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Kate Healy pathetic excuses: Collective sigh of relief could be heard across Portugal

Madeleine mum can't face return

Heartbroken Kate McCann was too upset to go back to Portugal where her beloved Madeleine was snatched.

She couldn't face joining husband Gerry on a recent trip to the Algarve to revive the hunt for their missing daughter.

During his 24-hour visit Gerry, 40, met Portuguese lawyers and UK embassy officials in Lisbon.

A family source said: "At this moment, Kate doesn't feel strong enough. She is still too distressed to go anywhere near where Madeleine was taken."

Kate, 40, stayed at home in Rothley, Leics, looking after the couple's twins. Maddy was nearly four when she went missing from an apartment in Praia da Luz in May 2007.

Source: The obviously pro McCann Mirror


  1. Yes well it seems she was not THAT heartbroken until she was made an arguida in the case, was she? While the sun was shining, it was never a problem for her to stay around here.
    But all of a sudden, she couldn't face staying around anymore.
    Who is she trying to fool?
    She doesn't come back because she knows full well what type of 'reception committee' she would have waiting for her...

  2. I believe she can not see Portugal anymore.It is not easy to be confronted with the place where the child lost her life.If the process will be reopened,there is a probabilty that both parents will have to show up in Algarve, again as witnesses.The things they could be scared of at this moment must be much worse than to reopen the process.It could be Amaral's book.

  3. Faz cá tanta falta como uma camada de sarna, para falar em bom português!

  4. Good thing she didn't come, the fund was spared of yet another 400+euros of hotel bills.

  5. It seems they have to ensure the truth never comes out and what better way than to be close to the enemy, the PJ, the ones who know the charade, because the child is dead. The other alternative is that she is having a lovely stockholm syndrome. They must know that to reach that syndrome, the victim has to go through the most horrendous suffering, feel that it will never end and disconect totaly from her own suffering. Lovely parents. Are they really doctors?

  6. BBC Sunday, 10 June 2007

    "I can see myself having to go back to the UK to meet with people, it is just more efficient to do things over there.

    "It will be very, very hard. The last time I was back, I couldn't even go into the house. I found it hard enough going to Rothley."

    'Can't face leaving'

    Mrs McCann said she often awoke thinking it would be the day Madeleine would be found.

    "I do actually feel close to Madeleine here. She could actually be further away from here than she is from the UK but I feel emotionally close to her here.


  7. Então,K. agora não exerce Medicina;
    Agora é,supostamente "fada do lar";
    e o G. deve gostar muito de olhar para outras saias;
    se ela tivesse vindo ( além da quantia igual para as despesas)às tantas ainda era confrontada com o darling a olhar para alguma mulher e isso fazia-lhe muitíssimo mal.
    Aquele último jantar teve muito que se lhe diga,quanto a isso também.
    É ou não? Foi assim ou não?

  8. Is the piece on Kate not going to Portugal with Gerry full of Madeleine 'snatched' and 'taken' to divert our attention from Kate's fingerprints on the window. Did Gerry have to 'snatch' Madeleine's body off Kate when he 'took' her away to be hidden / disposed of?

  9. Estive a ler num Blog Amigo= Pro Justiça para Maddie a referência a um yate ou navio da marinha britânica e à constituição dos elementos a bordo,no dia do "desaparecimento" da Pequenina.

    A fonte vem dos 3A,parece.


  10. Is the real reason fear or remorse? Are psychopaths of this calibre capable of remorse?

  11. oh Sra.Dª Kate, desculpe que lhe diga uma coisa, de mulher para mulher....

    SE EU ACREDITASSE que a minha filha "desaparecida" há quase 2 anos estava viva (sabendo de certeza absoluta que EU nada tinha a ver com o seu "desaparecimento") e que as autoridades do país onde o triste desenlace ocorreu me podiam (é o que diz o seu estimado esposo)ajudar a encontrá-la, NÃO HAVIA DESGOSTO PESSOAL que me impedisse de me envolver na procura da VERDADE !
    Claro que isto sou eu, que sou Portuguesa e não sou Doutora.
    SE ACREDITA que a sua filha está viva, vá à luta!
    MAS DEPRESSA, MUITO DEPRESSA ..... o "raptor" pode perder a calma a qualquer momento e colocar a Madeleine numa situação irreversível.
    Não acha ??????????

  12. Kate cannot return to Portugal because a lynch mob would be waiting for her. The PJ persecuted the McCann's out of Portugal, and the sardine munching portuguese people won't allow her to return to search for her wonderful daughter. IF Madeleine is not alive, like the PJ were always so glad to believe then Madeleines blood is on Portugals hands. You will all choke to death on your vile words when Madeleine is found safe and returned to her loving family. Portugal will have to apologize but nobody from England will set foot in your dirty corrupt pedophile country again.

  13. Of course she can't face return!She would probably be in a portuguese jail paying for what she did that terrible summer if those good friends of hers didn't stop the investigation!What a terrible thought, right Kate?
    The only thing Gerry revived on his recent trip to the Algarve was the portuguese hate.

  14. "Trip to the Algarve"?!

    What trip to the Algarve?

    The man landed in Faro and drove up to Lisbon.

    Would the Mirror be so kind as to explain what was the trip to the Algarve?


  15. And to anonymous 16.19:

    I don't know why but it seems the Mccann supporters are uncapable of behaving like normal people.Eveytime they speak or write something all we can hear or read is hate, insults, threats, stupid allegations...It must be very hard to live being like that.
    And I'm sorry to disappoint you but:
    -Madeleine's blood was found inside her parents apartment, not in the portuguese hands;
    -The english tourists justlooove sardines, you should see them when they are here!
    -Portugal has become one of the most visited countries in the world.The english (not the only ones,I must say)just love everything: the people, the food,the monuments, the shining sun...believe me, they will set foot in Portugal!They are counting the days.
    -The english have so many corrupt politicians and paedophiles in their country that they are already used to them.

    And pleeeease ( macaquinho amestrado), calm down! All that rage and envy can't be good to your health.And be careful,don't bite your tongue or you will die poisoned!You don't want that do you?

  16. To the vile anonymous:
    These so called sardine munchers have permitted you to spue your garbage online, unlike the media of your beloved British Isles that won’t even tolerate a comment suggesting that the police have a right to do their work. You speak of persecution could you be more specific. Who exactly persecuted them and how did they persecute them? I say to you that the people of Portugal are the ones that have been persecuted in order to save the miserable hides of this couple. Britain’s conduct in this affair has been disgraceful and your comment has further added to its disgrace.

  17. Anonymous, 15/01 - 15.39

    Martin Brunt has also picked-up the story about the vessel from the british navy near PDL by that time.I wonder why?...What's behind all this...another red-herring or smoke screen...

  18. Guerra, I take my hat off to you!
    Absolutelly wonderful, spot-on! At least this sardine-munching country, with it's sardine-munching people have the right to free speech and the media aren't muzzled by a nazy-style NU LABOUR government!
    Sardines are a really wonderful,they are brain-food,you should try them more, Anonymous, maybe your brains wouldn't be so clouded and atrophied, it must be all those high-cholesterol bangers and mash...

  19. speak for yourself the person that says no english will visit portugal again ,Its a beautiful friendly country and i for one will go again as did many and i mean many of my friends went last summer ,I have kids and have been to many countrys i know one thing i would never ever leave my kids alone in an apartment .

  20. 'Heartbroken Kate McCann...' The expression on her face is one of fear, not 'heartbroken'.


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