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Freeport Case: We don't rule in the British Isles

Freeport case on the verge of elections is a "mere coincidence"

The fact that the investigation to the Freeport was made public on the eve of the 2005 legislative elections and reappeared again in year of elections is a "mere coincidence", defended this Tuesday the Deputy Attorney General of the Republic.

Mário Gomes Dias reacted to the suggestion of the Prime Minister, José Sócrates that the investigation and the alleged leakage of information was managed according to electoral timetables. "Those who know the procedure know that it isn’t like that," said the Deputy Attorney General.

He stated that the Freeport "has an international component," not always controllable. "Even one rogatory letter that was sent to the British authorities was there since 2005 until now. How could we guess that it would come now?" he questioned, on the opening day of the judicial year.

Questioned again about the timings, Mário Gomes Dias, the Deputy Attorney General said: "We cannot rule in what is done in the British Isles."

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  1. What does he mean, that someone in Britain wants to take down Sócrates?!
    Oh, those damned rogatory letters, they are the perfect excuse for things not moving in due time...


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