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Joana died...

“There is only one truth in that statement, Joana died, the rest is another pack of lies”.

by Gonçalo Amaral

Four years ago, a child was murdered at the hands of her mother and her uncle. Her crime was surprising them during sexual activity. Her name was Joana, and apart from being neglected by her mother, she was a victim of sexual abuse.

Yesterday, her mother, who was judicially declared responsible for her death, signed a statement at the Prison of Odemira where she confirms said death, and attributes the responsibility solely to her brother.

There is only one truth in that statement, Joana died, the rest is another pack of lies from a person who was declared a social psychopath and who has been lying to Justice since the first moment.

Contrary to other murdered children, those responsible were taken before justice and condemned over the heinous crime.

For Joana’s mother, it’s not enough to beg for forgiveness, she should stop lying and tell the truth. That will be the moment of true redemption and then Joana’s soul will rest in peace.

Joana suffered throughout her life, and at the time of her violent death it wasn’t possible to avoid such sacrifices, but we contributed to the fulfilment of justice.

This and other cases make us feel proud about having been policemen, to be able to look into the sky and to say: by the grace of God… I was a policeman.

source: Correio da Manhã, 17.01.2009

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