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Maddie: The face of 2009 Only for $99*

Warning: potentially shocking image (scared the shit out of Astro, anyway)

"It is highly unlikely her life would be a total misery – hence the slight smile."

Maddie: The face of 2009
By MIKE PARKER in Los Angeles

EXPERTS say this is how Madeleine McCann may look today – 20 months after she went missing.

This astonishing image was created for the Daily Star Sunday by forensic computer age-progression expert Jovey Mae Hayes.

Using the same techniques she employs for the FBI and American police forces in missing persons cases and kidnappings, she has aged Maddie’s face to reveal the way she looks now.

“Her face would be elongated, her chin would have become more pronounced and distinctive and her nose would be a bit bigger,” said Jovey Mae.

We asked her to show how Maddie now looks on the basis that she has been physically untouched since her disappearance from the holiday resort of Praia da Luz in Portugal on May 3, 2007.

Working from the photo taken shortly before she vanished – Jovey Mae’s image shows Maddie with a hint of a smile.


“Even in the worst possible circumstances it would be impossible to imagine that her life today is totally bereft of even slight happiness,” the expert claimed.

Jovey Mae also revealed Maddie, who went missing just days before her fourth birthday, could be suffering from Stockholm syndrome.

This is defined by experts as “a psychological response sometimes seen in an abducted hostage in which the hostage shows signs of loyalty to the hostage-taker, regardless of the danger, or at least risk, in which they have been placed”.

The syndrome’s name was coined by psychiatrist and criminologist Nils Bejerot following a five-day bank siege in the Swedish capital in 1983.

Police were astonished that some hostages defended the armed robbers who had held them captive.

Jovey Mae said: “If Maddie has been abducted, she may have built a degree of trust in the person or people who are hold her, if they have treated her well. It is highly unlikely her life would be a total misery – hence the slight smile. This, at least, may be of some comfort to her parents and relatives.”


The McCann family made a Christmas appeal for information about Maddie, releasing a video of her playing at their home in Rothley, Leicestershire at Christmas 2006.

Parents Kate and Gerry, both 40, have been delighted at the response, with calls from all over the world.

The couple spent Christmas at home with their twins Sean and Amelie, both three.

Source: Daily Star Sunday, January 4, 2009 - paper edition only

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Who is Jovey Mae Hayes? She is the President and lead artist of "Phojoe.com - The Cure For The Common Photo!" based in Clarkston, Michigan (US).

The most well known imagery manipulation work of this tasteless artistic team was "Britney Spears SWAMP THING WORLD EXCLUSIVE".

Both  Britney and Maddie articles have various similarities with each other. Britney & Maddie "aged" Photos were both done by Jovey Mae at Phojoe.com aka Ageprogression.org, they were both used in exclusive articles written by the same Mike Parker in Los Angeles and  they were both commissioned by the same Daily Star (UK tabloid).

Another common factor is that both articles try to convey the idea that this Jovey Mae Hayes has some kind of connection to the FBI - "Jovey Mae Hayes used the same sophisticated computer techniques she employs to help the FBI determine how time may have changed the appearance of fugitives and missing persons." or "Using the same techniques she employs for the FBI and American police forces in missing persons cases and kidnappings, she has aged Maddie’s face to reveal the way she looks now." - when in fact just by looking at the end results at her site (which by the way Mike Parker forgot to add is on Holidays savings sale) it's obvious that the FBI would NOT use the [non-]expertises of this woman abilities unless all the computers at Quantico had a simultaneous crash.

Some examples of Jovey Mae Hayes work bellow:



  1. Maybe the FBI should be warned that this kind of people is using their name and reputation.I don't think they will be happy to be associated with this case.And how can this woman say that Maddie must have her moments of happiness? Have you ever been abducted by a paedophile, Jovey Mae Hayes?What kind of a creature could say such a thing?Do you think that being raped over and over again is funny? We all know that Maddie is no longer alive, but what about the other children who have gone through this horrendous situation?I think this is an insult to all of them!This stupid Mccanns have no limits!
    If you have a daughter who looks like this then be carefull because someone might try to grab her.And if that happens sue the newspaper and the Mccanns because it will be their fault! This is very serious.
    This has gone too far!!!
    Parabéns pelo fantástico blog.

  2. Bet the McCann swont be complaining about this cos it follows the abduction theory they try to flog us...probably their idea.

  3. People got no shame...
    But McCanns are in serious shite, see this link.

  4. The only thing to say in favour of this Jovey Mae Hayes is that she shows an element of doubt about Madeleine McCann's abduction - 'Jovey Mae said: "If Maddie has been abducted..."'

  5. Hardly surprising, coming from the Star. An insulting article, a horrible picture. When will there be REAL news about the case? I despair.

  6. it's highly unlikely Maddie's present life is totally miserable? Really? Even if she is, as her father strongly believes and affirms, in the hands of paedophiles?!!!Of course everyone nows what loving and gentle creatures paedos are...they woulkdn't harm a fly, let alone a child...
    Is this woman for real?!?

  7. She didn't do a good job, did she?
    Older maddie with red hair, but with some blond under, on the sides, AND DARK ROOTS? Of course her hair might have been dyed, but she would never have dark roots!
    Scary picture indeed, Astro!

  8. Again,a Lolita!Lolita!


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