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Freeport Case: Julio Monteiro put Charles Smith in contact with Socrates

Julio Eduardo Monteiro Coelho, entrepreneur, has told to the SOL how he put the representative of Freeport in contact with his nephew, José Sócrates. And he answered to suspicions about his offshores.

By Felicía Cabrita

Felicía Cabrita - In the investigation of the British authorities to the Freeport case, you appear connected to a consulting firm for the outlet, the Smith & Pedro, as an intermediary to obtain the permit for the project...

Julio Monteiro - Absolutely false. I met Charles Smith trough his wife, who was the administrator of a condominium in Quinta do Lago, where I bought an apartment in 1992. That gentleman, later, was connected to Freeport - and one day he complained to me that a law firm was asking him four million contos [20 million euros] to get the permit.

And you had some intervention on that?
I told him: “Hey, I can’t believe that that is possible. I’ll talk to my nephew.”

And you did?
I spoke with him and he said: “Uncle that is a complete lie, because I deal with those issues. Send this guy to come and talk to me”.

Is that what you did?
I told Charles to call to the Ministry of Environment and to say that he was calling via the Minister José Sócrates.

And the matter was resolved?
I never heard of anything afterwards... Later I was even upset, because they used my name and not even said thanks. Never knew anything else about the issue.

But the British say...
I apologize for interrupting, but I do not care what the British say. I am the one who knows, because I was the one who spoke directly with my nephew. And he was completely outraged, because he ruled on those issues. If you talk to Charles, ask him what he said and what he went there to do. I am very regretful to have made this possible...

But the authorities have evidence that Smith & Pedro has obtained the license through ...
Only those who do not know me. 

…through your influence with the Minister of Environment.
That is a lie and I’ll put them in court! 

But you are a 'suspect', which is not the same as being 'guilty'...
I am suspect, but until now I did not know about anything!

It is suspected that commissions have been paid to you, which then went to two offshores ...
Two offshores in my name?

Yes. The Glenstal Trading Limited, opened in Gibraltar by the BCP and with an account in a branch in Funchal; but that you also have an account in the BPN, opened in the Cayman; and as well another offshore also created by the BCP but in an American state, with an account in Cayman.
That really exists. I mean, it existed. But there was no movement, nor anyone can prove it. It is a pure lie that I have received ... I was even extremely upset because Smith did not thank me - and this was highly confidential. But, how come did you came to know about my offshores?

Source: SOL

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  1. Lololol! This "gentleman" reminds me the blokes in the City I have been working with for years!

    "How were you predicting our fall two years ago? After all you are just a stupid sociologist with a low pay, while we are the tough-clever-greedy guys who forgot the screens of our computers were not a virtual game, with the amen of all greedy governments?"

    You see, what amazes me is how money and power can turn what was sometime an average decent citizen into these dudes, who by living on a different planet, thought their money would protect them from everything, any form of justice.

    What would they do, how far would they be able to go, if money was ever able to buy them eternity?

  2. So, José Sócrates tells his uncle to send the gentleman to have a talk with him, but now he can't recall having any conversation with his uncle regarding this! It's so nice to have a selective memory...

  3. Regarding the selective memory, my sentiments exactly. Certain details of that meeting with the promoters of Freeport were remembered but others, despite them having been with close and "respected" family members, were not. LOL exactly!


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