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Visions Of a Feckin Eejit *

Father Jack read it!

From the same man who insinuated that Mr. Gonçalo Amaral was selling and abusing  Madeleine McCann's memory, comes a new book. Just for €13.00 (£11) you can read all about the wonderful  'visions' of Marcos Aragão Correia in «The Little Girls that Came from the Stars»! 

Launch of the book « The Little Girls that came from the stars », of Marcos Aragão Correia at Braço de Prata, 20:30 pm, Today.

Publisher: Magna Editora
[how tasteful ...]

Summarized version:

In his first book, the author Marcos Aragão Correia gives life to a story of extreme sweetness. Along the story there were several children who disappeared and what remains of them for the closest relatives are only fragments of memories. In this book, the author raises a metaphorical scenery which illustrates the destiny of these children who disappeared. This scenery is really hopeful, and it invigorates the familiar victims of these children. In this destiny, of love and friendship, the lost children keep on fighting for their happiness without forgetting those who still love them and of whom they are separated. At the same time the struggle between the Good and the Evil is presented in a way of alerting the parents for the familiar values and of the love so that they have attention to his children and to the form that, for times, these they are left without care. A great deal of the cases of the missing children are mentioned in this book in the form of alert but principally as a form of praise to their memory. A story that returns to us the hope in the love and in the fraternity, in abridgment, a charming story... (Astro, where is the bucket?!)

Note: Do not forget to read Aragão's intelligent interview to the 'O Crime' where he blames the Skulls and Bones, Satanic sects, perverse secret societies and secret services ( including FBI and CIA) for Madeleine Beth McCann disappearance, yes all in his wonderful, sweet,  loving, new book.

Who is Marcos Teixeira Aragão Correia?
Marcos Teixeira Aragão Correia, a 35 year old lawyer from Madeira and a PND founding member (an extreme right party with some skinheads connections), says that criminals from underworld contacted him on 6th May and that gave him details about Madeleine's rape  & murder. He further claims that he had given this information to judiciary police  of Funchal, Madeira (9th May) who ignored it.

We know now it was not information from his underworld contacts - is he referring to the Metodo 3 agency?- but these came on to him in a  'vision' , after he returned from a spiritist meeting in Madeira (on the 5th of May) - in his own words: "On the 5th of May, upon returning from a spiritist meeting in Madeira, right after going to bed, but before falling asleep, at around midnight, an extraordinary thing happened to me for the first time in my life: I saw the image of a little girl that must have been around 4 years of age, with blond, shoulder-length straight hair, blue eyes, very disturbed, visibly unable to understand what was happening to her, accompanied by a female being of great beauty and great spiritual standing [Oh, Our Lady of Fátima again!]… 

...Then, other images appeared, related to what had happened to her: I saw a strongly built man, blue eyes, somewhat balding and with blondish hair, brutally raping that girl and then strangling her with his hands, throwing the cadaver into a lake. I perceived by a map that was shown to me, that this happened in the Algarve, but I couldn’t read the name of the village. I stress that I hadn’t seen any photo of Maddie before, I only knew, from what I’d heard on the radio, that she was 3 years old."- what can I say except that: I want some of that as well, Aragão! Or maybe , not.

In the first private search at 'Barragem do Arade' (reservoir), an isolated man-made lake, Marcos Aragão Correia funded the £1,200-a-day reservoir search himself  or not quite by himself but with a little help from local companies, allegedly trough team McCann Spanish arm and with interviews which were sold to the British media.

Marcos Aragão Correia asked around 5 thousand euros to pay the searches in the dam to some companies based at the ALLgarve , and in return, he promised to publicise the name of the companies to all the Portuguese and foreign media that covered the searches. "The exclusive sponsor benefits from huge, unique publicity", said the lawyer at the time.

The results from the search were: a sock to big for a three year old child even though Aragão alleges that it is  from a child,  cats bones inside a small bag which are miraculously transformed into a child's hand,  ropes which by Aragão's account were used to tie Maddie's cadaver, oh and a plastic bag - surely the green or blue plastic bag used to cover Leonor Cipriano's face during the alleged beatings? Meanwhile the alleged evidences are at the hands of  Señor Francisco Marco and his 'mama' awaiting some DNA analyses...since April... let's see if they'll take longer than the marvellous FSS reports.

This lawyer has no record, in Portugal, as a Human Rights lawyer. He is not known in relation with any high profile case where Human Rights were at stake.

This is the same lawyer who in November 2007 failed to prosecute the Correios de Portugal (CTT) because these allegedly did not deliver a registered letter to the McCanns. (Link to the letter sent to the Judicial Court of Portimão- Word file) :They are controversial matters, because there is no material proof of them, but I assure you there is a high degree of credibility about them. I am fulfilling my duty as a Portuguese citizen to take my ideas to the right place. I took my ideas to the PJ in Funchal, but since they didn’t reply, I took them direct to the McCanns”.

The letter, according to the lawyer, provided clues "that are a high degree of credibility" and that could help in the investigation of the disappearance of Maddie, either that was the real reason or he was trying to get in someone's pocket.

Those elements were referred to the PJ (Judiciary Police) of Portimão by researchers from Funchal, but had NO credibility. Again, NO credibility!

Recently we can see him at  Court defending a convicted child killer, Leonor Cipriano who murdered her eight year old daughter - Joana Isabel Guerreiro Cipriano, and at all costs trying to frame Gonçalo Amaral.

Images credits by [Dear Friend] Himself at Only in America and The McCann Gallery - both well worth a Daily visit!

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The Legacy of Portuguese Lawyership: A Matter of Ethics & Responsibility
Marcos Aragão Correia, is a Portuguese lawyer who has become known due to his intervention in the Madeleine McCann case, and more recently by becoming Leonor Cipriano’s defense lawyer in an ongoing process trial, and who has unethically infringed several articles of the Lawyers' Association Deontological Code

Leonor’s lawyer received money from the McCanns
Aragão Correia confirms that he was supported with money from Maddie’s parents. The lawyer says that he defends Joana’s mother for free and that the McCanns paid him to “investigate” Gonçalo Amaral(...) When confronted by 24Horas with the suspicions about his connection to the Maddie case, Marcos Aragão confirmed that he was already paid by persons that are connected to the McCanns.

Cipriano/McCann Case: Aragao Denyies He is Being Paid Just to Frame Gonçalo Amaral
The private detectives agency hired by the McCann couple asked Marcos Aragão Correia to enter in the 'Joana Case'. It is the lawyer, himself, who admits that Metodo3 ordered him to do 'an investigation' to the outlines regarding the [alleged] torture accusation of Joana's mother, by the PJ - the target, between the 5 inspectors, was evident: Gonçalo Amaral.

Maddie and Joana: Esotericism, plot, psychotic disturbance or a mere case of fooling the public?
Dr Aragão Correia assumes esoteric explanations in order to justify criminal investigation and juridical arguments.(...) Now before anything else, Dr Aragão Correia, do allow me the following question: should we only help others if they are under the media spotlight, or should that quality be no motivation for such action? Why did you rush to help these parents in distress, and not any other equally “distressed” ones?

Marcos Aragão Correia: A “vision” of the Cipriano Case
The lawyer was already known within the case as being the author of a report from the Association Against Exclusion through Development (ACED), which was published in April this year, supporting the existence of a crime of torture that was perpetrated by PJ agents.

‘Spanish detectives asked me to arrange for evidence against Gonçalo Amaral
In the book that he is launching this week, Dr Marcos Aragão Correia, the lawyer who defends Leonor in the process in which Joana’s mother accuses five PJ inspectors of having tortured her, reveals how his facet as a medium became important, namely in the discovery of the truth in the Maddie case, allowing «o Crime» to learn about some data, this far kept under secrecy, about the investigations that were carried out by Spanish detective agency Método 3, stressing the highly likely intervention of secret services and satanic sects in the disappearance of the English girl.

PJ dismisses lawyer who searches for Maddie
"If we find the body of little Madeleine, we will become part of the history of humankind". This is one of the sentences that a lawyer from Madeira uses to conquer sponsors for the private searches that he is carrying out in the Arade dam, in Silves.

External Links:

He said Metodo 3 was "very interested" in his information.
«The lawyer has contacted Kate and Gerry McCann's detective agency, which has begun to investigate his theory. If true, Mr Correia, 32, believes it would clear the couple of suspicion that they were involved in their daughter's disappearance. 

The McCanns now in Fury previously stated :"It is fantastic news."
«The couple learned of his comments on Saturday, as they prepared for a party to mark the third birthday of their twins, Sean and Amelie. Mr McCann, 39, said the comments could be a much-needed "breakthrough" and added: "It is fantastic news."

Método 3 went to the Algarve inspite the McCanns fury
A team of detectives from the Barcelona firm, Método 3, arrived on the Algarve yesterday as there were reports that a local reservoir, the Arade, is being dragged again in the search for the body of the missing British youngster, Madeleine McCann. (...)Lawyer Marcos Aragão Correia has said that he is sure that the body of Madeleine, who vanished from Praia da Luz, on May 3, will be found there, and there are reports that objects found there already are strengthening his ‘deep conviction’.

Método 3 gets the sock
According to Marcos Aragão Correia, “as the Portuguese police have not shown interest in the operation, we will give all the objects we find to Método 3 so that they can be analysed”. (...)On Monday, the teams found a child’s sock which is “to be analysed to see if any DNA of Madeleine is found”, the lawyer said, adding that “we are certain that this is a sock of a child aged between five and six and its material is not common in Portugal”. Divers also found four ropes, one of them about five meters long. This will also be sent for analysis. In response to a report printed in the British press, saying that Gerry and Kate McCann were not happy with this private operation, Marcos Aragão Correia told The Resident that “a contact was made with Método 3 to clarify that information and we can say it is false”.He also said that “the family is not sponsoring the diving because they believe Madeleine is alive, but we are receiving support from Método 3, which means they are aware of everything”.

* Feckin Eejit


  1. Lamento ver publicitado tão desprezível produto.
    Nada me move contra Aragão Correia a não ser a sua própria estupidez e vil carácter, mas promovê-lo é insultar ainda mais aqueles que são afectados negativamente pelos seus actos.
    Esse indivíduo não apenas insulta o seu nome de família (que muito foi honrado pelos feitos dos seus antecessores e não mereciam tal desmerecimento) mas insulta o seu próprio país. Mais valia que fosse esquecido e enterrado.


  2. You do not realize that the ONLY is embarrassing? :-/

    That is not the appropriate style, would seriously affect!

  3. Marcos Aragao Correia needs a Freudian analysis of his visions. They do look like the projection of a sick libido.

  4. I have two words for this solicitor...utter arsehole.

  5. Yes, I had a dream too, before falling asleep... we are in the hands of a bunch of miserable!.
    Please, put this lunatic ???$$$$$$
    out of the Justice ring.

    Poor children.

  6. É Natal,é Natal e não estamos no Carnaval!

    1 "sugestão de prenda",como qq. outra do mesmo género, para os seres como MA.

    Obviamente eu não vou gastar esse dinheiro.

  7. Is that the real cover of the book? If it is I would expect the see a picture of Joana Cipriano on it, but no, who's the girl with the long hair? Oh, wait a minute, he doesn't give a dime about Joana, he's only interested in framing Gonçalo Amaral!

  8. On the day of the "visions" ( 5th May) he had only heard about Madeleine on the radio?! Does he live in outer-space, he didn't watch any tv? Never saw Madeleine's photos in the papers? It was all over the news, in every tv channel, in every paper the very next day and even in the early hours of the 4th! That must be the explanation, Mr. Aragão is an alien from "planet FRUITCAKE" and they don't do tv out there!

  9. You initially assured in the service for a missing child to make! Disparagements and tabloid boulevard pictures are not serious, and do not serve the cause!

  10. Este Sr Aragão......

    Então usa a foto da Madeleine, na capa e ESQUECE as outras crianças.

    oh, Sr Aragão... e a Joana?a Madalena?a Pamela?a Sofia? o João? a Sara?o Rui Pedro? a Rita? a Cláudia? o Rui Pereira ?
    para só nomear portugueses)

    ESTAS crianças não são também dignas da capa do seu "romance" ? do seu interesse?? preocupação ???

    AFINAL que fez voce, pela Sofia Catarina Andrade Oliveira, que por acaso DESAPARECEU na sua terra ????

    Ai, Sr Aragão... o Senhor, que se diz um homem de fé, não pensa na JUSTIÇA DIVINA ? não se preocupa com a sua "alma" ??????

  11. Oh meu Deus Nossa Senhora de Fatima !!!

    Qu'avez-vous fait Joana et Astro ????

    Ce monsieur va vouloir vous "couper la tete" aussi !

    Quelle horreur !!!

  12. Este livro, depois de todos os piores adjectivos capazes de o caracterizar, e um atentado ecologico: as arvores do nosso planeta mereciam melhor tratamento e nao ser desperdicadas num amontoado de porcaria. Rubbish!!! Dont buy it!!! If you have 18 Euros to spend on a book like that, please dont waste your monney, give it to any institution like AMI or UNICEF which real care about children. Espero que nenhum portugues gaste um centimo neste livro. Isto e um insulto ao paia, a moral e as criancas.

  13. 18 Euros ????

    é lambao o senhor Aragao ...mas acho que nem dado eu o queria , nem me servia para me limpar o rabiote (lol)

  14. One thing for me is quite clear: I will never, ever, buy a book from this Magna Publishers.

    As far as I'm concerned, they overstepped the line of human decency. This is not a different point of view. i take this as an insult.

    I welcome, and would certainly buy it, a book written by, or defending, the McCanns. They have a reason to act as they do. This gentleman has none.

    I wonder if he eats the shit as he defecates. His head is certainly full of it. And those that help him should be accountable for their greedy actions. I'm referring clearly to the publisher and to the current OA.


  15. ¡Qué vergüenza!
    ¡Qué vergüenza!
    ¡Qué vergüenza!
    ¡Qué vergüenza!

    (ad libitum...)

  16. Ora aí está.
    Não considero publicidade ao lixo,ai desculpem,ao "livro".
    Considero que Astro e Joana pretendiam a reacção de todos nós.E cá está!Uma série de comentários contra o MAC.

    Apoio essencialmente 2 anónimos que falam dos nossos outros meninos desaparecidos e destaco a Menina da sua Ilha:

    .."AFINAL que fez voce, pela Sofia Catarina Andrade Oliveira, que por acaso DESAPARECEU na sua terra ????
    (ainda ontem me lembrei desta infeliz Menina e da Sua Mãe).
    Quanto à capa: pois o mac não a quiz conspurcar com fotos de Meninas POBRES!

    Para esse ser,provavelmente não contam;são pobres e não rendem em €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€.

  17. Mas este TRISTE não se enxerga ?
    Afinal qual das teorias já vomitadas,sobre MADELEINE (a pequenita de 3 anitos que os pais deixaram sózinha com os irmãos, noite após noite, para irem ter tempo entre adultos...)quer manter ?

    1 ) Foi avisado por elementos do "underground" Madeirense sobre o rapto ??
    (ligações previligiadas ?)

    2 ) Teve uma visão em que viu a violação, estrangulamento e arremesso à barragem ??
    ( a visão estava nítida? )

    3 ) Os seus "poderes mediúnicos"(desculpem a gargalhada)não lhe permitiram saber o móbil do crime ??
    ( a visão estava turva ? )

    4 ) Os tais que querem dominar o mundo (os dos ossos,esqueletos e caixões)sabem ou não sabem o que aconteceu ??
    (pode perguntar ao bush,a si ele responde de certeza...)

    5 )Quem pagou as despesas das "buscas"? a método 3? os amigos mediúnicos?
    ( só eu não tenho quem pague as minhas loucuras e devaneios..)

    Para terminar, fiquei mais uma vez DEVERAS preocupada com o ensino em Portugal, até achei que estava a ler de novo o "colega do sargento do mal"(desculpem a nova gargalhada).
    Ler o que escreve,cheio de erros na construção de frases,na péssima coordenação de ideias... fez-me tomar 2 decisões:

    1ª) sugerir à Ordem dos Advogados uma reciclagem aos (pelo menos a si) associados sobre Língua Portuguesa, é triste vêr "advogados" a assassinar assim a Língua de Camões.

    2ª) chamar a atenção a toda a gente, para o alto risco que corre ao comprar o seu livro de TRAMPA, cheio de ideias de MERDA !!

    NEM PARA LIMPAR O ......

    Maria C.Lopes

  18. Aragão Correia é a vergonha da Advocacia portuguesa tal como os McCann são a vergonha da Medicina inglesa.

  19. wonder to see if the Mccann,s are going to sue this idiot which use and abuse of Madeleine image and tragedy... I'm sure not, because they feed the monster. Will be silence and silence!! Very suspicious...

  20. For your style, with sketches people make dirty, meanwhile,
    I am ashamed for YOU! The issue
    is a missing child, not a cabaret!

  21. To "Speak Your Mind":
    Do you have a special fondness for language shit?
    Is this the right way to help a missing child?
    Always this repulsive language?

  22. On December 12, Anonymous said...
    Este Sr Aragão......

    Então usa a foto da Madeleine, na capa e ESQUECE as outras crianças?

    oh, Sr Aragão... e a Joana?a Madalena?a Pamela?a Sofia? o João? a Sara?o Rui Pedro? a Rita? a Cláudia? o Rui Pereira ?
    (para só nomear portugueses)

    ESTAS crianças não são também dignas da capa do seu "romance" ? do seu interesse?? preocupação ???

    AFINAL que fez voce, pela Sofia Catarina Andrade Oliveira, que por acaso DESAPARECEU na sua terra ????

    Ai, Sr Aragão... o Senhor, que se diz um homem de fé, não pensa na JUSTIÇA DIVINA ? não se preocupa com a sua "alma" ??????

    Só agora reparei que não tinha assinado este post.
    Como detesto quem insinua, critica ou acusa sem assumir o que diz...assino agora
    Maria C.Lopes

  23. Anonymous.
    The child is not missing.
    The child is dead.
    Her parents have dumped her in a hole somewhere.

    Wake up and smell the fucking coffee.

  24. On December 12, Anonymous said...Unfortuntely this is not my blog or I would answer you, ssuffice to say the comment pages are littered with foul language..suffice to say the second word to you would be off.

  25. SYM, please do answer as you see fit. Sometimes is better! warm regards - hope to see your blog back


  26. Thank you Joana,I will soon be back up and running given the lastest twists in this case. I still follow this daily through here, I admire the work you do for Madeleine.

  27. http://www.pnd.pt/lista-dos-fundadores/ it changed PND List referred on the above text


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