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Cipriano Case: "The Public Ministry was Duped"

Interview. For the first time, one of the PJ inspectors accused of ordering the assault of Leonor Cipriano, Joana's mother, talks about the Trial.

by Licínio Lima

You are accused of having tortured a woman together with a group of policemen and former policemen. How do you feel?

We are very offended. But the Public Ministry (MP), soon, will make clear that they were duped. In any case, the accusation is not of physical torture, but of the "having ordered it," that is, we are accused of facilitating the access to someone unknown, who has entered the police building to attack the lady.

To the public opinion that is not clear.

Mrs Leonor Cipriano complains that someone has beaten her; being certain that throughout the process she gave six versions. During the trial she presented two more. But the facts have already begun to be dissected and the MP [Public Ministry] has now realized that it was tricked.

The process is a plot against the PJ?

I do not believe in conspiracies. But I have seen that there was a sequence of facts in the two weeks prior to our arrival in the Algarve and that they were used to cover problems.

What problems?

We have a security prison in Odemira that was about to be subjected to an inspection, following several complaints by prison guards against the director. This, in itself, already shows that something was wrong. Now, if it would be known, at any moment that the most medatic prisoner of  that security prison showed marks of aggression, it does not seem that that would help for a good result in the inspection.

Was Leonor Cipriano assaulted or not?

She must have been assaulted on three or four different occasions. That is stated by the forensic legal conclusion.

The marks in the eyes demonstrate aggressions on more than one occasion

Those marks in the eyes have already been explained by the experts. There is a strong impact against a wall. The haematoma goes down by force of gravity, hence the marks.

There are also marks on the body...

We are before haematomas with diverse development timings, with periods ranging between three and 18 days. And all of this would be all right if it wasn’t for a little detail about which no one has spoken: that is, at the time, of the said attacks, we had been in the Algarve for two days only.

That means...

If we want to ridicule the all thing, that means that two or three weeks before, we were in Lisbon ordering the torture [of a person], when we had nothing to do with that investigation.

Did you see the marks of aggression that Leonor Cipriano has in her body?

Neither we nor the forensic experts saw the body of the lady. The accusation is based on photographs. No one ever saw it, except those who had more interest that it was said that the PJ hit her, which is someone from the security prison in Odemira, where the photos were taken. So I believe the MP was duped.

Source: Diário de Notícias 7 January 2009

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