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‘Spanish detectives asked me to arrange for evidence against Gonçalo Amaral’

 Lawyer who collaborated with investigators at the service of Maddie's Parents to the 'O Crime':

'McCann detectives asked me to get proofs against Gonçalo Amaral'

'Maddie parents foretold their daughter's death'

The lawyer who cooperated with «Método 3» makes surprising revelations

• «Maddie’s parents divined their daughter’s death»

• «Satanic societies and secret services involved in the Maddie Case»

In the book that he is launching this week, Dr Marcos Aragão Correia, the lawyer who defends Leonor in the process in which Joana’s mother accuses five PJ inspectors of having tortured her, reveals how his facet as a medium became important, namely in the discovery of the truth in the Maddie case, allowing «o Crime» to learn about some data, this far kept under secrecy, about the investigations that were carried out by Spanish detective agency Método 3, stressing the highly likely intervention of secret services and satanic sects in the disappearance of the English girl.

Interview by: José Leite

«O Crime» - What do you intend to reveal in this book of yours?

Marcos Aragão – In the book «The Little Girls that Came from the Stars» I mix true facts with romanced ones, approaching new aspects of the private investigation that Maddie’s parents carried out into their daughter’s disappearance. I speak about my powers as a medium and how those powers were useful to develop a private investigation that counted on the support of the Método 3 Detective Agency. I wanted to employ that gift of mine into the discovery of a credible truth about the case of the disappearance of Maddie, stripping myself of any material purposes. The goal was not to earn money – even more so because I fortunately lead an economical life without any financial problems in Madeira – but rather to help those parents who lived in affliction. One of the major teachings of spiritism mentions that it’s only by helping others that we are able to help ourselves. That was what I intended to do: to help this little girl, thus conquering her precious Love.

How did that premonition of yours about the Maddie case happen?

On the 5th of May, upon returning from a spiritist meeting in Madeira, right after going to bed, but before falling asleep, at around midnight, an extraordinary thing happened to me for the first time in my life: I saw the image of a little girl that must have been around 4 years of age, with blond, shoulder-length straight hair, blue eyes, very disturbed, visibly unable to understand what was happening to her, accompanied by a female being of great beauty and great spiritual standing… Then, other images appeared, related to what had happened to her: I saw a strongly built man, blue eyes, somewhat balding and with blondish hair, brutally raping that girl and then strangling her with his hands, throwing the cadaver into a lake. I perceived by a map that was shown to me, that this happened in the Algarve, but I couldn’t read the name of the village. I stress that I hadn’t seen any photo of Maddie before, I only knew, from what I’d heard on the radio, that she was 3 years old.

That individual that you describe, was he ever referred to within the PJ’s investigation?

In fact, there were references about a strongly built individual of British appearance as a suspect. Still, as this was my first vision in my entire life, there was, on my side, a certain reluctance in divulging it. I let a few days pass, even to see whether or not the little girl showed up. Until I gave the lead to the PJ, on the 9th of May, but they never contacted me. Later on, an agent from the PJ in Portimão told me that the investigation’s thesis was not based on abduction anymore. Then, I decided to carry out a private investigation: I went to continental Portugal, and visited the various lakes and dams of the Algarve, until I reached the Arade one which was the only one that precisely matched the scenery that I had seen in my vision. I decided to contact a senior official at Método 3, the detective agency that had been hired by the McCanns to investigate their daughter’s disappearance. When I mentioned that the dam was located in Silves, I noticed that they were surprised and immediately wanted to speak with me.

What happened next?

Two detectives met with me and told me that they had already received thousands of leads, but that mine was corroborated by a physical case that they had already established. It involved a Portuguese truck driver, M. Gautier, who only two days after the disappearance of Madeleine, at around 4 or 5 p.m., while driving down the IC1 road, near the Arade dam, saw two cars parked by the road, an Audi A3 that was driven by a man and a green car (of a very special green) that was driven by a blonde woman. The two vehicles were separated by a small metallic fence, and while driving by in his truck, the driver saw what seemed like an inanimate child to him, being passed from one car to another, wrapped up in a blanket.

But how could he immediately conclude that it was a child?

By the manner in which the body stood out from the blanket, the bent legs and small dimensions made him conclude without hesitation that it was a child. On the other hand, the double caution with which the couple held the blanket on a hot day, became suspicious. It was all extremely strange, and because of that, in November, the truck driver reported everything to the detectives at Método 3, after the Portuguese police simply discarded that mysterious event that he had participated in. According to what he told me himself, the PJ’s elements even ridiculed him as soon as he called them on the day that he witnessed the translation of the body near the metal fence.

And did Método 3 ever investigate that case?

Of course. The Spanish detectives showed M. Gautier the photos of some of the main suspects in the disappearance of Maddie, and found some physiognomic similarities with at least two of them.

I read in the process concerning Maddie’s disappearance, which was archived in the meantime, that the PJ, after picking up on that lead again six months later, discarded it once more, after the analysis of the cellular activation of the antennae of the suspicious couple’s mobile phones, and after questioning the persons that owned a house on that plot…

There, the PJ committed a gross mistake by investigating only that suspect and his girlfriend. The truck driver said that he couldn’t guarantee that it was that precise suspect, but rather that it was a person with similar physiognomic features, mainly in terms of body mass.

The fact is that Método 3 placed their bet on you and Dr Aragão Correia left to do that research in the dam?

Yes, they bet on me, after submitting me to a test in order to prove in an unequivocal manner whether or not my medium abilities and my posture were credible. They were fed up with following false leads. The fact is that the test gave totally positive results, according to what was confirmed to me by the director of the Agency in Barcelona herself, and as a consequence of that, Método 3 offered full support to my research. But given the fact that Maddie’s parents preferred to spend the decreasing money from the Madeleine Fund in mainly following leads that placed the hypothesis that their daughter was still alive, they dismissed the possibility of paying professional divers to scrutinize the dam. Then, I offered myself to pay for the first phase of the searches in the dam, having later received much support (even financial) from mediums and spiritists who believed in and corroborated my theory.

Searches that failed to find anything relevant?

Relevant yes, but not sufficient as evidence. Maybe I did some mistake, which may have alerted the possible abductor(s) of the little English girl: on the 11th of January, before the diving in the dam started, «Lux» magazine published those suspicions of mine on their front page. It was almost two months later that the searches were started at the dam, which was more than enough time for the criminals to hide any incriminating residues. Nevertheless, we discovered a girl’s sock that was Maddie’s age. I believe that the sock might have been used by Maddie, although the lab tests failed to detect any human residues, due to the fact that it stayed underwater for such a long time. We also found several interlaced ropes, over five metres long, which could perfectly have been used to tie up the body at the bottom of the dam. All of this was recovered by the divers in an area where there was no garbage. Método 3 always accompanied the searches closely, and took all of those objects to Spain.

Do you believe that Maddie’s abduction and death were an isolated action?

The information that I received as a medium didn’t allow for me to understand what the crime’s mobile was. But information that I obtained later on – even from consulting an excellent book by criminologist Barra da Costa – led me to believe the theory, that was exposed by that former PJ chief inspector, that the police wasn’t interested in finding neither Maddie nor the real culprits over her disappearance.

They weren’t interested?

Dr Barra da Costa said that there was something like a tacit plan to induce a general sense of insecurity across society, to allow for the micro-chip (a device that after being implanted in human beings delivers signals to track them down) may be produced on a major scale. At the beginning I had some reservations concerning that issue because I had never heard about it, but I was careful enough to go on the internet and to consult several credible websites, including FBI and CIA sources, where I found some amazing things: the micro-chip was being promoted as the ideal weapon to prevent crime. They added that the population should be induced into accepting this technological revolution, even if at the cost of promoting insecurity policies. Well, the Maddie case fell like “soup in the honey” for the promotion of those insecurity policies, especially as far as children are concerned.

And why Maddie?

Concerning that issue, I obtained precious information with Método 3 (which I reveal in my book) concerning the status of the missing girl’s parents, who had very influent connections with the British government. Apart from that, one day before his daughter disappeared, Gerry received enigmatic coded messages on his mobile phone, which he failed to decipher. Was it a warning from someone connected to the British secret services, trying to warn him about the imminent abduction of his daughter? The fact is that the little girl fell victim to a perfect abduction, carried out by professionals, who studied all of the McCann couple’s steps and left no trace. The PJ’s investigation process even refers the existence of an individual who watched the apartment in a suspicious manner, during the days that preceded the abduction.

But at what level did the parents relate to the British government: with the secret service?

My book also discusses that. There was privileged knowledge by the American secret services, through the English, about those parents’ entire life. And although Gordon Brown is a person of integrity, I cannot say the same about George W. Bush, who is doubtlessly one of the major international terrorists. From here to the perverse secret societies, it’s a small step…

But what were those secret societies?

Everyone knows that president Bush was connected to a secret society, «Skull and Bones», whose elements have the fetish of lying in coffins and participating in satanic rituals. That society recruits for the major totally Machiavellian secret societies that seek to control the earth. Due to their strength at a global level, it would be natural for those societies to know about that privileged relationship between Maddie’s parents and the British government. And that in the case that one of the couple’s children was abducted, they could be certain that Gordon Brown’s government would act and that the case would become immensely media-exposed.

On the other hand, those satanic sects would know beforehand that the crime would never be discovered in Portugal, as it happened, due to the ineptitude that our police present in finding abducted children. And they also knew that the person who is responsible for that investigation in the Portimão department had already proved his incompetence in the Joana case. All of that would reinforce the politics of implementation of the insecurity theories – another abducted child, nobody knows who did it, etc…, benefiting the interests of the industries that will launch said micro-chips. I was shocked when I saw reports that stated that if the technology had been implemented already, Maddie would easily be found. They revealed a lowly attitude by using the little girl’s memory…

How did you appear in the defense of Joana’s mother?

Método 3 asked me to juridically investigate (to arrange for evidence and witnesses) the tortures by Mr Gonçalo Amaral, namely over Joana’s mother. According to them, this was a coordinator who had revealed an embarrassing ineptitude in the investigation of child abductions in the Algarve, systematically incriminating, without no evidence whatsoever, the missing girls’ mothers. I spoke to ACED and asked them if they were interested in me writing independent reports about Leonor and her brother, João Cipriano.

Did you reach any conclusion through those interviews with Leonor and João Cipriano?

I was confronted with two different states of mind: Leonor was shocked about what had happened to her daughter; João displayed no remorse. It is curious that the first time that I sat down in front of him, I saw streams of blood running down his face, as if he was guilty over his niece’s death. I was impressed, but I remained silent and told nobody about the fact. But now, after having questioned tens of persons, after Leonor herself told me that he was not to be trusted, that on the evening of the crime (he had arrived at Leonor’s house just one day before), as soon as the child left the house, he went after her, all of this added to the depositions from relatives and from persons who dealt with them in the village of Figueira, I was fully convinced that it was João Cipriano who murdered Joana. In fact, I learned that he had already been convicted over attempted homicide of an individual, having received 100 euros and a motorbike to do that service.

Why didn’t he reveal the location of the cadaver?

He always held on to the hope that if the cadaver wasn’t found, he would be acquitted. He also incriminated Joana’s mother, saying that she had beaten the little girl, and saying that Leonor had written him letters stating that she had sold her daughter, but she never wrote to him, as prison records prove. In that village everyone knows that Leonor had never beaten the little girl and that she had an excellent relationship with her.

Did you find any mediunic contact points between both cases: Joana’s and Maddie’s?

One “transported” me to the other. It’s curious that the parents of both children received mediunic information themselves: according to data that I obtained with Método 3, before coming to Portugal to spend their holidays at the Ocean Club, Maddie’s mother had a horrendous foreboding that something serious would happen. She even spoke to her husband about cancelling the trip to Portugal but Gerry convinced her to come. Only a few days after Maddie disappeared, the father also had a vision of a long tunnel with a light at its end, where Maddie was standing, surrounded by that magnificent light. Joana’s mother also had a vision of her daughter accompanied by an adult couple. She tried to approach her daughter on a thinking level, but the couple told her that it wasn’t possible and very gently led Joana away. The interpretation that I make on the level of parapsychology, a science that I studied for almost ten years, is that Joana is also in the spiritual world already, accompanied by good spirits who protect her. I thank both for the Love that they have given me, offering me these marvellous missions.


Gonçalo Amaral replies to Aragão Correia:

«All he wants is publicity and clowning»

Concerning the contents of this interview, we contacted former PJ inspector Gonçalo Amaral, who clarified as follows:

“I don’t believe that Método 3 chased that lawyer up. What he says is a lie. All he wants is publicity and clowning around. If he was at the Arade dam looking for Maddie after having a ‘vision’, why didn’t he dive into the waters?...”

Concerning possible contacts between Método 3 and the PJ investigators, Gonçalo Amaral refers:

“There was a meeting in Elvas and in Portimão between Dr Paulo Rebelo, the Spanish police, the detectives and millionaire Brian Kennedy, who financially supported the McCanns. The testimony by the truck driver was part of that conversation, but later that lead was dismissed.”

source: O Crime, 04.12.2008, paper edition


  1. Agradeço às nossas amigas o facto de terem publicado este magnifico artigo… corri o pais de norte a sul mas não o consegui comprar pois, como é hábito, esta bíblia da comunicação social estava esgotada. O Crime? Mas quem diabo é que se lembra de ler esse jornal? Mais, quem diabo é que se lembra de o traduzir? Especialmente com um assunto tão importante como o é o Marcos Aragão. Como dizia o outro: “Mas que palhaçada vem a ser esta, hem?”
    Publicar este tipo de coisas deveria ser crime. Divulgar as ideias loucas de um visionário como este é associar-se à campanha que ele e os espanhóis da Método 3 têm feito.
    Eu até tenho uma visão… fosse isto uma folha de jornal, estaria já eu nas margens da barragem do Arade a pescar e a embrulhar o peixinho… falta de peixe (só ali aparecem sacos com restinhos de animais) e as folhas serviriam para as operações de limpeza depois de uma visita à vegetação local.
    As meninas têm uma assinatura d’ O Crime?

  2. Is this Marcos Aragao Correia demented or a crook? In either case he should not be allowed to work as a lawyer.

  3. I have had a vision too. It was the other day when I flew from the Algarve back to London. There was this girl sitting on a cloud, looking like an angel. She whispered to me, 'I am Maddie, mummy and daddy sent me here but they don't want anyone to know, I was so scared, but up here I'm safe'

  4. Que chorrilho de disparates!!Alguém interne este senhor, urgentemente!Uma pessoa com um discurso destes só pode ser um perigo para a sociedade.Como é que esta criatura pode ser advogado seja de quem for? Kate and Gerry:You will have to do better than this.What a joke!

  5. 'the little girl fell victim to a perfect abduction carried out by professionals who studied all of the McCann couple's steps. . .'

    Yea, and who subsequently stumbled into apartment 5A while Gerald was about to do his 'checks'. Then wandered out again - with pink-pyjama'd Madeleine wrapped in a blanket - just yards from Jane Tanner and Gerald McCann. Now that's what I call real professionalism!

    But how did these elite guys manage to plant Kate's fingerprints on the window shutters?

    And why did Kate and Gerald invent a fictitious break-in? And what was that cadiver scent all about?
    Can you spiritualize some answers for me, Mr Correia?

    As for Bush, well, I never did trust the guy.

  6. If he is sane I know where there are three hundred more just like him and they all live together in a big house.

    The man is barking, barking fucking mad.

  7. I did not like reading about her being raped and murdered at all. Not just murdered but brutally murdered. But for the evidence against the parents this would absolutely do my head in.
    As it is and christmas is almost upon us I recall last year thinking of madeleine while my daughter opened her presents and shedding a few tears for her becaus eshe should have been waking up full of excitement and instead was dumped somewhere sitll unfound. heart breaking.

  8. Hi there

    Secret this and insane that etc,etc,etc....this has reached "breaking point" and the case is now bond to be re opened.As simple as that....It wont take 24 years to be "re visited".
    Thats my very own "vision"
    The PJ was/is right.The LP was/is right.Full stop.Both police forces have been forced to shut up and THIS is very clear in Gonçalos book: Stuart Prior "changed" and become increasingly nervous....lets skip visionary mad lawyer and the whole lot.
    2009 will be full of surprises.....

  9. And still we hear nothing from the McCanns or their mouthpiece Clarrie! Their silence on this is deafening...
    How does Mr.Aragão description of the abductor and killer( blue eyes and BLOND, looking british)fit with Jane Tanner's(dark hair, "swarthy" mediterranean, no, excuse me,erm...egyptian... looks)?

  10. So the divers found a little girl's sock, that would fit Madeleines age? Wait a minute, the girl in J.Tanner's description had NO socks on, had she?
    Did the McCanns ever say that Madeleine slept with her socks on, I can't recall it...

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    Tentar ler nas entrelinhas:

    a)têm vindo a aparecer várias declarações conducentes a albergar as mentalidades mais frágeis;
    b)os "psíquicos em busca de fama" têm dado dicas para a MORTE da criança;i.e. começaram há muito a preparar as mentes fragilizadas;
    c)o que "leio" aqui? A semelhança física com o D.P., o tal que adoptou o apelido da parceira.

    Não me choca que este blogue tenha divulgado esta completa miséria, corroborada infelizmente também por alguém que foi ou é da polícia e referenciado na "entrevista".

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    And how weird is it that the PORTUGUESE truck driver doesn't have a plain portuguese name like José, or Manuel oe Silva, Santos, etc., BUT is named GAUTIER!? It seems a bit strange and fictional to me.

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    God bless America.

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