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One lawyer, three visions and a deafening silence

Last week, the good people of Lisbon were offered a spectacle that apparently only few – very few, indeed – chose to attend.

It was a bit like Christmas, I mean the original version: a book was born, but only a handful of members of the public could be bothered to attend its presentation.

Last Friday evening, Dr Marcos Aragão Correia publicly presented his first work, a book named “The Girls that Came from the Stars”.

Much has been said and written about Dr Correia, most of it actually by himself, through a lengthy interview that was published by a Portuguese weekly crime newspaper, ‘O Crime’.

As those who have read said article know, Dr Correia claims to have had a few life changing visions recently: of Madeleine, of Joana, of João Cipriano with his face covered in blood.

He also claims to have been in close contact with Método 3, the Spanish detective agency that was hired by the McCanns to privately investigate their daughter’s disappearance, with absolutely no practical results as far as we know. Dr Correia states that Método 3 paid for his travelling expenses, and he even produced the copy of a flight reservation to prove his allegations.

Dr Aragão Correia has been using the trial of the Leonor Cipriano “torture” case to publicly promote his connection to Método 3, to the Madeleine McCann case investigation, and in no uncertain terms, to the McCann couple itself.

Apart from wondering what further connections are being publicly exposed through this trial – connections that stretch years back in time, and into various directions that have absolutely nothing to do with the McCann case; apart from wondering what interests are being defended, how Justice is being treated and how it can possibly be fairly served when such intricate nets are being woven around the case; apart from wondering how the Portuguese public can ever see their faith in the judicial system restored after watching it fail spectacularly in so many recent cases that have fed our media abundant headlines.

Watching the embarrassing pantomime that is being played out in front of our eyes, without even the slightest effort to conceal that the judicial system is being mocked, insulting the public’s intelligence and fully counting on the fact that we will, as usual, shrug our shoulders, lower our heads and carry on with our lives, there is one question that has been asked by more than a handful of people: Why are the McCanns so silent?

There is a loose cannon ricocheting around on their ‘playground’.

Given time, and a bit more space in the media, he may as well end up saying something that is actually worth listening to.

(Illustration and English language improvements by Himself)


  1. This guy has already said much that is 'worth listening to'. Eventually it will be his downfall - as well as that of the McCanns and that lying Tapas mob.


  2. Time is on Madeleine's side.

    Time will untangle this web.

    Patience, indeed.


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