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Amaral should sue News of the World


  1. São tão mauzinhos os de "news of the world deles".

    Atacar sempre para verem se conseguem 1 desculpazinha para os mcdiabólicos.

    Falando 1 pouco mal:" não largam o osso".
    É só tentarem derrubar para verem se anulam a vontade própria e o (s) saber (es) de Gonçalo Amaral.

    Os de "n. of the world deles" são reles e vis.Lá sabem bem o que precisam de tentar.....grandes obcessivos e amorais.

  2. Se eu fosse o Amaral metia um processo por difamação aos cães dos ingleses, a começar pelo Daily Mirror, Tony Parsons & Cia e a acabar no filho da puta do Clarence Mitchell. Depois processava o Alípio Ribeiro, e o actual ministro da Justiça por faltaram ao dever e permitirem que a PJ, na pessoa do Gonçalo Amaral, fosse enxovalhada.

  3. When we thought they'd gone as low as possible... ta-da!!!

  4. He should also sue The Sun for this article:


  5. Gonçalo Amaral has unmasked the McCanns and, of course, The News of the World are vilifying him because they know he is making the truth known to the world. To the world but facing the British media gigantic effort to keep the truth hidden from the world. At least they, the British media, are keeping the truth hidden from a number of anglophone readers who still think (some pretend to think) the McCanns are innocent and the PJ are the villains.

  6. NOTW should get it's facts right, Mr. Amaral was not booted from the force, he was injustfully removed from the coordination of an investigation and replaced by someone else. In the aftermath he decided it was time to quit a police force that showed him no respect and recognition for a lifetime of dedication and compeence, and most of all failed to back him up when he most needed, so hefilled for retirement.

  7. Does this have anything to do with something we will be able to see on portuguese television near the 3rd of May?I think the answer is YES!The Mccans still fear Amaral.If they were innocent they wouldn't stiil be trying to make Gonçalo Amaral look bad.They would just sue him or simply ignore him.That isn't happening.
    kate and gerry, you should give up.The sooner, the better.You have hurt and insulted and threatened too many people for this to just go away. Your day will come.
    And how can people in England still spend their money buying tabloids!


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