leur souffrance avant celle de leur fille, soit ils savent qu'elle ne souffre plus.
    Je pense qu'après avoir délivré ce pathétique résumé de la vie de Madeleine ils vont, comme si rien n'était arrivé, se faire oblier des media.

  31. This is simply a clever marketing strategy to obtain more money from the public. It appeals to public sentiment by showing the child at happier time in her short life. It uses language to gain the public’s trust and to give the public hope. “Our arguido status was lifted” translation: you can trust us give us your money. “No evidence that harm came to her” translation: there is still hope give us your money.”

    I couldn’t care less if people are foolish enough to give money to these people, I do object to these people trying to take credit for child welfare initiatives. I also don’t like media organizations such as the RTP reporting on this latest campaign, this should not be shown on Portuguese TV and if shown in Portuguese papers it should be relegated to the back pages.

    Let’s face it the only way these appeals will ever end is if the child’s body is found and the chance of that happening is remote. The body may no longer exist, it could be at the bottom of the ocean or it could have been repatriated.

    The only way this couple will be brought to justice is if the underlying corruption that led prominent figures to protect them is discovered. As long as their corrupt associates are in power I don’t see this couple being prosecuted even if the Police have solid proof of the crime that was committed.

    What do I think will happen? Probably they will never be brought to legal justice but life has a way of delivering its own justice. We also may never know what exactly happened unless someone in their old age decides to come clean.
    Astro and Joana I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year; I congratulate you on letting people know both sides of the story.

  32. Pathologically egocentric, the McCanns continue acting out psycopathically the make-believe 'abduction' of Madeleine. It gives the impression they may have convinced themselves they are gods...

    When are we going to have a reliable English translation of Amaral's "The Truth of the Lie"? In English now we have Tony Bennett's "What really happened to Madeleine McCann" which lists 60 reasons which suggest that she was not abducted, an eye-opener!

  33. Anon,
    there is still time for for a 'celeb' to appear for Christmas (4 days), but they're not exactly falling over themselves to be involved in this pantomime, or so it would seem.

    Remember, sports people have agents:money-mad careerists. How many would advise their charges to become entangled with this bunch of career-crunching criminals. Damn few, I would imagine.

  34. This couple is bizarre, to say the least. Normal people in their situation would hope to have the media focus and public attention die down and disappear, after what they've been through. Not the McCanns, though. Hands are firmly upraised and the charade continues.

    As disgusted as I am with the McCanns attempts to manipulate public sentiment and continue pushing their story of abduction, I have to say that I enjoyed seeing the home movies of Madeleine and hearing her sweet voice.

  35. Shame of you Macs!

    If you WANT to do someting for your daughter "out there"... go to Portugal, contact the Police, help them with all your heart, answer all their questions.

    Convince the rest of Tapas, by doing the reconstruction that PJ requires. Speak honestly with Dr. Amaral, help him... that way you shall be helped.
    And what is more, you shall be helping your daughter "out there".

    Sad Christmas, for that poor angel!


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