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Gerry McCann Interviewed in Lisbon


  1. "AN elite team of ex-cops and secret agents are spearheading a new hunt for Madeleine McCann (...)The 12 crack former Scotland Yard detectives and MI5 and MI6 agents have been secretly on the ground in Portugal for weeks ..."
    The sun (14/01/2009)
    I guess you can now go back to your country and never come back.With such an amazing team how can you need help from the portuguese authorities?
    This team is of course acting under the law, right?"Investigating" in a foreign country...I'm sure the portuguese police know they are here ... Or is this just another one of their lies?Probably is.
    Stop insulting the portuguese!How dare you say you want every lead to be investigated?How can you say that you count with our help?People in Portugal can't hardly look at you without feeling angry. Whenever people here see your face they will just remember what you made us go through.

  2. Mas que lata esta gajo tem! f...d-se!Ou será o caso Freeport a mexer com os esqueletos do armário?

  3. What is the real objective of Gerry's trip to Portugal?

    Answer: A SHOW OF FORCE

    The message is threefold:

    (1) The British establishment is still behind us (me and Kate)
    Truth: The McCanns are worried, the Madeleine's Foundation and Bennett's book having contributed to their worries.

    (2) What counts is our own private investigators
    Truth: Amaral's book, the sniffer dogs, Kate's fingerprints on the window, the lies from the Tapas Nine, this and much more are really worrying them, for too many people are getting to know the truth despite the British media attempts to stop it being known.

    (3) See, I am not afraid of visiting Portugal... no one can catch me, I am the gingerbread man....

  4. Tell-tale again. What pack of lies was he telling this time when he scratched his ear.


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