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English police suspects José Sócrates

The English police suspects that José Sócrates facilitated, demanded or received money for the licensing of Freeport. According to TVI, the rogatory letter that was sent by the English authorities mentions that the then minister of the Environment participated at a meeting with the outlet's founder and that the money was paid to a cousin of Sócrates

The rogatory letter that was delivered to the Portuguese authorities by the police indicates that José Sócrates facilitated, demanded or received money in the licensing process of Freeport in Alcochete.

According to a TVI report, which can be seen at www.tvi.iol.pt, the then minister of the Environment participated in a meeting with several persons, including the founder of the outlet himself, Sean Collidge. The money that was used to facilitate the process was allegedly paid to a cousin of Sócrates, according to the British police's suspicions.

Questioned by TVI, the prime minister's cabinet directed any reaction towards the words that were spoken by prosecutor Cândida Almeida today. The prosecutor that is responsible for the Freeport investigation stated this Wednesday that there are no arguidos, not even suspects.

This afternoon, before the news about this rogatory letter containing the English police's suspicions about José Sócrates which was delivered to the Portuguese authorities became known, the prime minister insisted that the change of the special protection zone of the Tejo estuary had nothing to do with the licensing of the Freeport enterprise.

source: Sol, 28.01.2009


  1. Wouldn't it be nice if now the portuguese police behaved like the english police did 2 years ago?
    I have heard on tv that the english police really need the portuguese help in order to continue their investigation about Freeport.Isn't that ironic? What if the portuguese police decide,for some reason, not to help them? Will the investigation be shelved too? How will they feel? Defeated,frustrated,angry?


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