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Amaral Strikes Again Against the McCanns

Former English lawyer counts on Former PJ Inspector

A British has a foundation that exists to tell the true story of Madeleine McCann. And he wants the McCanns accused for negligence.

By Luis Ferreira

Gonçalo Amaral might be called to testify in England in the scope of the Maddie case. A new Foundation with the name of Madeleine intends that the process is reopened with the intention of finding the answers to what happened to the older daughter of the McCanns. “When that happens Amaral will be a key-witness” said to the 24 Horas Anthony Bennett, a retired lawyer that is the maximum responsible for the foundation that was created after the former coordinator of the Polícia Judiciária published his book “Maddie, the Truth of the Lie”.

The Foundation has edited its own book, called “What Really Happened to Madeleine McCann? - 60 Reasons which suggest that she was not abducted” and it is sold in England for 7 Euros.

Gonçalo Amaral has been contacted in order to elucidate legal reasons that involve a possible reopening of the process in England. “It will be more difficult to reopen the case over here. But in England, to the contrary of what has been alleged by the Courts, who say that they have no jurisdiction about the case, it is possible that might happen”, explained Amaral to the 24 Horas, clarifying that it is a matter of International Law. “The little girl is English, the parents are English and they live there”.

Proving Negligence

One of Amaral’s aims is to prove that there was negligence by the couple in the care for the girl. For that reason, in England, through the site of the foundation, there’s a petition that wants to see punished the act of “leaving alone at home a child under 12 years of age”. After that it is to prove that the McCann were negligent when they left their 3 children unguarded”, says Amaral.

The foundation does not exist to raise funds to look for Maddie, but shares the point of view of Amaral, who defends that the child died in Praia da Luz. The foundation has caused the rage of the McCanns, which have advanced with a law suite against the use of the name Madeleine.


MOITA: Gonçalo Amaral is not the first PJ inspector who enters in a race for mayor. Moita Flores has already done it and won for Santarém, by the PSD. But now, Moita reveals that has been contacted… by the PS, to be a candidate again to the City Hall. “There have been conversations”, he told the newspaper “Mirante”.

On The Side

The Former PJ inspector is about to start a political career but he is still connected with the case that brought him to the limelight.

He wants to change the city of Olhão

Gonçalo Amaral may be the PSD candidate to the City Hall of Olhão, running against the actual socialist Mayor Francisco Leal. That only became possible because he is retired from the PJ, which happened in the sequence of the Maddie case. Amaral is a militant member of the PSD for the last 7 years, but he says that he has “voted for the PSD since long ago”. He is going to keep doing in politics what he did as a policeman. “I shall continue to be concerned about the people, about their well-being, understanding why they act in a certain manner”, said to 24 Horas. Amaral believes in a victory because “people like to change when there is a lot to do” and he speaks about Olhão as one of the poorest regions in the country.

Source: 24 Horas page 11


  1. I fear this is a case of such trascendence for many with an image to shade that the ones involved would be capable of anything not to let the horrendous truth come out, and at the same time not responding to certain opinions in order not to stir anything that would be obvious evidence against them. The truth will come out but somebody should protect those poor little twins.

  2. Why haven't the McCann & Co sued Amaral? Why haven't they sued Bennett? Because they can't. Both Amaral and Bennett are working in the right direction. The world will know the truth, justice will be found for Madeleine and for all those who have suffered at the McCann egocentric convenience.

  3. Gonçalo Amaral has to watch out for his own life.He could be taking risks, you never know.But I just love what is about to happen.
    Finnally a courageous Brit, fighting for Madeleine.The poor thing can not even count on one single person of her family.Strangers whom she never met are doing it.I hope the McCanns will not sleep for months and months.Years and years.They did not expect that, did they?
    May God bless Amaral, his family and Tony Bennet.

  4. Haven't the McCanns and their associates made a mockery of the Police, mainly the PJ, the Media as an information tool, the Catholic Church, Justice itself. It is time an end is put to so much evil. Good Amaral is supporting Bennet in the Madeleine Foundation efforts to put things right.

  5. One thing we must do for Goncalo Amaral is see him vindicated, so far as the British press is concerned.

    He has been portrayed as lazy, gluttonous, winde-drinking, and worst of all someone who would beat a prisoner and order his detectives to do so - and so many times he has been referred to in the British press as a 'disgraced cop'.

    Unfortunately only the wealthy can afford to sue in the courts for libel.

    But there are other avenues of complaint for Snr Amaral - and I will be happy to advise him on those.

    What some of us find very difficult to understand is how the Portuguese judicial system could ever allow a case to start, based on the flawed testimony of an admitted murderess and clearly also a serial liar.

    Perhaps someone can tell me (via Joana if that's OK Joana? - or by e-mail to me) how that prosecution was allowed to start. Did Leonor Cipriano's allegations have any credibility to start with?

    Also, why have there been so many adjournments? This case should last no more than 4 days, not 4 months.

    Good luck when the Faro Court resumes, Snr Amaral

    Tony Bennett

  6. For me it is fine, Mr. Anthony Bennett. I'll pass on and translate whatever messages may come for you regarding the Cipriano Case.


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