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Freeport: Attorney General denies involvement of ministers

“Rumour and hearsay is not relevant indicia”

The Republic’s Attorney General, Pinto Monteiro, clarified this Saturday that, until this moment, there is no indicia of the involvement of any Portuguese minister, neither from the present nor of any former government, in possible corruption crimes within the ‘Freeport Case’.

Thus Pinto Monteiro reacted to the news that was broken by the weekly newspaper ‘Sol’, according to which “a Socialist minister from the government of António Guterres is a target of the judicial authorities in the United Kingdom, within the criminal investigation that is being carried out in that country, concerning the licensing process of Freeport in Alcochete”.

The joint general prosecutor that leads the investigation, Cândida Almeida, has already denied the existence of an arguido minister to ‘Correio da Manhã’ yesterday. “Officially, we don’t have any knowledge”, Cândida Almeida told our newspaper.

The note that was emitted by the Attorney General’s Office today further refers that “rumour, suspicions and hearsay is neither relevant indicia, nor can the Public Ministry give it any credit”.

Source: Correio da Manhã, 10.09.2009

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  1. Does this mean the UK authorities are trying to incriminate a Portuguese minister in the Freeport case because Portugal is not letting them sweep the McCann case under the carpet?

  2. "Never believe anything until it has been officially denied." - Claude Cockburn


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