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Gonçalo Amaral splits PSD coordinating committee for local elections - Diário de Notícias

by: José Manuel Oliveira and Paula Sá

Candidacy. The former inspector’s name has caught the Algarvian mayors by surprise

The PSD Algarve district section votes on the name on Monday

The candidacy of Gonçalo Amaral to become Mayor of Olhão on behalf of PSD [Social Democratic Party] has been the cause of disruption within the party. And it even splits the social democrat coordinating committee for local elections. DN knows that at least one of its members, Miguel Macedo, has frontally manifested himself to his pairs against the name of the former inspector, considering that he does not match the profile of mayor that PSD should defend.

But the tendency within the group that is presided over by Castro Almeida – which also includes Luís Marques Guedes and José Luís Arnaut – is to consider that Gonçalo is a good bet for one of the city halls that are most hard to conquer in the Algarve.

The former PJ coordinator’s candidacy has caught most of the party’s supporters and mayors of the Algarve by surprise. “For me, it’s a surprise. I only know the gentleman from the media, due to the media-exposed processes of the Maddie case in which he was involved until he left the PJ, and more recently for being on trial at the Court of Faro, with other colleagues, in a process of alleged aggressions against a lady who was condemned for killing her daughter”, said Fernando Viegas, a town councillor in Tavira and president of the Party Members’ Assembly of the party’s municipal section. For the president of the Municipality of Alcoutim, Francisco Amaral, the former PJ inspector represents “added value and a breath of fresh air in politics because this is a serious person who is free of other interests, who is used to deeply investigating the processes and who, above all, cares about justice”. Nuno Marques, a town councillor in Lagos and president of PSD’s municipal section, as well as member of the board of the district section, prefers to wait for this organ’s meeting, on Monday evening, in Faro, where Gonçalo Amaral’s candidacy will be subject to a vote, to pronounce himself.

source: Diário de Notícias, 09.01.2009

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  1. Amaral will make a good Mayor but a much greater achievement will be to bring the WORLD the TRUTH about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and Amaral is on the right path to achieve that.


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