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Gerry McCann Back in Portugal

"According to a source from the Home Office in London, Madeleine McCann's father, before beginning his trip to Portugal, has obtained all the guarantees that he would not be troubled by the Portuguese authorities.

The investigation to the disappearance and death of his daughter Madeleine has been waiting for better evidences by the Public Ministry's decision, that has refused since then to reopen the case, despite requests made in that sense, which have new elements."

Source: SOS Maddie

Maddie' dad is back in Portugal to try new diligences 

Gerry McCann leaves the station at Portimão after being made an arguido, 07 September 2007

Madeleine McCann's dad arrived today in Portugal [Lisbon], in what is believed to be the first of "many visits" to define new diligences to search for his daughter, hoping to count with the help of the Portuguese authorities.

In an exclusive interview to the Portuguese News agency Lusa, Gerry McCann stated that he has no intention, at least for now, to promote any process against the Portuguese state or any other entity, namely media outlets, highlighting the fact that the important is to forget the past and try to keep searching for his missing daughter disappeared in the Algarve in 2007.

Madeleine McCann, then with three years old, disappeared on the 3rd of May of 2007 from the room where she slept along with her twin brothers, in an apartment in a tourist resort in Praia da Luz, district of Lagos, in the Algarve while the parents had dinner at a nearby restaurant.

On the 7 of September in the same year, the child's mother, Kate, and the father, Gerry McCann, were constituted as arguidos, after another interrogatory at the DIC, but on the 21st of July of 2008 the Attorney General's Office [PGR] officially announced the closing of the investigation and the archival of the suspicions against Gerry and Kate McCann.

The PJ initially pointed towards the kidnap theory, but later admitted the death of the child, however the authorities were never able to really establish what happened to Madeleine McCann.

Source: Sol/Lusa

Extra Quotes

"We think there is a very good chance of Maddie still be found alive and in good health and therefore we want to continue the search. We want to emphasize our desire to work with the authorities as much as possible," said Gerry McCann, who arrived in Portugal to today for a brief visit of only two days.

"It is the first visit to Portugal, but I hope that it will be the first of many over in the coming months (...) The goal is to see what can still be done in the search for Maddie," he said, advancing that he could return as early as February.

According to Gerry McCann, the British police and police from several other countries continue to receive "information from different sources" about what has happened to Madeleine, as well as reports of "possible sightings."

"Like all parents of missing children, we want any information being investigated," said Maddie's father, who today met with his lawyer and also with representatives of the British embassy in Portugal.

"I want to make completely clear that what happened in the past is already gone and we want to focus in what can still be done to continue the search. That is our priority and always has been. So, these things [possible court proceedings] are not simply relevant at the moment, "he said.

The Brit's Version

Missing Madeleine McCann's father flew back to Portugal for the first time since returning to the UK.

Gerry McCann made the journey to meet his Portuguese lawyers to discuss what more could done to help find his missing daughter, family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said.

It is understood that Mr McCann's wife Kate did not travel with him, and that he will not see any Portuguese officials during his short trip.

Mr Mitchell said: "I can confirm that Gerry McCann returned to Portugal for a brief visit to meet his lawyers to see what more can be done to help find his daughter."

Mr McCann, 40, from Rothley, Leicestershire, flew into Faro Airport in the Algarve and was met by British officials. He then travelled to Lisbon for talks with his legal team, led by Rogerio Alves.

Madeleine was nearly four when she went missing from her family's holiday apartment in the Algarve village of Praia da Luz on May 3 2007 while her parents dined with friends nearby.

Despite a massive police operation and huge publicity worldwide, she has not been found. Four months after she disappeared, Portuguese police made both Mr and Mrs McCann "arguidos", or formal suspects, in the case.

Two days later, on September 9 2007, they returned to Britain with their two other children, twins Sean and Amelie.

Last July the Portuguese attorney-general shelved the investigation and lifted the arguido status of Mr and Mrs McCann.

The couple insist they will continue to believe Madeleine is still alive until presented with firm evidence to the contrary, and have vowed to keep looking for her for as long as it takes.

Source: PA


  1. Well I am all at a loss to understand how Portuguese lawyers can help in the search for Maddie or why British officials were there either!

    Is something about to break, just as I have said I am closing my blog there is nothing more to say, typical!

    As ever Joana, thanks for being so on the ball with the news!


  2. If this is true, he probably went back to stop Tony Bennet and Amaral.Not to talk to lawyers about how to find Madeleine.A lawyer does not search people,like the police do.What about Método 3? They could do this for him.He must be scared of something and possibly there is something going on otherwise he would have stayed home.Is there a possibility that the process will be reopened? What is behind this trip?

  3. Ok to hell with the Mcbullshit what is the real reason for Gerrys visit to Portugal. Why the British Officials? We all know that he is not looking for his ter daughter so is he up to something or has he been demanded back? Hope he is kept there for a very long time. Thats assuming he has gone to Portugal and not just run off.

  4. prendam o filho da puta , assassino!!

  5. I cannot believe that kate is allowing the lovely Gerrykins to go to Portugal alone, not with that busty gym instructor that I know i read somewhere that he had invited to dinner on May 2nd, was this not the cause of Kate`s strop and the reason that she changed her sleeping arrangements. Oh Kate dear, you must be really really desperate. Have a nice time Gerrykins cos its limited.

  6. Que grande lata!Este indivíduo não tem vergonha na cara!
    This man has no shame!Of course he will never sue the portuguese state, he's not stupid. The portuguese authorities "allowed" you to go back home without being punished for what you did.What could you possible want more, Gerry Mccann? New sightings investigated by the PJ? But I thought you had the best people working for you, trying to find her....I guess no one believes that anymore.
    He wants to forget the past.But, I'm afraid that is not going to happen.I'm sure the portuguese people will never forget the insults, the humiliation, the lies .I won't.
    "Archival of the suspicions".The case was archived, not the suspicions!E como podem as televisões portuguesas dizer que este homem veio definir diligências para encontrar a sua filha desaparecida? NÃO LERAM O PROCESSO DA PJ?OU, TAL COMO EM INGLATERRA JÁ ESTÃO CEGOS, SURDOS E MUDOS???!!!

  7. Vai-te embora ó melga, regressa ao teu país e tem vergonha na cara. Andaste a fazer os portugueses de otários e agora queres o QUÊ ?

  8. Is this a Joke? The McScammer must be Joking! Help from the authorities after what he said about the PJ?

  9. A farsa recomeça; Perante a ameaça de um processo contra eles iniciado por Tony Bennett em Inglaterra, urge agir para enganar a opinião publica. Assim talvez agora o corpo apareça, encontrado por alguém ,supostamente de forma acidental mas na realidade pago pelo fundo Findmadeleine e bem ensaiado pelos dois advogados espertalhões. Atendendo ao tempo que já passou, ao avançado estado de decomposição do corpo e as influencias politicas, o instituto de medicina legal português será ignorado, como convém, e a autopsia será realizada em Inglaterra revelando os resultados mais convenientes; causa de morte inconclusiva.

    MORAL DA HISTORIA: Gerry fica com os louros de ter sido a vinda dele a desencadear a descoberta do corpo ( ele sabe onde esta) e Rogério Alves injecta algum dinheiro no Sporting e ganha as eleições para a presidência.

  10. I'm truly astounded at the gall of the man; really Kate should go too, those questions she refused to answer.

    I tell you, I'm in shock, Gezza going to PT without the pink buffon to stif up the mix. How I would love to be a fly on the wall

    Thank you Astro and Joana

  11. to PJ: arrest the bastard!

  12. Calm down you lot, dont forget that Mr Bennett has requested that the case be re-opened, there are now two books in circulation, a film is being made, the Met 3 man spilled the beans a while back and the clown representing leonar Cipriano is doing the Mcfreaks no favours at all. My guess is that Gerry or Kate would never ever return to Portugal unless they were demanded to. With the portuguese secrecy laws, new information and the mis-information or lack of it from the Mcfreaks we do not know what the hell is going on. My only comfort is that Gerry would not go back on his own accord and we know that Maddie cannot be found, so I just hope that this is the start of some justice. As for the British authorities meeting Gerry, we only have a uk report or Gerry`s worthless word on this. The Uk authorities may be ficticious like the sports celeb on the xmas appeal or the brilliant private detectives that turned out to be M3. Relax and live in hope

  13. Which requests? And what new evidences? And why didn't the Attorney General reopened the case? What is Gerry McCann doing really in Portugal?

  14. Pena não ter colaborado enquanto cá esteve!Pelo contrário, fez tudo o que estava ao seu alcance para que a investigação não chegasse a lado nenhum.
    Só tem razão numa coisa, há realmente passos ainda a dar na investigação, tais como:fazer a reconstrução, a Kate responder ás 48 perguntas feitas pela Pj, as autoridades inglesas enviarem todos os dados pedidos pela polícia portuguesa, o laboratório enviar os verdadeiros resultados das análises, etc.
    Estará isto relacionado com um certo documentário que passará na televisão perto do 3 de Maio?Ou será por causa de dois determinados livros que têm aberto muitos olhos e causado alguns estragos?
    Gerry Mccann não quer desperdiçar recursos, vejam só!Que simpático da sua parte!
    Já que este senhor pretende visitar-nos mais algumas vezes nos próximos tempos, talvez fosse boa ideia fazer-se alguma coisa, sei lá.Talvez reabrir o processo e mostrar ao cooperante senhor o interior de uma cela portuguesa?Não sei, é só uma ideia...

  15. So he was reasured that he would not be troubled by the portuguese authorities! More political pressure and interference from Gordon's government. Why would he get any trouble? What was he afraid of? That the police will be following his every steps, arassing him? One would think that he is a refugee returning to a country were he's going to be persecuted by an evil regime, the case is archived, he's in the clear, at least until new evidence comes to light.Unfortunately, until further notice he's free to come and go as he pleases.
    I expected him to feel anxious and uneasy to return, not because of any hill-feeling from the police, but by the haunting memories of his daughter's fate.

  16. What about he is in Portugal to visit the "grave".

  17. Why would he show up in Portugal? To prove to those that said that he never would, like myself, that he has nothing to fear and to others that he can be trusted and is therefore worthy of their donations. This is all a facade to gain the trust of the public and as a result to fatten the piggy bank. He didn’t come to Portugal because the authorities asked him to, if the authorities had asked him he would latch onto any excuse not to make the trip.
    What really upsets me is that the prime time media in Portugal grants this bastard an interview. Don’t give these people any attention! If I had been the reporter interviewing him, I would not tolerate his false threats that he could possibly sue the Portuguese government. I would calmly say to him: “Mr. McCann are you really going to sue the government, when that is likely to re-open the case and force you, your wife and friends to answer questions which you have been avoiding since the onset of this tragedy?”
    É preciso ter muita paciência para aturar esta gente. Alguém devia pôr os olhos dele à Belenenses.

  18. SE O VIR VOU-LHE ÀS F. U. S. S. A. S.

    A. S. S. A. S. S. I. N. O.

  19. Vai-te embora para o teu país e não venhas brincar mais com os portugueses, como fizeste. Andáste a gozar com toda a gente, e sabes bem que estás enterrado na morte da tua filha até ao pescoço. Tem vergonha na cara e vai-te embora. Ou já te esqueceste do que disseste da policia portuguesa e dos portugueses? Então pagáste honorários principescos a detectives privados com o fundo Maddie, e também à agencia de detectives espanhola que garantiam que a miuda estava vive e ia passar o Natal de 2007 a casa com os pais, e afinal onde é que ela está e quais são os resultados desses altos investigadores e detectives ???? Queres gozar com a nossa cara, seu bandido ?


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