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Freeport Case: The 15 Arguidos List

List of the Judiciary Police (Criminal Investigation Department of Setúbal) with 15 suspects in Freeport, published in the extinct newspaper 'O Independente', 18 February 2005 (bellow is the cover of that newspaper edition)



  2. The PJ document states clearly: "Documents that mention the following SUSPECTS or firms"

    It doesn't get any clearer than this. It is a list of SUSPECTS or firms.

    Presuming that our Prime Minister, José Sócrates, is not a firm (not yet, anyway), then it is only fair to deduct that he is a SUSPECT.

    Maybe it's more than time to investigate this properly, and to either confirm those suspicions, or to be able to eliminate them, once and for all.

    A bit like it should have been done in other famous criminal cases.

    Any sane, decent human being would prefer to be thoroughly investigated, and eventually eliminated from the inquiry, rather than live under a cloud of doubt and suspicion.

    But that, of course, would be any DECENT human being.

    Not quite the case, in certain cases.


  3. Anonymous @ 17.30,

    Very much so.

    The most curious part is that Pinto Monteiro rushed out a press note on a Saturday afternoon, stating that there was no name of a Portuguese minister, either from the present or from a past government, in the PJ investigation.

    Now either he was talking about another investigation, or there are at least two persons in the country with the same, rather uncommon name.

    Not impossible, of course. Kind of extremely unlikely, but not impossible.

    Other things that are not impossible:

    . DNA matches of 15 out of 19 markers for more than one person

    . dead people in holiday apartments

    . death scents in rental car boots

    . being in two places at the same time

    . being invisible

  4. Well, well, well...

    This blog is not the place for political comments, so I'll avoid it.

    But being this on the highest political level in Portugal, one is not surprised the Portuguese acceptance of the interference from the British highest political level.

    Or, in layman's language, holding one by one's balls.


  5. A sra. cujo nome vem imediatamente abaixo do de J. Sócrates, não é a sua mãe? Tudo em família...

  6. Yipee. one pm down one to go. maybe with this pair out of the way we can get truth and justice for Madeleine and relieve ourselves of the gruesome mctwosome.


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