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Clarence Mitchell: The Angel of Death

Life after Madeleine McCann

Remember Clarence Mitchell?

by Oliver Wright

The former BBC journalist and spokesman for the parents of Madeleine McCann has developed a nice little niche as a spin doctor of misery.

First he took on Fiona MacKeown, the mother of the teenager Scarlet Kelling, who was murdered in Goa. Then he started representing the parents of murdered London teenager Jimmy Mizen. And today we’ve discovered that Mr Mitchell is also speaking for the wife of Jeremy Hoyland the British jet skier who went missing off the coast of Bali last October.

Mr Mitchell is not charging for his services. But his presence can hardly be reassuring – the PR equivalent of an angel of death.

Source: Independent Minds


  1. Nice to hear he is alive and well.
    I thought he had been abducted too.

  2. I see, Madeleine McCann is just one in Clarence Mitchell's row of murder cases...

  3. Doing these cases free - then where is his income coming from? The Madeleine fund?

    M\akes you think though.

  4. joana, the source photo looks like it's been photoshopped, strange the independant blogger hasn't noticed it. look carefully, clarrie's paper says the word 'fooked', it should read 'sorry'. and it should be this picture:

  5. Thanks sam, indeed the photo I used here comes from the Independent blog in the post by journalist Oliver Wright, who most likely did a google image search for "chief lying scum of state sponsored killers" and got that image.

  6. Any news from Tony Bennett?

    I can't wait!

    Clarence will be in charge to warn him, I think.
    Joana, I hope you will publish more about Mr.Bennett, as soon you get some more news!


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