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Gonçalo can count on Flores

The Mayor of Santarém disagrees with Ferreira Leite about the Olhão candidacy

Moita Flores, an independent who was elected through PSD, thinks that the objections from the "orange" leader make no sense

by Hugo Soares

Francisco Moita Flores, a former PJ inspector, and Mayor of Santarém - who was elected as an independent in the PSD lists - doesn't agree with the party's veto on the candidacy of Gonçalo Amaral for Olhão.

"I think that he would be a good candidate, with the experience that he acquired at the police and his vast knowledge of life", Francisco Moita Flores stated to 24Horas yesterday.

At the PJ, "he was not an inspector, that's a mistake that people make, he was a coordinator. And he directed several brigades, which means he's a man who has vast experience as a director", the mayor adds.

An experience that could be taken advantage of by PSD in the Olhão candidacy, according to Moita Flores. "Of course, why not?", he stressed.

Flores even says that the position that was displayed by Manuela Ferreira Leite last Thursday, on RTP, when she justified her refusal of Gonçalo Amaral's candidacy because it gives "the idea that there is promiscuity between politics and justice" simply "has no coherence".

The exception to the rule

Even more so, he recalled, because "there is no shortage of cases": "Fernando Negrão left his position as a PJ director and went into politics; Laborinho Lúcio, who became a secretary of state and then a minister of Justice, probably the best one we ever had...".

"I'm the only one who didn't go directly [from the PJ into politics]. I spent 15 years as a University teacher before I entered politics", Moita Flores stated.

What Francisco Moita Flores declined to reveal was whether or not he is running for Mayor of Santarém again. The answer to that question is postponed into February, he asserted.

PSD Algarve's strangeness

Nuno Marques, head of PSD Algarve, manifested his strangeness yesterday at the fact that Gonçalo Amaral's candidacy to Olhão having been analysed already. "I manifest great strangeness over the fact that a meeting of the Municipal Coordinating Commission (MCC) was summoned, apparently, to discuss something that has not been made official yet", he told Lusa. "The district section hasn't sent any process to the national MCC yet", he stated, also denying that the president of the district section of PSD Algarve, Mendes Bota, has already been contacted by the MCC to inform him that they would request the national Political Commission to veto the name of the former PJ inspector. Amaral's process "will soon be sent" to the national [commission], he further revealed.

source: 24Horas, 22.01.2009

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