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He's back - Destak

Today's cover of Portuguese newspaper Destak. Priceless.


  1. Ha! Priceless indeed - the detail of rubbing his ear, as well!!!

    Well done, Portuguese journalists.

    Bloody well done!

  2. A mim não me enganas, Gerry!

  3. Grande filho da Puta! Devia ser preso pelos "plods" da PJ, e receber o tratamento da tortura da água e do sono até dizer toda a verdade!

  4. Vejam só ! só foi o Benett ameaça-lo de investigar e processá-los por negligencia o Gerry veio correndo e se manifestou.
    Será que ele ainda pensa que o povo portugues é fácil de ser enganado como seu advogado?

    Ao vencedor....as batatas!

  5. Ai, ai,outra vez estas duas malditas pulgas, sempre atrás da orelha, picam que se farta!
    Oh, shit! It's hose two damned fleas again, behind my ear, they bite like hell!

    Note: fleas = G. Amaral and Anthony Bennett

  6. Still trying to fool the world, Gerry. Sorry, but the world is not entirely stupid and you are not clever enough.

  7. Help Gerry restart the INVESTIGATION and NOT the 'SEARCH'!

    We want the truth not a false search designed top distract from the facts.

    The McCanns are without doubt responsible for their child no longer being with them. No one can argue that. Its a fact. Now lets ask Kate again to answer the questions she refused to answer (incredibly!). Her 'man' and she are no fools, she refused and he didnt, as she had more difficult questions and by one of them not answering, they could avoid inconsistancies. Its OBVIOUS!

  8. The photographer earns an A+ for capturing Gerry's character (or lack thereof) so perfectly. It is the equivalent of Pinocchio's nose growing longer.

    The news editor deserves a pat on the back for choosing this shot to put in the paper.


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